Battlestar Galactica

Season 4 Episode 3

The Ties That Bind

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Apr 18, 2008 on Syfy

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  • All the Cylons seem to be self-destructing. Lee demonstrates his political naivete. Zarek as always is up to something. Tory turns evil machine. Kara's lost (or lost it). Roslin shows her true colours.

    I wonder if the only Cylons left standing at the end will be the Centurions! I've certainly always wanted to see more of them, but it scares the frak out of me to think of them - the arch-typical 'cold calculated machines'- being the only Cylons left standing to wipe out humanity - because if that's the case then I think humanity really will be wiped out.

    Tory has been weird from the getgo, but in this ep she was evil. Watching that calculated way she played up to Tyrol in Joe's Bar when she saw Cally, deliberately giving the impression that she and Galen were sharing a tryst. Then murdering Cally and taking Nicky the way she did.....brrrrr. Natural born killer.

    It was painful to watch Lee being cut down by Roslin. I hope he realizes now just how very naive he is politically. In the military there were rules - in politics there are none, it's survival of the slipperyest; and I don't believe there's anyone more slippery or manipulative than Laura Roslin. As I've mentioned in a previous review, I believe she is now showing her true colours. She is the consummate politician who will smile sweetly while maneuvering someone else into stabbing you in the back.

    I think Adama senior should take note as well, because I doubt Madam President would think too long about removing him from command if she thought he wasn't going to back her up. The only thing that saves him is she pretty much has him by the 'nads, and can get him to do what she wants, and there is no one else capable of commanding the fleet - especially now that Lee has resigned his commission.....and will someone explain to me how a person can be allowed to 'resign' during wartime? It was good to see Tom Zarek again, I hope he gets to play a bigger role as the season unfolds, but I don't for one minute believe he doesn't have ulterior motives for helping Lee.

    And then there's the crew of the Demetrius. Can't wait to see that little drama play out. Kara's back to frak or fight, seems she's rubbish without Lee Adama. I love Kara/Starbuck, but not when she's like that. I'm really hoping the writers finish the season with happy, healed Kara Thrace, and not self-destructive crazy Starbuck.
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