Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • A disappointing episode. To many storylines but none in enough depth! As my school reports once said - 'trying too hard, needs to slow down and relax' (or something like that)

    I really love the show and so felt especially grieved by this episode. What were they thinking with putting so many plot lines in and yet not really pushing any forward:

    1. Cylons on Galactica - They meet, they talk, they decide to...well nothing actually!

    2. Cylons in their own fleet - they meet, they argue, they make up...and then decide to fight each other anyway - except it barely begins before a change of scenery and we see no outcome to the battle, no one fleeing away! Even taking into account implied losses it still doesnt really satisfy as it should. (Sentient Raider vs lobotomised Raider would have been fun!)

    3. The 'Krazy' Kara and her Krew - its three weeks later and other than a sense of boredom nothing much appears to have happened, and nothing much changes before we leave them (the on/off Kara/Sam is getting a little tedious now, he should ask for payment if he doesnt even get to spoon afterwards!). And why so many pilots on the trip?. Hope the Fleet has enough left over. Yes they have a couple of Vipes but no sign of a Raptor which surely would be more useful to their mission -so why Helo +Athena? (or am i blind?) Also no sign of other crew - Techs & mechs, or even a cook!

    4. Lee the Civilan - So he's now the head of Caprica. Even Arnie had to be nominated for Govenor yet Lee gets in without a single question it seems! What does he achieve? Not a huge amount, puts a bug up Roslins nose but no big showdown, no major argument, policy changes, personal vendettas begun etc etc! Seems to be just another Tom Zarek type building.

    5. Cally - The only thing that plot line that seemed to go anywhere in the entire hour and yet it also looks as though it wont lead on to anything else. Considering the inability of the 'Galactica-4' to do much I really dont see the issue of Callys death having much impact.

    I make that 5 plot points that could each have been worthy of an episode of their own - or more likely better served in increased depth over 2 or 3 shows instead of squeezed in as they were. I'm shocked and disappointed at Callys exit as this now means that none of the 'G-4' have real Human relationships ( i cant count the saga of Kara & Sam). i do hope the effect on Tyrol is touched on later as surely a higher goal of the Cylons was to become more 'Human' and enjoy the emotions rollercosters that life brings! Again I think the cinematography was a let down. Too much 'haze' - now i understand the effect for Cally in her (implied) 'drugged' state of mind but it seems that any emotional scene is now under threat of glazing over or bluring out.....its annoying, stop it. I want to see the Toasters shiny and the the humans looking real, not as a pastiche or a surrealist painting!

    Well that my 2-pence worth. i now leave it to other to rubbish what i have just said. i await your 'disagrees' with pleasure!

    One last thought.....

    To the reviewer who asked how come Tory gets away with killing Cally? Where are the camera, security personnel etc? Having had real experience in such areas you may be surprised to learn that battleships et-al are designed for protection from external attack not internal. Its not like a Mall where danger and skullduggery is expected within. Should the need arise for internal security then thats what the 'Reaction Forces' are for, whether dedicated - eg the BSG Marine contingent, or drawn from within the ships company, ie the duty watch. If there is no imminent threat you would have no need for constant guard internally. As for cameras these are rather rare on ships except on wide view scenarios, eg Engine spaces + flight decks. As Cally had the airlock overide key and was known to have been taking pills it would surely have been relatively easy for Tory to make up a story to cover herself entering the hangerbay (her heroic rescue of baby Nicky, something Tyrol is rather unlikely to challenge). As for a camera in the launch-tube, we have already been shown that there is a large window to the 'launch control office' so a camera would not be needed.

    As always it has run into far to many word but i hope you get the point..!

    Cheers to all and lets hope this is the worst episode. (only 8.0!!! i've known other shows would kill for that ratng)
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