Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 5

The Road Less Traveled (1)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM May 02, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Another episode that features good acting, excellent characterisation, great effects....and little forward movement of the story! It screams ----'Filler'-----!

    The battle of Starbuck vs her 'crew' come to a head following the discovery of a badly damaged and drifting Heavy Raider, onboard which they discover a Leoben. OK so this is a plausable event in such an odd plot line but I have at least one major missgiving. I do hope this doesnt imply Earth is near by because surely this would meen it would be fairly easy for the Cylons to discover it long before the Human fleet. Remember they have all the hand-me-down knowledge the Humans have, together with the advantages of a much great fleet size and longer jump capability. Very sad to see Sgt Mathias die while checking out the Raider, one of the unsung heros in my book. It also demonstrates another of the misgivings about this Demetrious jolly. I get they need equipment and crew but would they really send out so many of the top dogs. They must be short of personnel on the Galactica with so many off with Krazy-K - a quick list of those gone runs like a who's who of Pilots and support. Not to mention 4 Vipers (still no sign of the surely more useful Raptors)

    The only other plot line of mention this week is centred on Tyrol/Balthar. Couldn't this have been squeezed in directly after Cally's funeral instead of dragging out for another half episode? Overall I couldn't really see the point of making it so central when there is so much else going on and being ignored - Adama/Roslin, Roslin/Lee, Cylon civil war.....all the stuff they introduced earlier but have failed to push through effectively.

    So far then, my ongoing thoughts....

    The series is a mess. I'm not talking about the plots, storyline, even the way the characters are developing (except Lee Adama who may as well have died in the series opener for what he has achieved since). What I'm moaning about is the lack of consistancy. Some episodes have too much going on and don't provide answers, some too little action that make them unlikely to be memorable.

    I like each episode as a separate event but don't feel well served anymore. Where is the urge to fast forward time till the next installment? It seems that like many others I used to be impatient for more, but no longer. Rather than looking like being a case of the sum is greater than the parts - this series will be seen as a number of great to watch but ultimately forgettable episodes.

    Score = 9 alone, 7 as part of the series so a reluctant 8!

    Please sort it out Mr Moore & co, before we desert to other side