Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A fine episode. A bit rushed, though.

    Things are now set in motion, blood has been spilled, lives have been taken (on both sides of the fence) and BSG is really swinging for a home run. With the death of Cally, the presumable death of the Boomers and Six's and the inauguration of Roslin's new regime, something that will no doubt have many separated onboard Galactica in the coming weeks, there's quite a lot happening in this episode (and that's excluding Kara's little adventure).

    While the final five or so minutes really raised the tension-o-meter to a new level, the episode itself was not only predictable at times, but unusually paced. Cally is an adorable character with a feisty streak, and yet her final moments on the show are less than satisfying. Granted, BSG isn't a chirpy show, and mental deterioration is a given when your life is in constant jeopardy, but we already have one crazy bitca named Kara on the show, two just seems superfluous. ~~

    This is really the first episode of the new season where we're reminded Cally is actually onboard and to have an episode dedicated to her, while necessary, felt very out of left field. I enjoyed her scenes, I did, but her demise was painfully signposted. While I was unsure of whether it would be by her own hands or the hands of someone else, I knew it was coming. The second those flashbacks began, her death was imminent. Still, her final moments were harrowing.

    The confrontation with Tory was masterfully played, and I'm really enjoying how Tory has become quite the main character - villains always have the most fun. Oh, yeah, Cally's swan song. It was perfectly executed and that final image of a lifeless Cally floating in space really stung. Typical. In a season where we've been promised not everyone will make it, the show begins such a trend by offing one of the happier characters of the series. Cally, you will be missed.

    On the Cylon side of things, matters took a more interesting turn. Cavil is a wonderful character, and some of my favourite scenes involve when there are multiple copies of him facing off against multiple copies of Boomer and Six. His furtive plan in taking out the opposition was a stroke of genius, although it severely undermined Six's intelligence; maybe that was the point, but she should have seen it coming. Maybe she did. Perhaps they took precautions? Hmm.

    Unfortunately, Lee and Kara's situations were less inviting and even more improbable. Why would the old man allow some his best pilots escort Kara in such a time of need. Their last battle with the Cylons almost saw their defeat, merely saved by an ironic twist, where a Cylon actually saved them for their enemy. What makes him think he can lose some of his best fighters at this point? ~~

    Similarly, Lee does exactly what he said he wasn't going to do and opposes everything the president says. This will certainly cause a rift, but Lee should know not trust Tom, and it seems a bit whiffy that he would align himself with a reformed terrorist, who's not exactly on the reformed side. ~~

    With a strong end, some strong acting and some nice, if a little too audacious directing decisions, the third episode, while by no means as strong as its predecessors, still retains the BSG quality stamp of approval. I think once the shock of Callie's death wears off a little, perhaps the overall execution of the episode - unfortunately rushed to no end - will shine through.
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