Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 9

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • If I'm a Cylon, you're really screwed.

    I don't honestly know what to say about this episode. I don't think it was entirely a disaster, but it comes pretty close. Maybe it's the jarring transition from drama to situational comedy, the fact that it makes you want a cold shower, or the utter and complete unlikability of Ellen Tigh, but something about it just makes it not fun to watch.

    There's not really much to say about it, either, since there's essentially no plot development at all. Roslin thinks Adama is a Cylon: see last episode. At the beginning of the episode, Ellen may or may not be a Cylon, and at the end of the episode, Ellen may or may not be a Cylon. There's a sort of pointless subplot about a single Cylon fighter which gives Tigh the chance to save the ship, but it's so underdeveloped that you barely know what happened.

    So that fact that there was no plot movement whatsoever is one problem, but the other is introducing a character like Ellen with literally no redeeming qualities whatsoever. The actress does a really good job of making us hate her, but is a character like that really one we want to see on Galactica on an episode to episode basis? I'm inclined to say no, and I hope that she's outed as a Cylon in the near future.

    There weren't many of them, but the Caprica scenes were good. Even though they also had exactly zero plot development, they still retained the typical tension and drama that we're used to from BSG. We also got to see a little bit into the minds of the Cylons that are watching the life of Helo from afar, and it's pretty much confirmed that Not!Boomer is starting to rebel against them.

    Overall this was pretty much just a not very good episode. The show can mix drama and comedy to great effect when it wants to - see Six Degrees of Separation, but this isn't how to go about it. And pleeease no more Ellen Tigh.
  • This is a very good episode!

    I have to say I don't agree with the naysayers on this episode. Except for a few scenes which were actually funny, I did not find it funny overall or with forced humor. The humor that there was was very well done. The other aspects of the story serve to advance the plot and for example introduce the rogue element of the character of Ellen.
  • Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

    Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down was an awesome and perfect episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching because there was humor, drama, and intrigue with lots of character and plot development. It was funny to see how the characters looked at each other when Tigh, his wife, Commander Adama, Apollo, and the President were having dinner and Adama said "Anyone of us could be a Cylon". There was drama as the President thought Adama was a Cylon, and it was intriguing to see how on Caprica Sharon was still going strong as Helo was worn out from running and Six may be developing jealousy towards Sharon for feeling so strongly. It was great to see so much development for the characters in their scenes. The ending was great and leaves a question, what did the test really say? I certainly look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: Tigh's other half joins the fleet.


    A slight reprieve from the recent batch of drama-heavy event episodes, the hour's frilly-nillyness is ultimately its own undoing. Bill Adama is acting slightly off, and given Leoben's startling claim during the last episode (that the old man is a toaster), it's only adding fuel to Roslin's fire. It turns out that Adama is off his game because he had received Intel that Tigh's wife, Ellen, was found on The Rising Star ship. Could she be a cylon?

    Any attempt to ring drama from Roslin doubting Bill, and Bill's suspicions that Ellen is a cylon herself, are completely mute by a meandering script and some very forced slapstick comedy. Let this be a lesson for future episodes: BSG is not a comedy, nor should it ever try to purposely be funny. When the humour is subtle, and within the context of a humorous/mad character (ala Baltar), it's fine. But here, the ''funny'' moments gravitate around emotional heavy-weights, Roslin, Tigh, Lee and Adama. Watching Tigh chuckle like a little school kid was bizarre, sure, but there's only so much mileage you can get from two relatively old people acting like teens.

    The ending is also purposely vague. We never find out if Ellen is a cylon or not. For another time, I suppose.

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 7 mins and 19 secs into the episode.

    Frak-O-Meter: 3 fraks. Ellen and Bill both warn each other with ''Don't frak with me''.

    Cylon Sex: Gaius lets off some steam with a fairly racy sequence that doesn't show any activity whatsoever, but the implications are more than enough, especially the way Six was leaning once Starbuck interrupted his little romp.

    Spot the six: Head-Six shows up, as well as Cap-Six. The former suspects something is amiss with both Starbuck and Ellen. She's been right about pretty much everything else so far. The latter fights back a few tears of jealousy over Boomer's budding romance with Helo.

    Death/Injuries: Everyone gets to keep their limbs.

    Boomer or Sharon?: Sharon wins here, for no reason other than Boomer doesn't feature.

    Ships Lost: A raider almost crashes into Galactica. Almost.

    Battlestar Bleakness: We briefly deal with more suicide bombers. And it was kinda icky listening to Ellen mourn the loss of Zack while simultaneously groping Lee.

    The hour slows the entire season down a notch or two. It's mostly forgettable stuff.

  • Funny episode!!

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    This time the plot main focus would be the old man » Adama. This strange accusation that he would be a Cylon, I couldn´t buy it, but if some Cylon replaced him? This could be interesting, right? But then, a new character appears and things turned to be interesting.

    There is a funny scene with Gaius and Starbuck. Ellen brought some funnier scenes, all the acting was funny, entertaining and great, a nice and simple story.

    Presentation Phase -» (7/10) interesting, Adama as suppose Cylon,
    Complication Phase -» (9/10) discovering who is a Cylon and pursuing a raider, thanks to Ellen presence we had entertaining moments,
    Climax Phase - » (9/10) rare and entertaining,
    Ending - » (10/10) excellent way of ending the episode,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) it seems that we have progression,
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10) Hard to notice filler, the raider was,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Storyline -» (9/10) Ellen gave life to a amazing and entertaining dialogues at the dinner,

    Drama - » (8/10) More funny than dramatic,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (9/10) Didn´t expected Ellen, the ending was nice too

    Funny episode!!
  • "I don't mind the small moments of humor, but putting an entire episode based on situational humor was an odd move and I felt uncomfortable the entire episode." SPOILERS

    I'm sorry, but this was a bad episode. I didn't like the satirical format of the episode considering it is such a serious show. I don't mind the small moments of humor, but putting an entire episode based on situational humor was an odd move and I felt uncomfortable the entire episode. On a show with much less seriousness this would have worked. When you're dealing with the extinction of the human race, I really don't think there is a need for an entire episode dedicated solely to humor and funny situations. On the bright side, it was nice to finally meet Tigh's wife and I wish I hadn't. I was begging this entire time (and in previous episode reviews) to see more of Tigh's life and I wish I hadn't now. The only scene that I really, really enjoyed out of an overall bad episode was the scene where Six showed some emotion about never feeling love. She is a good character. It seems I have figured out where she was going with the entire "helping Baltar" thing. By making him trust her, she made it so the humans think they are safe with a cylon detector...but the person doing the detection is going to say everyone is human. Interesting and well planned out. Apollo is hot. 5/10
  • Crap. Complete crap. This episode doesn't deserve a proper summary, so the summary for this episode is crap. That is all.

    Probably the worst episode of the series. This is literally the bottom of the barrel as Ellen comes back and proves that when Galactica tries to be funny, they fall on their asses. They did funny in 1.07, why can't they do it here!? Ellen is a horrible character that I couldn't care less about at this moment. I like her later on, but now, she's a drunken mess. I liked the ambiguity of, "is Ellen a Cylon?" at the end. The very end was great, but the rest!? Come ON! Everyone was a drunken mess, and just random OOC crap flying everywhere. I know they created this episode to please the Sci-Fi network, and for that, I damn the Sci-Fi network lol! I can't talk more about this episode. I wasn't bored; I was just appalled.

    How could my favorite show produce an episode like this? Oh, yes, because of the network it's on. This episode failed in every aspect of the word. Thank god that this is the last dud of the season. A 2/10, which is generous. I don't think I even have to say what grade this episode gets, but I'll say it anyways. My first F!
  • I couldn't even come up with a tag line it was so bad.

    No, just no. That was my immediate reaction to this episode. They had been doing fine with the small moments of comic relief peppered throughout the series, so I don't know why they felt the need to go with such a satirically driven episode, which, for me at least, was never as funny as any of those moments from previous episodes. It was just completely out of left field and I felt bewildered for most of it, especially when they tried to switch back to drama.

    I was also upset that they seemed to toss out the Adama potentially being a Cylon plot. I never believed he was but with all of Roslin's dreams/visions in the last episode leading up to it, I thought it would have a bigger impact on the series.

    To each his own, but I really can't believe all the positive reviews this episode has. What am I saying? Of course I can believe it, it's the internet after all, where being a fan of something means never being able to see acknowledge any of it's flaws. I would actually advise skipping this episode and just watch the "Previously on..." during the next one. I wish I had.
  • Little weird episode

    I do not know - this episode did not worked for me. Maybe it is the self-destorying mood that Tigh is getting again as his wife is back and despite she looks the total mad woman, she really has power over him.

    And I like what is going on - every one is suspecting everyone and it is a weird game - President suspects Adama because of the events in last episode and on that light, the previous episode starts to have some more meaning.

    But then, much of this episode goes under the Tigh's wife and her weird and uncontrol behavior what i did not liked and Gaius on his own world is just so weird..
  • A generally enjoyable episode

    There are two main angles that make this episode an enjoyable one.

    The first is Roslin's suspicions, as she politely insists that Adama is tested as a Cylon. The tension and paranoia is rife, but the scenes are played well where she's trying to insist he's tested but politely.

    Then there's Ellen. I like Ellen. She's very real, and her and Saul go great together. It's lovely seeing the chemistry between the actors, and the complicated mix of love and hate that they both share.

    However there were a couple of clanger moments... where the direction felt cringe-worthy. Both were scenes where they all shared looks, and those looks were verging on slapstick. Horrid stuff, but thankfully we don't see that again!

    Meanwhile the Caprica story continues to gain momentum, and it's great to see the desolate cities with just Cylons marching their streets. Scary, sad, and very well done.

    All in all an enjoyable episode, albeit for the odd clanger moment.
  • Cylons, Cylons everywhere...

    Okay..they got me. I admit it. I fell for it. I've been had. My main purpose for tuning into this episode was to continue the mystery drama in my head. I kept hearing Leoben..."Adama is a Cylon". I should have been hearing Bill Adama saying "He's gonna try to get inside your head". Not for one minute did I think I was going to be watching a humorous story when I tuned in. First off, the scene where Starbuck walks in on Baltar's cyber-virtual sex is off the chain! I was rolling! (What's up, doc?...LOL!) Watching Laura turn triple sommersaults in response to Leoben's warning was hysterical. And we finally get to meet the wife of Saul Tigh, thought dead for the weeks following the destruction. Adama has been acting strange. In secret, he has been scoping out reports that Ellen Tigh is actually alive on a ship in the fleet. She has been a bad influence on Tigh, and has been sleeping with half the fleet prior to the destruction.. and Adama wants to make sure that A: she's not out to cause Saul more problems now that he's stopped drinking...and B: that she's not a Cylon. But..unable to keep the truth from his Exo any longer, he brings her to the Galactica, and has her tested under a veil of secrecy. He has Baltar stop whatever blood test he's doing for the Cylon detection project, and has him test Ellen. Trouble is, he doesn't know that Baltar was in the process of testing the commanders own blood on behalf of the President. Dinner with the Tighs is hysterical. Ellen spars with laura, taunts the Commander, and feels Lee up with her foot..all the while filling and re-filling Saul's glass. Tigh is blissfully drunk, and happier then Adama has seen him in months. He sobers up a bit when Ellen starts flirting with Baltar, and she starts lying about Adama coming on to her. She dragg him back to Adama's quarters, starting a scene and causing Cylonic confessions from Bill and Laura. Meanwhile, Galactica has been monitoring a lone Cylon raider that has been flying aimlessly around the Colonial fleet for most of the episode, seemingly malfunctioning. Suddenly, it's sparks to fully functional life, and flys toward the Galactica. Saul scrambles the alert fighters before Adama knows whats going on, and the Raider is taken out. All arguments are forgotten as Bill congratulates his friend for being so alert, and doing his job so well. The test on Ellen is complete. She's not a Cylon. But everybody seems to pass Baltar's Cylon test these days, just like Sharon did. "no muss, no fuss", he states. Head Six asks him what the test really revealed. " I'll never tell", he smiles. A funny episode that was a nice break from the drama.
  • a comedic episode that was full of mystery

    After the last episode the president has questions about whether Adama is a Cylon, so much so she gets Billy to do some spying. this said Adama has been acting out of character and has been making private un-traced calls to someone and somewhere. this followed by him leaving the ship makes her suspicions heightened. the reason why though is he has located Tigh's wife Ellen on one of the ships in the fleet! he deems her a bad influnce on Saul and thinks she maybe a cylon so asks Gaius to make heer the first candidate of the cylon detector test, at the end Ellen plays every body off against each other and uses anger and jealousy but Gaius's tests say she is infact human. but is Gaius lying after all he already lied to Boomer?!?

    A good light hearted episode that cements Tigh and Adama's friendship
  • Another great installment.

    The writers really do know how to make the story interesting. I like they have adopted a trust no one, suspect every one philosophy. It does generate an air of mistrust between the humans. I like they are gearing towards that even though humanity is on the brink of elimination they still find time to fight among themselves. I like how Adama has his reasoning on his keeping his secrets at the cost of his own self image. The President is starting to feel like a strong and firm leader. A good episode to show that everyone had problems and past relationships before the war and the war doesn’t change them that much.
  • Very Funny not as hard hitting as past episodes but still good with plenty of laughs.

    Saul Tigh finds out that he's wife Helen is still alive and whats more she as just come aboard the Galactica good news for him bad for everyone else. The dinner scene was great fun but the best scene was Starbuck walking in on Dr Baltar i haven't laugh at a Tv show that much for a long time. The Sub Plot worked well with te main plot really well after Roslin is convinced that Adama could be a Cylon which of course is proved false for the moment. But at the end it leaves another un answerd question because even though Dr Baltar tells everyone Helen isn't a Cylon your not certian if thats what the test actully said.
  • Quit intersting with a few good laughs... AND six upskirt :)

    Finally the Detector is up and working... I was tired of this "Developing the detector" subplot, which was quit poor. Now we have a new twist... Baltar who actually has no interest of showing to anyone the true results and his 60 years of work - great stuff. The other thing that was quit nice... the bored SIX in an "upskirt" position... quit a laugh :D
    Regarding Roselin and her suspicions about Adama beeing a Cylon... now that woman must be on drugs... how can someone believe that bullsh?t.
    Quit a nice episode... but Tighs wife is definetly on the "i dont like'em"-list
  • Another episode that shows the cleverness of Cylons.

    Every since the Cylon put a doubt into Laura's mind about Adama being a cylon, she hasn't really trusted him. This definitly shows how smart Cylons are. They can make everybody paranoid and turn on each other. They have the biggest advantage because they look like us and only them know who is a Cylon. (Of course except if Dr. Baltar would be kind enough to tell us the real results of his test...)

    In this episode, no one is safe and everybody could be guilty.

    In addition, we see a different side of Col. Tigh as his wife reappears. We see the bad influence she has on him.
    And even though, Gaius tells everyone she is not a Cylon, are we really sure she isn't?
  • A very special episode

    I thought that this was one of the best episodes, if you need a bit of light relief then this is the episode to watch. This episode had a really great story line, the mysteriousness of Adama disapearing, then the dinner the dinner was hilarious, and the introduction of Ellen she is one of the best characters she is so very funny and her relationship with Sol is just not one to model on. This was one of the best episodes but with Battlestar Galactica they are generally all very good. Anyway this was a great episode and it is a great series.
  • Romance, intrigue, and a Cylon detector.

    Knowing that Edward James Olmos directed this episode only makes it funnier. We have Dr. Baltar's stress-reduction technique, the sultry Ellen Tigh, a suspicious President Roslin, a wounded Cylon Raider, and the introduction of something called the observation deck. I could watch this episode again and again just to see Number Six leaning over that lab table with her skirt hiked up...delicious stuff. The dinner party scene was terrific, where the drunken revelry of the Tighs clashing with the tense dignity of the Adamas and Roslin barely serves to mask the underlying tension. And Ellen later making fun of the Commander's dour countenance - priceless. Did I mention Number Six and that skirt? Good stuff. Oh, and Sharon on Caprica is preggers. Go Helo.
  • A fun episode, with lots of laughs...

    This one starts off a little slow, although the "date" scene with Billy and Dee is kinda cute. Imagine having to book time to watch the stars as if you were making dinner reservations, and having all those other people around when all you want to do is make out with your date. I did get a little impatient with President Roslin's paranoia, and we only got a very brief taste of that in the teaser before the credits. What the heck is going on in her head? After talking to Leoben she's gone a little bonkers, it seems.

    You get a sense of how much fun this one is going to be when we see Baltar in the lab, despairing over all the vials of blood that he must now test. I just about died laughing the first time I saw this episode, when Starbuck walks in on him having fun with his invisible Cylon in the red dress. Perks, hmm? Is that what it's called?

    Col. Tigh's dressing down of the President is excellent - she's being utterly idiotic, and needs a kick in the pants to break her out of it. Her reversal of orders to Baltar is quite amusing as well - the look on his face is priceless.

    Why is the booze always green? I need to know... is lime KoolAid the cheapest one to buy, or what? The stuff in the bottle in the cabin, and the wine at the table - must be the same batch of KoolAid. I love the footsies she plays with Lee, and why doesn't she know that Zak is dead? How long have she and Tigh been separated, anyway?

    Sharon had better be careful, or Helo is going to get the idea that perhaps she isn't completely human. If she keeps going like she has, he's going to figure it out - adrenaline, sure...
  • “I’d be delighted to offer any advice I have on understanding women. When I have some, I’ll let you know”

    A few months ago when I was watching this episode for the first time I was sitting in the living room with my mother (who is also a fan of the series) and she told me that she thought that the show was a little slow at times. I didn't share her view that the pace was slow but then again I watch Carnivale, which can make paint drying seem like Formula One racing so maybe she had a point.

    Moving "Six Degrees of Separation" this episode give the cast a chance to get away from the doom and gloom of many of the series more serious episodes and let them have a laugh while at the same time exploring their characters. This week we get some insight into the troubled life of Adama right hand man Col. Paul Tigh.

    After last weeks rather boring insight into the Cylon religion the producers have decided to treat us this week with an enjoyable romp, which sees the first appearance of Tigh's slut of a wife Ellen and a shit load of Cylons hunting Halo and Boomer on Caprica. Great. Thing kick off with Roslin playing the fool and believing everything the Cylon told her last week. Is she idiotic, even if Adama was a Cylon I doubt they would give away their best place agent just like that. For petty sake woman what are those drugs doing to your brain. She's even got Billy to go long with her insane paranoia and use his date with Dee to get information on Old Man. But she thought it was cute so maybe he will still get lucky.

    Mind you Adama is acting a little suspicious this week. Having secret talks with undisclosed personnel, making trips without anyone knowing. Of course he has a perfectly logical explanation for his action. He has found Tigh's wife, Ellen, alive and well among the fleet and he has brought her back to Galactica. Roslin has no idea what Adama is up to and wants him to be the first person to be tested by Baltar's Cylon detector. But he suspects that Ellen is a Cylon and cancels his test and has Baltar fast forward Ellen's. Of course Roslin has no idea who Ellen is and orders Baltar to cancel her test and resume Adama. Then Col. Tigh meets with the president in secret where she shares her fears about Adama. Tigh is having none of this and explains Adama disappearance during a Cylon attack because he went to get his wife Ellen. Before you know it she is back on the phone to Baltar telling him to resume Ellen's test.

    In the meantime Tigh is strangle overjoyed to be reunited with the woman whose picture he burnt a hole through not that long ago. Later in the episode Adama explains that Ellen brought out the worst in Tigh such as his drinking and…well that's about it his drinking. The problem is that when Col Tigh is drunk he seems to be blinded to the massive slut he is married too. She plays footsy with a worried Apollo, accuses Adama of chasing after her, talks about Zak like he never died and brings up the one issue no one has mentioned in a long time: Earth. Adama just brushes her of by saying its classified information and in her state a doubt she even remember asking the question let alone not getting the answer. Adama clearly realises how destructive Ellen makes her husband and you just know he's hoping that she is a Cylon so he has good excuse to shove her out the air lock. He wants his X.O. at his best and not drunk on the arm of a woman who is a massive pain in the ass.

    Meanwhile everyone's favourite little piece of shit Giaus Balter is slowly slipping over the edge. Not only is he unknowingly caught between Adama and Roslin's little game of secrets and lies but the only place he can find any kind of joy is in the arms of Number Six. Which leads to an extremely embarrassing scene with Starbuck, which I would have found funnier if it had not be nicked from the Buffy episode "Gone". Although in Spike's defence his girl was invisible rather than imaginary.

    Good Bits
    -The Dinner Scene. Formal diners going wrong are always comedic gold, just ask the producers of Fraiser.

    -Mary McDonnel. This is her best work since "You Can't Go Home Again".

    -Roslyn: "You actually think that woman is a Cylon?!"
    Apollo: "Well if she's not, we're in a lot of trouble"

    -The entire Cylon army hunting Helo and Boomer. Cool.

    -Boomer. I admit it I'm in love.

    -The final confrontation in Baltar's lab. Hilarious.

    -Number 6's tears. Interesting.

    Bad Bits
    -The sub-plot with the Cylon Raider. Dull and pointless.

    -Billy using his date with Dee just to get information on Adama. Moron.

    -Helo. Gets thicker by the minute.

    -Apollo update. Still dull.