Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • Soundtrack 4, Story 8

    Good story. Callie discovers the four secret Cylons and despairs, the Sixes give cognitive functioning to the Centurion toasters while the Raiders are dummied down, Cylons engage in civil war, Starbuck searches for Earth, Roslin keeps secrets (with "cross my heart and hope to die" intensity), Lee Adama joins the Quorum, representing Caprica, and Tom Zalek attempts to inform and manipulate him.

    All these story threads were engrossing, except for the constant drama that surrounds Starbucks. I thought she had found inner peace after she laid her mother to rest. Guess not. In this episode, she was hateful to Anders, on Demetrius. Ugh.

    My take on the music is based only on personal preference. First, I love the takeo drums (sp?) at the beginning of each episode. In some episodes, I've heard almost the sound of bagpipes, which I enjoyed. I also liked the episodes with recurring echoes of All Along the Watchtower.

    However, the music of this episode -- like many others -- got on my nerves. I had to mute some non-speaking scenes because the music is so unpleasant to my ears. I'm not sure, but the twangy instruments sound like a sitar and an electric violin, etc. The soundtrack makes me think of constant mourning and wailing. Granted, there is plenty of reason to despair, but it gets heavy on my soul.
  • The Ties That Bind

    The Ties That Bind was a perfect and explosively entertaining episode of Battlestar Galactica with one shocking moment or surprise after another. The story was awesome and really tied everything together well. The characters were all dealing with various issues, though Callie may have had the worst out of all at the time. Still suspecting Tyrol of cheating on her she finds a note with a time and place and she finds him meeting with the other three newly realized Cylons. It was cool how things played out afterwards, though sad and touching at the same time. I really wonder what will happen next. Meanwhile the Cylons seemed to all come to terms until there was another surprise and more civil unrest between the two factions over the idea to un-box the Threes. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • well written. One minor character death. Lee is introduced to the quorum. Starbuck is lost in space. Cylons fight each other.

    Strength in this episode is the cylon storyline. The writer's seem to know what to do with them now. In previous episodes, I felt they did not have an overall arc and questioned whether showing them took something away from them as villians. (mystery usually makes an antogonist more scary) It looks like they are no longer unified now that humanity has been dealt with. (which may be the point, their genocide solved nothing for them).

    Lee is now a member of the quorum, and this plot was only so-so. I do not understand where this is going yet, and still have trouble believing they would let him retire from being a pilot, since they is a shortage of experienced pilots.

    The tory storyline was above average, Cally was a minor character and they do not lose much in killing her off. Tory seems to be the most "evil" of the final five now that she knows what she is.

    Starbuck storyline is too incomplete to grade, like Lee's story, we do not know where this is going yet. Other than manipulating Anders, not much occurred.
  • shocking..

    Oh - from the first moments that opening have very fast those some scenes from episode - and I saw Tory attacking Celly I was nailed to the screen and wandered what is going to happen. I most say - I loved the way this episode was built - it was just matter of time someone will realize the four is not the same anymore and as chief and Celly were close - it was logical and I love the way the portrayed her pain, confusion before she even learned the truth - and the way she gets closer and closer to it and when she learns it.. and the choice she makes.. They really told that kind of shock so well - to realize the man you have lived with, who is your father of your child.. is cylon. in the world they live.. I cannot.. and I realized on the moment she walked into the airlock what she is going to do- but Tori there and then pushing the button - that girl is more and more slipping away.
  • this episode should also be called "Cally got owned"

    in the start we see flashbacks of cally and chief very much in love, then we see that their relationship is on the rocks. cally goes to joes bar one night and thinks she see's chief cheating on her with torrie and makes a scene! after visiting Doc Cottle she gets given some pills and sympathy, however she seems to be cracking up. Later she finds a note that tigh has left for chief and follows him to a secret meeting. there she listens in and learns chief is a cylon- racked with insanity she takes the baby and goes to an airlock to kill herself, there torrie seemingly talks her out of it and takes the child off her- only to smack her upside the head and kill cally by opening the hatch on her... Another name for this episode could also of been:- "if Doc gives you pills cause he thinks you're crazy, take them" but that title would have been too long, a good endinf for the character Cally though .
  • great episode

    On galactica, reporters are curious about the freighter ship that was sent out to search for a way to earth. cally becomes jealous with tyrol talking to tory in the mess hall. a cylon ship gets attacked by other ships when they see number six as a threat. it's a really exciting episode, this episode takes the story and the characters to uncharted territory. we're not sure what are the four hidden cylons doing or what their purpose inside galactica. it's a very exciting episode, i can't wait for the next one. the writers are able to raise to suspense and the roller coaster ride.
  • This episode had too much Callie for my taste.

    Let me just start out by saying that as a whole, I just didn't really care for this episode all that much because I just felt that this episode focused way too much on Callie who my opinion isn't a very important or significant character on Battlestar Galactica. I also once again found myself not really liking Starbuck's story line at all. The one story line that I did consider to be my favorite was the Cylons story line. I really wish that they had focused more on that story line because I found it very interesting. I also found myself missing Baltar since he wasn't in this episode. Another thing that bothered me about this episode was the lack of Roslin. I wish that they had featured her more and that she had had a bigger story line. In closing, this episode definitely wasn't my favorite episode of Battlestar Galactica, and I'm really hoping that the next one focuses mainly on the main cast members and that the next episode is a lot better than this one.
  • frak me

    Wow, that's all I can say for this episode, it was very heavy and the finale kept me on the edge of my fake leather coach. It was a very revealing and pivotal episode fore shadowing events to come. Though there were some bad parts. Like how Kara kept on fraking saying frak every fraking minute of the fraking episode that she was fraking in. Other than that this was the best episode yet (this season) and they just get better and better so I'll stay and watch this to death. Overall this was a great episode and that's why I gave it a 9.1
  • Cally learns a secret. Roslyn's hubris grows. Zarek plays games.

    Once again we have an episode that deals with the question of identity - and perception. Cally, her marriage to Tyrol already in trouble, drifts further away from him, finding comfort in drugs.

    Tory, coming to terms with the fact she is Cylon, discovers she has a new freedom...a break from her past - and a break from the moral codes she has (from what we've seen of her in the past at least) held as important. Kara continues to question who - or what - she is and in doing so, prevents Sam from completely burying his own self-doubts. Elsewhere, Roslyn continues to isolate herself from those around her. It is now very evident that following-on from the collapse of Baltar's trial, she no longer believes in the democratic process (a rather idelogical concept in the first place, given human kind's overall condition in the series), and is now certain of only her own counsel and her own ability to do what is right. Similarly, her relationship with Adama continues downhill. Not only has he voted to acquit Baltar, he has now released Kara Thrace to find Earth her way. It is easy to see this is a double blow to Roslyn, and one that may yet have deeper repercussions within the fleet. Of all the people she probably felt she could rely on to do the "right" thing where Baltar was concerned, Bill Adama must have been top of her list. What's more, for most of the final episodes of the last season, he very much appeared in full sympathy with her. Yet, at the 11th hour, her undermined her. He voted for an acquital. As Zarek says in this episode, Laura Roslyn does not forgive or forget. Again, this is reflected in the subtext of her confrontation with Adama in his cabin as they discussion Kara Thrace in "Six of One". Now, Adama has gone one step further. Not only has he should against her "politically" in voting in favour of Baltar's life, he has sent Thrace to find a potential alternate route, and in doing so has (to Roslyn) questioned both her visions and her overall leadership. The cracks in their relationship that began last season are now almost as wide as the fissures that lay between them back in the first season. Many has stated here that they don't like this episode due to the "unncessary" focus on Cally. To them I would say, go back and watch it again. Yes, Cally has never been a well-developed character (hence the belaboured re-tread of the fact she was drawn to Tyrol after he had beaten her, just in case we'd forgotten). But even allowing for this, using Cally as a focal point for the core action cleverly raises new questions.

    For example - what of little Nicky? Until now, the only "known" human / Cylon hybrid by natural birth has been Hera. Now we have a second such child. How will this affect both humans and humano-Cylons should the new become common knowledge (if indeed the series can even contain an exploration of this arc)?

    Again, what was the purpose behind Tory's act in the Viper launch bay? OK - so it is clear that in her new "liberated" state (and following-on from her bedding by Baltar) - she has achieved a new sexual freedom (among other things). This has caused her to make a play for Tyrol on at least one occasion (Joe's bar).

    But this doesn't explain why she killed Cally. Similarly, to say that she killed Cally because the latter discovered the truth about her, Tyrol and Tigh doesn't actually work. Why? Because in neither case is there any reason for her to save baby Nicky. Yet she does. Is this because her human upbringing somehow draws a line at murdering an innocent child while at the same time rationalising the need to kill a human adult? Or is it because the Cylon in her recognises the uniqueness of Nicky, and has the same drive to protect the child as evidenced in Natalie/Six's response to Hera?

    Be interesting to see if they cimply try to bury Cally's death as "suicide", when surely the evidence must point to murder (unless Tory found some miraculous way of getting the key back into the launch bay override controls, and opening the bay to space once more without killing herself in the process).

    It's good to see Zarek back so early on. again his presence ups the ante around Roslyn. Is he once again scheming, or is he genuinely concerned? Such is the complexity of his character, one can never be entirely sure until Zarek starts playing more cards. In either case, his choice of Lee Adama as either ally (if Zerek really is concerned) or patsy (if he is again playing games) is a clever choice. Who better to further undermine Roslyn's position than the one man of influence who has, by-and-large, stood by her right from the original mini-series?

    Certainly, from his confrontations with Roslyn in the Quorum meeting, Lee seems willing to play his assigned role - be it ally or patsy. Time will tell as to which, but his is once again standing as possibly the only moral centre within the entire ensemble - doing what he believes to be right and for the good of the people. Right now, after 3 episodes, the production crew have set up a lot of questions that need to be answered if the series is to conclude with full and complete satisfaction, and it is good to see that they are not over-egging the mix: Baltar's absence in this episode was felt in many ways, but to try and shoehorn his particular arc into this episode would have been a mistake. And I know I've not touched on the Cylon arc that much...but I said a lot last time around. All I will say is, the real threat to Natalie/Six, Vallerii/Eight and Leoben/Two does not come from Cavil et is right there in their midst in the form of the free-thinking Centurions.

    All-in-all a much better episode than some might give credit for. Yes, tere are a few mis-fires within it, but overall it building strongly on "He That Believeth" and "Six of One". And thank you, guys for even taking the time for another nice little tip-of-the-hat to Ron D's Star Trek roots. Weapons Locker 1701D was a very nice touch!
  • Callie returns, The cylons are falling in to a civil war, Starbuck's looking for earth, Roslin's dying and Lee joins the Quorum.

    It was a very good episode, so far this season is very impressive, compared to the third season which was a slight bore in the beginning. Callie finds out that her husband is a cylon, and tries to kill herself and her child, but Torri finds out, and sends only callie out of the launch tube. That was a powerful scene, and the look on Torri's face was frightening.

    The only reason why I didn't rate this episode a flawless 10/10 is because of the scenes with Lee, and the scenes with Kara. I found those scenes to be too, long in a sense. They were fairly boring, but I felt they had to be there nonetheless. What made up for those scenes is the final one with Torri and Callie, which is one of my favorite scenes of the season so far.

    The cylons are at war, and the cavils plan to completely obliterate the sixes and other cylon models, I honestly cannot wait to see where this is going.

    All in all, it was a very good episode, but there are too many sub-stories that were rushed. I can't wait to see next weeks episode, my expectations are fairly high at this point.
  • kara searches for eath,lee joins the qurorum, the cylon civil war takes a shocking turn for the worst,and a crew member discovers the identities of the four of the final five cylons.

    Okay the roslin/adama scene were great as usual.Loved how he was reading to her.

    Lee finally joins the quorum and discovers the truth about roslin and it isn't pretty.Roslin making a power play to control the law was incredibly stupid on her part because now she's made lee her enemy and he is not like the rest of the quorum, he won't back down with out a fight.He could become a very dangerous opponent for her.

    Kara going nuts on the demetrius, can't say i didn't see that comming.

    Cavil trying to kill the other cylons was a shock.Guess they really are like humans.

    Sad to see cally go but it was necessary for the survival of the final five cylons.She would have caused them some major problems.All in all it was a good episode.
  • A fine episode. A bit rushed, though.

    Things are now set in motion, blood has been spilled, lives have been taken (on both sides of the fence) and BSG is really swinging for a home run. With the death of Cally, the presumable death of the Boomers and Six's and the inauguration of Roslin's new regime, something that will no doubt have many separated onboard Galactica in the coming weeks, there's quite a lot happening in this episode (and that's excluding Kara's little adventure).

    While the final five or so minutes really raised the tension-o-meter to a new level, the episode itself was not only predictable at times, but unusually paced. Cally is an adorable character with a feisty streak, and yet her final moments on the show are less than satisfying. Granted, BSG isn't a chirpy show, and mental deterioration is a given when your life is in constant jeopardy, but we already have one crazy bitca named Kara on the show, two just seems superfluous. ~~

    This is really the first episode of the new season where we're reminded Cally is actually onboard and to have an episode dedicated to her, while necessary, felt very out of left field. I enjoyed her scenes, I did, but her demise was painfully signposted. While I was unsure of whether it would be by her own hands or the hands of someone else, I knew it was coming. The second those flashbacks began, her death was imminent. Still, her final moments were harrowing.

    The confrontation with Tory was masterfully played, and I'm really enjoying how Tory has become quite the main character - villains always have the most fun. Oh, yeah, Cally's swan song. It was perfectly executed and that final image of a lifeless Cally floating in space really stung. Typical. In a season where we've been promised not everyone will make it, the show begins such a trend by offing one of the happier characters of the series. Cally, you will be missed.

    On the Cylon side of things, matters took a more interesting turn. Cavil is a wonderful character, and some of my favourite scenes involve when there are multiple copies of him facing off against multiple copies of Boomer and Six. His furtive plan in taking out the opposition was a stroke of genius, although it severely undermined Six's intelligence; maybe that was the point, but she should have seen it coming. Maybe she did. Perhaps they took precautions? Hmm.

    Unfortunately, Lee and Kara's situations were less inviting and even more improbable. Why would the old man allow some his best pilots escort Kara in such a time of need. Their last battle with the Cylons almost saw their defeat, merely saved by an ironic twist, where a Cylon actually saved them for their enemy. What makes him think he can lose some of his best fighters at this point? ~~

    Similarly, Lee does exactly what he said he wasn't going to do and opposes everything the president says. This will certainly cause a rift, but Lee should know not trust Tom, and it seems a bit whiffy that he would align himself with a reformed terrorist, who's not exactly on the reformed side. ~~

    With a strong end, some strong acting and some nice, if a little too audacious directing decisions, the third episode, while by no means as strong as its predecessors, still retains the BSG quality stamp of approval. I think once the shock of Callie's death wears off a little, perhaps the overall execution of the episode - unfortunately rushed to no end - will shine through.
  • *Spoilers* Dark, slower paced episode with more of a focus on developing the cylons' characters than on the search for earth.

    *Spoilers* I enjoyed this episode, though it felt different than other episodes in this series it worked really well. I am glad the writers decided to kill off one of the regular characters, it will increase the tension in the following episodes. Tori's character is becoming one of my favs, not only is she a really hot nympho but can be violent and ruthless as well. The writers just added a lot of depth to her character and I'm excited to see where its going to go. As for Starbuck, I'm not sure where that's going but I'm looking forward to it.
  • All the Cylons seem to be self-destructing. Lee demonstrates his political naivete. Zarek as always is up to something. Tory turns evil machine. Kara's lost (or lost it). Roslin shows her true colours.

    I wonder if the only Cylons left standing at the end will be the Centurions! I've certainly always wanted to see more of them, but it scares the frak out of me to think of them - the arch-typical 'cold calculated machines'- being the only Cylons left standing to wipe out humanity - because if that's the case then I think humanity really will be wiped out.

    Tory has been weird from the getgo, but in this ep she was evil. Watching that calculated way she played up to Tyrol in Joe's Bar when she saw Cally, deliberately giving the impression that she and Galen were sharing a tryst. Then murdering Cally and taking Nicky the way she did.....brrrrr. Natural born killer.

    It was painful to watch Lee being cut down by Roslin. I hope he realizes now just how very naive he is politically. In the military there were rules - in politics there are none, it's survival of the slipperyest; and I don't believe there's anyone more slippery or manipulative than Laura Roslin. As I've mentioned in a previous review, I believe she is now showing her true colours. She is the consummate politician who will smile sweetly while maneuvering someone else into stabbing you in the back.

    I think Adama senior should take note as well, because I doubt Madam President would think too long about removing him from command if she thought he wasn't going to back her up. The only thing that saves him is she pretty much has him by the 'nads, and can get him to do what she wants, and there is no one else capable of commanding the fleet - especially now that Lee has resigned his commission.....and will someone explain to me how a person can be allowed to 'resign' during wartime? It was good to see Tom Zarek again, I hope he gets to play a bigger role as the season unfolds, but I don't for one minute believe he doesn't have ulterior motives for helping Lee.

    And then there's the crew of the Demetrius. Can't wait to see that little drama play out. Kara's back to frak or fight, seems she's rubbish without Lee Adama. I love Kara/Starbuck, but not when she's like that. I'm really hoping the writers finish the season with happy, healed Kara Thrace, and not self-destructive crazy Starbuck.
  • A few key decisions unravel a transitional episode

    When a series is working towards a pre-determined end date, the production staff has a tendency to look towards less conventional storytelling. After all, the opportunities for creative expression are fewer and fewer with each passing week. Doing something unusual is pretty much a "now or never" proposition.

    This is mostly applicable to the scenes related to Cally and her state of mind. The camera work is designed to communicate her psychological state, particularly the mixture of antidepressants and sleep depravation. Because this dominates the episode, given her eventual death, the effectiveness of the unusual technique is tied directly to the success of the episode. For my part, I thought it was a bit forced.

    Similarly, I had some issue with Cally's mindset that it might be all right for Tyrol to hit her, because then at least she'd know that he felt something towards her. Even if it has already been established as something she might believe (after the events of "Crossroads", in particular), it's not something that necessarily needed to be reinforced. Tyrol's savage beating of Cally, followed by their relationship and marriage, was always a sore spot for me.

    It's troubling, then, to see similar logic now applied to the Sam/Kara relationship. Granted, Kara is in a deeply disturbing psychological state, but it's the effect of her status as visionary and prophet. Pushing Anders to his limits, hoping he'll lose control and take her along for the ride, just doesn't feel right. Then again, everything about Kara since her return has been confusing and contradictory.

    Speaking of Kara's current role, now that Kara's visions are emerging, other astronomical evidence is beginning to suggest that Earth is not far away at all. The gas giant in Kara's memory looked suspiciously like Jupiter (tying into the "Eye of Jupiter" reference rather nicely), and in two instances, the constellation of Orion was plainly visible in its familiar configuration, which is only visible from Earth's general location!

    So the fleet should actually be very close to the end goal now. In fact, based on the map acquired in "Home", they should be able to figure out the right coordinates. They know where the nebula in the Sagittarius Cluster is located on the "Home" map, and the star field probably included the constellation of Orion. All they should have to do now is find the Gemini part of the "Home" map and plot a course. It should be fairly easy.

    Of course, at the same time, ever since finding the Ionian Nebula, Roslin has been resisting a number of actions that could complete the exodus to Earth. Not only that, but as seen in the surprisingly entertaining Quorum scenes in this episode, Roslin has been slowly but surely consolidating power and authority. Zarek is concerned, despite feeling that Roslin has her heart in the right place.

    Lee might be advised to question both motives: Zarek could be supportive to Roslin in the hopes of taking her place when she dies. It certainly would make sense for Zarek to take Lee under his wing and secure a political ally. Roslin's motives, however, are more elusive. If the fleet is really as close to Earth as it seems, could she be subconsciously trying to point them in the wrong direction? I'm waiting for the one solid moment that will point to Roslin acting out of character.

    That moment came for Tory in this episode, and it has ruffled some feathers. The writers clearly had something in mind for each of the four new Cylons, in terms of how they would react. Tigh is still pushing for everyone to act normally, and Tyrol is trying to maintain a sense of balance (and clearly losing the battle). Anders is dealing more with his identity with his relationship to Kara to change in any other way.

    That leaves Tory, the one with the least complicated background, to be the recently-emergent Cylon with a calculated edge. In this episode, she seems to revel in the opportunity to be more than the simple aide to Roslin that she's been. She sees Cally as a problem, recognizes Nicky as something important, and she acts accordingly to resolve the issue. I wouldn't call it evil, but she's certainly no longer thinking and acting out of purely human concerns.

    If all characters are created equal, then it's not really a problem for Tory to take this direction. After all, she is the only one of the four newly-revealed Cylons without a massive history. But on top of Cally's death, this is another female character (and one of color, for that matter) to take a negative turn. And that's in addition to Kara's mental breakdown and Roslin's health issues. And of course, there's also the Cylon situation. In the latest round of the now heated Cylon Civil War, the male Cylons effectively wiped out a huge chunk of the female Cylons. The writers might consider striking a balance before much longer.

    The Cylon Civil War serves to keep the Cylon fleet away from the Colonial fleet for a time, but it also weakens the Cylons enough that their numbers might be too low to annihilate the Colonials. That, in conjunction with the intervention of the Final Five, could bring about the circumstances of the series' conclusion. Boomer is clearly an important part of the equation, and I suspect that the severity of the current conflict may be her doing.

    Ultimately, despite the high profile death at the end of the episode, this episode felt like it was missing something. Maybe it was my dissatisfaction with the style choice with Cally's perspective, or my distaste for some of the psychology at play. Generally speaking, I like where the story is heading, but this was not how I would have preferred to get there.
  • For many Battlestar fans, and episode predominantly about Callie is their worst nightmare. Consistantly one of the weakest characters, she is forced into a center role, and her acting makes this a subpar episode.

    To begin with, there was some good in this episode even though it was thrown on the back burner. Once again, the Cylons were the strongest storyline, as their feud for power raises to a new level, and number 1 makes a play for making them a more complete group. However, the storyline is completely absent in the final ten minutes, making you wondering what happened and how this was not the main aspect of the episode. The other positive is the growth of Lee Odama, as his position on the Quarum is something that strengthens him as a human being, and makes him the ethical and moral center of the show.

    However, the bad greatly outweighs the good. Starbucks mission is barely delved upon, and the scenes it does are for poor character development with her and Anders. The Callie storyline, however, as the conclussion of the episode is so predictable that its obvious thats where the episode is leading to. Add to that the fact that Callie is the worst actor on the show, and that the lack of chemistry between her and Tyrol makes those scenes even more painful. While the conclussion may push this season forward a little bit, as a whole this is definitely one of the weakest episodes of Battlestar.
  • Too much Cally. Hope she remains dead.

    This episode had its highs (Lee squaring up to a rather arrogant Roslin, with gentle prodding from Zarek; Cally being thrown out of the airlock; The Cylons blowing each other out of the sky!), with the many lows (Chief/Cally fighting; all scenes with Tori; Kara becoming annoying and sleeping with Anders again).

    Mostly, though, nothing happened. Cally finds out that Chief is a cylon, freaks and tries to kill herself and the chubby cylon half-breed. Tori gets there, stops her and then kills her while saving the child.

    Kara has no fracking idea where she should be and the crew (most of which were selected, and did not volunteer) are getting more and more annoyed by this fact.

    Lee rocks the boat on his first day as Caprica's representative, after Roslin is openly hostile to his white flag. This is shaping up to be one hell of a battle.

    The Cylons provided the most compelling viewing, as they are all afraid of the Centurions, and start destroying each other when it is voted to resurrect the D'Anna model. Last thing we saw was the base start jumping into the space with the resurrection ship, but then engaging in battle with each other.

    Going by the preview of the next episode, Cally is shown. If she is a fracking Cylon, I will lose it. The rest of the episode looks passe - especially the scene with 6 beating Tigh. For crying out loud, the man is a God. Leave him be! More on that next week.
  • A disappointing episode. To many storylines but none in enough depth! As my school reports once said - 'trying too hard, needs to slow down and relax' (or something like that)

    I really love the show and so felt especially grieved by this episode. What were they thinking with putting so many plot lines in and yet not really pushing any forward:

    1. Cylons on Galactica - They meet, they talk, they decide to...well nothing actually!

    2. Cylons in their own fleet - they meet, they argue, they make up...and then decide to fight each other anyway - except it barely begins before a change of scenery and we see no outcome to the battle, no one fleeing away! Even taking into account implied losses it still doesnt really satisfy as it should. (Sentient Raider vs lobotomised Raider would have been fun!)

    3. The 'Krazy' Kara and her Krew - its three weeks later and other than a sense of boredom nothing much appears to have happened, and nothing much changes before we leave them (the on/off Kara/Sam is getting a little tedious now, he should ask for payment if he doesnt even get to spoon afterwards!). And why so many pilots on the trip?. Hope the Fleet has enough left over. Yes they have a couple of Vipes but no sign of a Raptor which surely would be more useful to their mission -so why Helo +Athena? (or am i blind?) Also no sign of other crew - Techs & mechs, or even a cook!

    4. Lee the Civilan - So he's now the head of Caprica. Even Arnie had to be nominated for Govenor yet Lee gets in without a single question it seems! What does he achieve? Not a huge amount, puts a bug up Roslins nose but no big showdown, no major argument, policy changes, personal vendettas begun etc etc! Seems to be just another Tom Zarek type building.

    5. Cally - The only thing that plot line that seemed to go anywhere in the entire hour and yet it also looks as though it wont lead on to anything else. Considering the inability of the 'Galactica-4' to do much I really dont see the issue of Callys death having much impact.

    I make that 5 plot points that could each have been worthy of an episode of their own - or more likely better served in increased depth over 2 or 3 shows instead of squeezed in as they were. I'm shocked and disappointed at Callys exit as this now means that none of the 'G-4' have real Human relationships ( i cant count the saga of Kara & Sam). i do hope the effect on Tyrol is touched on later as surely a higher goal of the Cylons was to become more 'Human' and enjoy the emotions rollercosters that life brings! Again I think the cinematography was a let down. Too much 'haze' - now i understand the effect for Cally in her (implied) 'drugged' state of mind but it seems that any emotional scene is now under threat of glazing over or bluring out.....its annoying, stop it. I want to see the Toasters shiny and the the humans looking real, not as a pastiche or a surrealist painting!

    Well that my 2-pence worth. i now leave it to other to rubbish what i have just said. i await your 'disagrees' with pleasure!

    One last thought.....

    To the reviewer who asked how come Tory gets away with killing Cally? Where are the camera, security personnel etc? Having had real experience in such areas you may be surprised to learn that battleships et-al are designed for protection from external attack not internal. Its not like a Mall where danger and skullduggery is expected within. Should the need arise for internal security then thats what the 'Reaction Forces' are for, whether dedicated - eg the BSG Marine contingent, or drawn from within the ships company, ie the duty watch. If there is no imminent threat you would have no need for constant guard internally. As for cameras these are rather rare on ships except on wide view scenarios, eg Engine spaces + flight decks. As Cally had the airlock overide key and was known to have been taking pills it would surely have been relatively easy for Tory to make up a story to cover herself entering the hangerbay (her heroic rescue of baby Nicky, something Tyrol is rather unlikely to challenge). As for a camera in the launch-tube, we have already been shown that there is a large window to the 'launch control office' so a camera would not be needed.

    As always it has run into far to many word but i hope you get the point..!

    Cheers to all and lets hope this is the worst episode. (only 8.0!!! i've known other shows would kill for that ratng)
  • BSG I loved it seems to be back!

    I was b*tching during all season 3 for the writing and the direction of the show (I still think I was wright to do so).

    So far the 4th season is the exact oposite, for me its like watching 1season quality again. I guess it helps a lot that its the final season, the writers don't seem to be lost and confused as they were last year.

    The acting is top of the cream, directing is great, the show is quite dark and daring, editing is also better as episodes seem to have an better rythm, the story is intriguing, I can't wait to see how it will be developed.

    If things keep going like that, we will have one of the best tv seasons of any drama show ever(crossed fingers).

    I would advise people to stay spoilers/trailers/teasers free. It makes the experience of enjoying a show like that so much better. I was looking for my jaw at the end of this epi...shocking!
  • possibly a peek at what is to come

    This wasn't my absolute favorite episode--but it was a good one overall. I do hate that they have Starbuck in yet another position to be annoying, vague and rude. Why does she keep everyone that is with her in the dark? Is it a secret that she wants to find earth? No, cause she's been screaming about it ever since she got back. Oh well, we will just have to wait and see how it plays out. I'm sure they have that storyline out there for a good reason.

    But the thing I want to talk about most is the little thing that Brother Cavil said to "Six" when she had to say please to get the Centurion to escort him off the ship.... he said "You're going to find you've opened a bigger can of worms than you've realized." I think that a Cyclon civil war is coming--not just between the skin jobs, but between the Centurions and the skin jobs. It could be that the Centurions with their newfound higher reasoning centers working now do not like taking orders. With the civil war between skin jobs going on, it will thin their numbers greatly... and if they also start fighting with the Centurions, the skin jobs may find themselves hunted by the "Cylons". The skin jobs may eventually take up solace with the humans when they share a common enemy--and that may lead to the incorporation of skin job Cylon with humans (where I think we're headed anyway).

    I may be wrong, but I think it would be interesting to see the Centurions hunting down the skin jobs--especially if the resurrection ships are removed/destroyed. If the skin jobs faced real death like the humans do, they would probably then feel a little different toward the humans and try to form an alliance.
  • Sides are chosen; lines are drawn.


    Apparently, once their Cylon identities were realized, the true goals and ambitions of the "Hidden Four" slowly begin to assert themselves over the "cover personalities" they had been living with up until now. I don't want to post any spoilers, but Tory Foster's decision at the end of the episode was cold (both figuratively and literally). The overriding goal of the Cylons to breed a hybrid child is obviously very much intact and now they have one in the form of Tyrol and Cally's baby boy.

    As for Lee, his exposing Roslin's plans for a shadow court designed for no other purpose than to solidify her hold on power is telling. He could have sat on that information and used it in private discussions with her to try and prod her into a more "above board" way of dealing with issues, but by throwing it out there in an open council session, her standing is severely compromised and her every move will now be scrutinized as never before.

    The Cylon Civil War has begun! The first shots have been fired and the first TRUE casualties have fallen. I don't want to speculate where this is going because the writers seem to have a very well defined idea of the destinies of all the players involved. I only wonder what impact the possible independence of the Centurions or the philosophizing of the Base Star Controllers will have.
  • this episode was complete junk.

    Horrible directing on this episode and a painfully unrevealing and fragmented storyline... not to mention the severe problems with both physical, photography/film styles, and character persona continuity... made this episode incredibly disappointing to watch, especially after the bang that the previous episodes of this season created.

    Horrible directing on this episode and a painfully unrevealing and fragmented storyline... not to mention the severe problems with both physical, photography/film styles, and character persona continuity... made this episode incredibly disappointing to watch, especially after the bang that the previous episodes of this season created.

    Horrible directing on this episode and a painfully unrevealing and fragmented storyline... not to mention the severe problems with both physical, photography/film styles, and character persona continuity... made this episode incredibly disappointing to watch, especially after the bang that the previous episodes of this season created.
  • The ties that bind and choke you to death.....


    Ok I didn't see THAT one coming. But I probably should have this is Battlestar Galactica after all. But poor Cally. She really was losing it there in the end. And then to go out like THAT. Although it was in a dark dark way a fitting tribute to her. She got flashbacks and everything. And...uh Tory. Evil Tory. You're really turning me on with all your Cylonevilness, and you really gotta stop that. But dude, Tory was smokin' hot. And Evil. The Cylon civil war rages on...and it looks like the sixes are dead, no the sixes can't be dead. What am I going to do without my sixes? I guess I'll have to be satisfied with Cavil and all his evil charm. I must really like my cylons evil. Yes, I do.

    Oh yeah and Boomer, I'm not sure what to think of Boomer. I can never seem to hate her. She's just so sad and pathetic. Maybe she needs a hug. No not from Cavil. Bad Cavil!

    The Quorum stuff was moderately interesting, only because it sets up a battle between Lee and Roslin with Zarak sitting on the sidelines snickering and taking bets on who will come out on top. Zarak is up to something, but isn't he always?

    The starbuck stuff was boring but only until the fracking with her Cylon Hubby. Other then the starbuck stuff this episode rated up there in my top episode list. It was dark. And femvamp likes dark.

    Plus Hot Evil Tory.
  • Here comes the darkness

    Both humans and cylons take the road to the darkness. Battlestar Galactica was always a dark series, this episode is the epitome of this darkness.

    The nemesis is coming for Cylons. There hubris was their desire to become beings above their makers. And as series go, they are starting more and more to become what they hate.

    Cylons broke their unity. Cylons started lying to each other. Cylons start murdering each other. They start becoming what they despise and hate. Oh, the irony of it...

    And humans? Confused, untrusting, paranoid... Roslin becomes obsessive and starts to develop messianic syndroms. I wonder, is she the dying leader the scriptures have foreseen?
  • This episode gives a taste of the darkness to come.

    In the first episode, they blew up the Pixus. Over 600 souls. And now there is one less soul in the fleet. The episode seemed so surreal in parts, that I almost had trouble believing that they would just kill off Cally. But I believe that this is a taste of things to come. Sure they might find Earth, but who is they? Who will actually survive to see it? This episode shows how all the characters are cracking; breaking into tiny little pieces that can't just be easily put back together. The optimistic moments that could always be found in even the darkest episodes, the little jokes cracked, the tender moments, seem to be decreasing in frequency. Apart from the one scene where Adama is reading to Roslin, the rest of the characters seem to be falling into a downward spiral; being drawn into the maelstrom. Cally's death was beautiful, and Tory's expression as she pushed the button was terrifying. It seems like it might be a race between her and Tyrol to see who goes completely crazy first. Tigh on the other hand, seems remarkably sane. And Adama has to endure the loss of one in his family. Why do I feel that this will be nowhere near the last? That he will be left alone in the end. On the cylon side of things, everything is not going as planned. The centurions are obviously already starting to think, and likely starting to resent being subservient. Maybe Natalie's idea was good in the specific situation called for, but it is most definitely not going to help in the long run. And the stage has been set for the return of D'Anna, so I guess we will see where that leads.
  • Plot holes galore!

    After watching this latest episode (the ties that bind) I find myself mystified. How is it that Tory is able to punch Kalie and then shoot her out the launch tube without anyone knowing about it? I would think that a battleship like the Galactica would have some cameras or even security guards guarding the vipers in the hangar.
    If someone was to plant a bomb in the hangar and destroy all the vipers it would cripple the fleet and they would be helpless against a cylon attack. This isn't the first case of this. In 4x01 "He that believeth in me" a guy cut Baltar's throat in the bathroom on the Galactica. How could this have happened? No guards and no cameras aboard this battleship. Not even a metal detector to prevent unauthorized people from carrying weapons on board and creating a security risk that could threaten the ship (hijacking).
  • Another intense and powerful story for BSG. While Kara seeks her own path to Earth and the Cylons sink into civil war, a young crew member discovers a dark secret about a loved one. An emotional roundhouse punch to the gut, especially the final scene!

    Simply amazing.... That was my first reaction. That's still my reaction to this fantastic episode. A weak scene or two didn't detract from the impact of the main story involving Cally. (Spoilers follow.)

    That final 10 minutes was incredibly tense and powerful. Not what I thought was going to happen at all. There were a lot of signs throughout the episode that Cally would commit suicide, possibly through the use of the antidepressant pills she got from Cottle. (One spoiler article that I saw accidentally had stated that Cally would commit suicide in this episode. Looks like the writers faked out those spoiler revealers although they did give away that Cally would die.)

    Then I wondered if she would take Nicky along with her, thus leaving Hera as the only Cylon-human hybrid again. A lot has been made of Hera as the future but no one makes much of a fuss over Nicky, since only the four "Final Five" Cylons know that Nicky is a hybrid.

    I wished Cally had had at least a couple minor appearances in the earlier episodes this season just so that her sudden central role in this episode didn't come across as unusual as it did. But that's a minor quibble.

    The power of that final confrontation between Tory and Cally made up for some of the slower bits with Kara aboard the Demetrius. That's why I rated this a 9.9. If an episode can give me chills like this one did, then it deserves a very high rating. I took one-tenth of a point away for the relatively weak scenes with Kara. The Lee-Zarek-Roslin story was also pretty sedate. It sets up an ongoing battle between Lee and Roslin but not too much happened in that storyline in this episode.

    But this wasn't about Lee or Kara. It was about Cally as she was finally featured throughout an episode for the first time in a very long time.

    I see that other people recognized the Star Trek: The Next Generation reference too. I picked up on the weapons locker number immediately but I was too wrapped up in the story to submit it. Two other people submitted it. I also wonder about another item in the story. The freighter was named Demetrius. If you've read the online novel that I've been working on for the last 12 months, you would know that one of the original characters I created is named Demetrious Karkheris. I first posted that name online back in September I think. I wonder if someone on the staff read some of it and threw out the name of the freighter as a wink. If so, then I think that's incredibly COOL!! (Even if that's not the real story, let me think it is for a while. Hey, I've got an ego like everyone else.)

    If people wanted to nitpick at anything, I guess they could talk about some of the arguing and also the four-way split among the stories of Cally, Kara and the freighter crew, Lee's new role in the Quorum of the Twelve, and the Cylon civil war, which left little time to explore each story in depth. But I don't mind that too much. Cally's story more than made up for any minor flaws and I just have to say that the final scene with Cally and Tory was just outstanding. A scene like that could make up for flaws in several episodes. Fortunately, with BSG, there aren't that many dramatic flaws, so the scene brings the story up to a 9.9 for me. Sad to see Cally depart though. Anyway, the episode is a must-see for BSG fans!