Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 14

The Woman King

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 11, 2007 on Syfy

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  • Helo Centric


    So in this episode we take a breack from the explosions, space flying and deadly robots and focus more on the survie-ing last remaining living humans left in the world (so yeah this will be depressing)

    After making it pass the Star Cluster back in episode 'The Passage', the fleet loses two or three civilian ships so the ex-passengers of those ships have to be intergrated to another ship , but most of them are already overful. Except of course for the Galactica, one of the biggest ships in the fleet. So the Civilians are foursed to take up quaters in the large empty unoucpied space of a military war ship which is nicknamed 'Dog-Town'. Since it is still a military ship the people of Dog Town are forbided from going into certain areas, but they have to be taken care of or at least have their Complaints heared. This episode shows the true importace of the pilots misson to guide the ships pass the Cluster, which makes Captain Kat's sacrifice all the more heroic. (RIP Captain Kat)

    So Helo has been named mayor of Dog Town which has no percks what so ever to the title. To make matters worse it seems some of the Dog Town people are dieing due to not getting proper medical attention. Now all the victims are Sagittaron's which should seem odd but apearently Sagittaron's have been known to refuse medical treatment because it goes against their religious beliefs. No one in Galactica is giving this any second thought, or time to properly investigate this event, except of corse for Helo.
    The problem with that is...well it's Helo. everyone doesn't act surprise when he stands up for the Saggittaron's due to his constant defending of his cylon wife and hybrid child, so Helo has to go all out even putting his status and relationship with his family on the line to prove that a racist doctor from killing more innocent people.

    Now of course Helo is sucessful, but it wasn't as easy as I said. I like this episode because we get to see a main charecter that all of us have come to love have an episode of his own were he progress or at least does something differnt. Ok he's still standing up for the beat down race people, but this time he has a honest and pure motive (aside from it being about the women who he loves and sleeps with). I kida wanted a more revealing episode were we leared a little bit more about Helo's life before the Fall, maybe get a little back story on his relationship with his own father.
    But this was a good episode.

    I find what the doctor's motives for killing to be complely disturbing and above all racist. I hate that even when the world has endded and all you have for survial are the people around and you still find something to discrimanate against!

    I reallyenjoyed this episode, but I have to point out a few flaws. For starters I think Helo was worried for nothing when the murdering doctor did a check up for Dee and his daughter Hera, and he was afaid he'dkill them.
    Dee isAdmiral Adama's daughter-in-lawfor goodness sake! Even if she is a Saggittaron, if she dies the Admiral and Lee will be wanting some answers and that would get the killing Doc expose (Plus Dee isn't even religious, at all)
    Second, ok I get that a father should be consired if his child (esspeacially one that's been missing for over a year, and just recently returned home) is in the presents of a potential murderer! But again like with Dee, that would just get him exposed. If he's lucky, because if Hera died in his arms Helo would open fire on him before or after Athena rip's his limbs off. beside the Doctor only killed Saggittaron's and while Hera is a cylon (and every human hates them) she's still half human and since her daddy Helo, is Caprican (or some other coloney not counting Saggittaron) they she doen't fit the Doc's M.O. .

    Most people didn't like this episode because it didn't have and action or speacial effects, but if you watched to the previews you should have known that their was no hint of action or effects in this episode. And that's not a bad thing people!
    We need a little dram that fits in with the storyline so the series actually makes since and seems real to us. (Ok not counting all the syfi and cultural stuff, but you know what I mean)