Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 18

The Son Also Rises

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 11, 2007 on Syfy



  • Trivia

    • As Admiral Adama reads Kara Thrace's personnel record, the 'Record of Disciplinary Proceedings' document reads:


      b. GRADE OR RANK: JrLt.
      c. UNIT OR ORGANIZATION OF ACCUSED: Battlestar Triton
      d.ID#: 078-4327

      2a. NAME OF CONVENING AUTHORITY: James Jonasson
      b. RANK: Cmdr
      c. POSITION: Commanding Off.
      d. ORGANIZATION OF CONVENING AUTHORITY: Aerilon Cmbt 5th Division

      b. RANK: Cmdr

      xxx xxx proceeding held on 22/E4/7F3. The summary court martial gave the accused a copy of the charge sheet.

    • As Admiral Adama reads Kara Thrace's personnel file, the second disciplinary notices reads:



      Private Kara Thrace continues to display a negative attitude in her training requirements. Despite good to excellent scores for both small arms and rifle drills, we request that the Private be denied all leave and be confined to quarters until the next cycle of training.

      Further we request that the officer in command remind Private Thrace that she is to obey orders when they are delivered, salute superior officers, and display the proper amount of respect to all of her superior officers.
      This includes Sergeant Mike Gibbons, who is the noncommissioned officer who initiated this complaint.

      xxx xxx hope of this officer, and the other officers in xxx xxx xxx facility, that Private Thrace can adjust xxx xxx xxx xxx the level of technical scores she xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx be a shame if such a talented xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx because of a problem xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx command.

      It should be noted that Thrace is referred to as a private in this document. In the first disciplinary notice, she is also referred to as a corporal and a lieutenant.

    • As Admiral Adama reads through Kara's personnel record, the first disciplinary notice reads:


      Lieutenant Kara Thrace is charged with:
      Assault on a superior officer
      Drunk and disorderly conduct while on leave
      Disobeying a direct order from a superior officer
      Absent from duty without leave

      Corporal Thrace is charged with the above offenses. It should be noted that there is a string of verbal reprimands and notices over the past seven cycles.

      Lieutenant Thrace states that while she is guilty of none of the above-mentioned charges she only wishes to challenge the AWOL charge. She points out that her 'self-assigned' duty has resulted in the destruction of a Cylon vessel and that she has received a commendation from the action.

      Despite this it is the opinion of this disciplinary commission that Lieutenant Thrace should be disciplined under xxx xxx xxx xxx Military Code (Section 969-0898).

      It should be noted that Thrace's rank changes between corporal and lieutenant in this document. In another of the disciplinary notices read by Adama, she is also referred to as a private.

    • During the opening credits, when we see glimpses of the episode's scenes, we can clearly see Baltar tossing away his mattress in search of something. However, this scene was not used in the episode's final cut.

    • According to the Record of Disciplinary Proceedings in her personnel file, Kara served on the Battlestar Triton when she was a JrLt.

  • Quotes

    • Romo Lampkin: Everybody has demons. Them, Baltar, you, me. Even the machines. The law is just a way of exorcising them. That's what your father's father told me. You want to know why I hated him? Because he was right.
      Lee: So you hated him because he was right, and I hated the law because it was wrong. Because of what... of what it put him through. I mean, he defended the worst of the worst. I remember reading about him. The outrage. Helping murderers go free. What I don't understand is why he put himself through all that abuse.
      Romo Lampkin: You think he gave a flying frak? Joe Adama cared about one thing. Understanding why people do what they do. Why we cheat our friends, why we reward our enemies, why we go to war, sacrificing our lives for lost causes. Why we build machines in the hope of correcting our flaws and our shortcomings. Why we forgive, defying logic and the laws of nature with one stupid little act of compassion. We're flawed. All of us. I wanted to know why, so I did what he did. I spent my life with the fallen, the corrupt, the damaged.

    • Roslin: Well, it's so comforting to know that you're not afraid. You're not afraid to represent the most hated man alive. The question is why?
      Romo Lampkin: For the fame, the glory!

    • Lee: (quoting his grandfather) Lee, be a good boy. Just don't be too good.

    • Romo Lampkin: There is no greater ally, no force more powerful, no enemy more resolved, than a son who chooses to step from his father's shadow.

  • Notes

    • Admiral Adama reads through Kara's personnel file at the beginning of the episode. The file contains the following records:

      1. Combat Citation with a Field Commendation for Valor and Bravery
      2. Pilot Performance Decreement
      3. Disciplinary Notice with charges for assault on a superior officer, drunk and disorderly conduct while on leave, disobeying a direct order from a superior officer, and absence from Duty Without Leave
      4. another Disciplinary Notice
      5. Record of Disciplinary Proceedings.

    • The model ship smashed by Admiral Adama at the end of "Maelstrom" (the previous episode) can be seen behind his desk in a scene near the end of the episode when he and Lee are talking. The main mast of the ship appears to be askew, reflecting the damage caused by Adama.

    • Katee Sackhoff did not appear in this episode except in photographs. She was not listed in the opening credits either. This is the first episode in which one of the seven primary stars did not appear in the opening credits. Stars such as Katee Sackhoff, Jamie Bamber, James Callis, Grace Park and Tricia Helfer have not always appeared in every episode, but they had always been listed in the opening credits.

    • As of the beginning of this episode, there are 41,399 survivors in the fleet, one fewer than at the beginning of the previous episode.

    • Tricia Helfer read the "Previously on Battlestar Galactica" line at the beginning of this episode.

  • Allusions

    • The Son Also Rises
      The title is a reference to the novel The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. The novel explores the suppressed emotions and buried values of the so-called "Lost Generation" of post-World War I British and American expatriates. Hemingway's title comes from the Bible, Ecclesiastes 1:5: "The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to its place where it ariseth."