Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 9

Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Mar 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Funny episode!!

    ***This review details –» this is a "I" perspective, based in what I like and recognize to be good or interesting, this is not a "god" where the guy thinks what he thinks is the true or the "you" perspective where I know what you will like and what you don´t.***

    This time the plot main focus would be the old man » Adama. This strange accusation that he would be a Cylon, I couldn´t buy it, but if some Cylon replaced him? This could be interesting, right? But then, a new character appears and things turned to be interesting.

    There is a funny scene with Gaius and Starbuck. Ellen brought some funnier scenes, all the acting was funny, entertaining and great, a nice and simple story.

    Presentation Phase -» (7/10) interesting, Adama as suppose Cylon,
    Complication Phase -» (9/10) discovering who is a Cylon and pursuing a raider, thanks to Ellen presence we had entertaining moments,
    Climax Phase - » (9/10) rare and entertaining,
    Ending - » (10/10) excellent way of ending the episode,

    Details/Progress (To point A to B) -» (9/10) it seems that we have progression,
    Time and Scene Management - » (9/10) Hard to notice filler, the raider was,
    Plot Details/Holes- » (10/10) fine,
    Storyline -» (9/10) Ellen gave life to a amazing and entertaining dialogues at the dinner,

    Drama - » (8/10) More funny than dramatic,
    Surprises/Shocks/Twists - » (9/10) Didn´t expected Ellen, the ending was nice too

    Funny episode!!