Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 9

Unfinished Business

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2006 on Syfy

Episode Recap

Teaser Adama stages a tradition of the fleet--a boxing tournament. Apollo and Helo are in the ring. During the fight, Apollo's thoughts drift back to his life on New Caprica, and to that of Kara as well as Dee. Meanwhile, Kara has just spent the night in her bunk with her husband, Samuel Anders. Sam wants their marriage back, but Kara isn't ready to resume their relationship. Kara says she's late for the "dance," and departs. Kara enters the hanger where the fight is taking place and smiles as she sees Lee. Her smile quickly turns to a frown as she remembers New Caprica. The bell rings and the fight breaks as both Helo and Apollo rest for the next round. The next round begins, and Apollo brutally attacks Helo. Flash back to New Caprica. Apollo sees Starbuck and Anders approach with their arms around each other. Back to the fight. Apollo connects with a solid punch to Helo. Apollo spots Starbuck at the edge of the ring. Flashback. Apollo walks past Starbuck and Anders, as Starbuck has a look of sadness on her face. In the present. Distracted, Apollo lets his guard down, and hits the canvas hard after a hard blow to the head. Doc Cottle examines the cut above Lee's eye and declares him unfit to continue. The fight is over. Helo wins. Apollo is upset, and tries to protest. The next fight is called, and Apollo leaves the ring to collect his dog tags and leave. Starbuck taunts Apollo about losing in an attempt to get him to fight, as she tosses her tags into the ammo box. Apollo drops his tags back into the ammo box. Act I New Caprica – 17 months ago Apollo and Dee are walking through the construction of New Caprica. Dee tells Apollo that Admiral Adama has approved Dee's transfer to Apollo's ship, the Pegasus. Starbuck and Anders appear and they discuss President Baltar's opening ceremonies. Laura Roslin, the former president of the Colonies, approaches Admiral Adama as he's sitting and watching the progress of the construction. Back in the present. Admiral Adama is watching the fight, as Laura Roslin approaches and tells Adama that her father was an avid fight fan. Adama explains to Roslin that the purpose of the fight is to allow his crew to work out frustrations and aggression. Rank doesn't matter. Hot Dog steps into the ring and calls Starbuck as his opponent. Starbuck steps into the ring with a grin on her face. Flash back to New Caprica. We see Apollo approaching Starbuck and Anders, and Apollo walking away. Present. Starbuck knocks out Hot Dog in a matter of seconds. Bets are paid, and we see Lee and Kara glaring at each other. Act II New Caprica. President Baltar shovels dirt in an opening ceremony to the applause of the audience. Baltar: Let this day be remembered, as the day we broke ground for our new tomorrow. The celebration begins, and Colonel Tigh tells his wife, Ellen, how glad he is that he married her. Kara is celebrating with Anders and looks over to see Apollo. Adama and Roslin comment on Gaeta and his new position, that he's a "good kid." Laura talks about building a cabin. Back to the fight. Kat fights another female crew member. One of the Chief's deck hands, Anthony Figurski, approaches Chief Tyrol and tells him he's having trouble with a job, and wants to watch the fight. The Chief caves in, and lets Figurski stay. Adama questions the Chief about the decision to let Figurski shrug off work. The Chief casually shrugs off the Admiral, in turn angering the Admiral. Flash back to the past on Galactica. The Chief requests to be relieved of duty so that his baby can be born on the surface of New Caprica. Present. Kat wins the fight in a knockout. Adama steps into the ring and challenges the Chief. At first, Tyrol doesn't take the fight too seriously. While Tyrol is still smiling, Adama hits the Chief with a powerful right hand punch. The Chief falls to the ground. Adama is serious. Act III Flash back to New Caprica. The Chief and his wife Cally are talking about the Admiral denying their request to leave the fleet to live on New Caprica. They have to accept the fact that their baby will be born on Galactica. Present. Lee glances over at Kara. New Caprica. The music resumes, and Lee dances with Dee. Saul talks to Ellen, and Kara sits with Sam. Lee and Kara exchange glances. Present. Laura looks on as the Admiral fights. Flash back to New Caprica. Laura and Adama cozy up to each other. They stare up at the stars, and talk about the future on New Caprica as the dancing and celebrating continues. Present. Adama stands over the Chief. Adama: Is this how you fight your enemies Chief? How you fight for your life? No excuses. Show me you're a soldier. Get up! Chief Tyrol stands up and attacks Adama. Adama fights hard, but is overwhelmed by the younger Tyrol. Kara takes an opportunity to taunt Lee once again. Back on New Caprica. Apollo brings Kara a drink as the celebration winds down. Anders has passed out, and Dee has gone to bed. Present. The Chief deals a heavy blow to Adama, and he goes down. The bell rings. The Chief and the Admiral go to their respective corners. Doc Cottle encourages Adama to quit. Roslin gives Adama advice to keep his guard up. Back to New Caprica. The morning after the celebration, Adama grants the Chief and Cally their request to leave the fleet and move to New Caprica to raise their child. Present. The crew looks on as Adama continues to get hit, and finally falls to the canvas, his face bloodied. Adama stands up. Breathing heavily, he addresses the crew. Adama: When you stand on this deck, you be ready to fight. Or you dishonor the reason why we are here. Now remember this. When you fight a man, he's not your friend. Same goes when you lead men. I forgot that once. I let you get too close. All of you. I dropped my guard. I gave some of you breaks. Let some of you go. Before the fight was really over. I let this crew and this family, disband. And we paid the price in lives. That can't happen again. The crew is silent as they take in Adama's words. The Chief removes his gloves and tells Figurski that they are going to get back to work on the ship. Tigh announces that the "dance" is over, and tells everyone to leave. Starbuck is upset. She still wants to fight Apollo. She taunts him. Apollo tells Starbuck it's over. After another taunt, Apollo punches Starbuck, and agrees to give her the fight she wants. Act IV Apollo and Starbuck fight. Starbuck continues to taunt Apollo. Dee watches, obviously upset. Flash back to New Caprica. Apollo and Starbuck are walking alone. Apollo asks Starbuck about her future with Anders. He questions whether she really loves Anders and wants to spend the rest of her life with him. Back in the present. Anders arrives at the fight and asks Dee what's going on. Back on New Caprica. Apollo and Starbuck kiss. They start making love on the beach. Starbuck asks what they are going to do. Apollo tells Starbuck that they should tell Dee and Anders about their true feelings for each other. Apollo stands and shouts out to the world that he loves Kara Thrace. Starbuck, after some encouragement from Apollo, does the same. Present. Apollo and Starbuck continue to fight. Back on New Caprica. Apollo awakens to find that Starbuck has gone. He returns to the site of last night's celebration to hear from his father, Adama, that Kara and Sam were married that morning. Apollo is stunned by the news. Kara and Anders approach. Adama also tells Lee that Kara has left the fleet. Present. The fight continues. New Caprica. Sam tells Lee that Kara woke him up and dragged him down to the priest to be married. Lee is floored when he learns it was Kara's idea. He composes himself briefly and congratulates Sam. Then he walks away. Back to the fight. Apollo and Starbuck continue to fight, but they are exhausted and bloodied. Apollo continues to remember his experiences with Kara: seeing her in a cocktail dress, seeing her in the hangar bay on Galactica, remembering the jealousy he felt when she was with Anders; recalling the kiss he gave her. Dee and Anders look on, realizing that the fight is more about the unrequited feelings between Kara and Lee. Anders leaves, upset. Dee looks on in sadness. The fight ends as Lee and Kara embrace. Kara: I missed you. Lee: I missed, I missed you too. FADE TO BLACK
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