Battlestar Galactica

Season 3 Episode 9

Unfinished Business

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Dec 01, 2006 on Syfy

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  • Unfinished Business

    Unfinished Business was a great episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode because it had flash backs for the various characters on New Caprica and puts some missing pieces of the puzzle together. There was drama and intrigue along with the character and plot development. It was interesting to see the crew working it out by boxing. The action was exciting, and the romances were engaging and heart breaking at times. The ending was good. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!
  • not great or even good

    Another "filler" episode with more flashbacks and unnecessary rehashing. There is too much wrong with it to even get into all the details. I'm curious how these episodes get made. Is it to stretch things out or give the real writers time to actually advance the plot? I think all these flashbacks are confusing and a cop out. Also, the fight scene with Lee & Kara was silly. They are both fighting grimly and then boom! Straight out of a flashback they are both suddenly too punch drunk to even stand up without embracing each other. Furthermore....Admiral Adama's character is all over the place. Was he smoking some fine New Caprican with the Madame President?

  • Definitely the worst episode of the series so far.

    Definitely the worst episode of the series so far, hopefully nothing else will try and take its place (I'm watching on DVD so this is "new" for me). Only about 5 minutes of this episode are worthwhile in the big picture, in that it's finally revealed why Apollo & Starbuck have been acting so weird around each other since New Caprica. I'm not against the idea of filler episodes, but I think the episode prior to this one, "Hero", was also a filler episode but a far superior one. I made the crucial mistake of also watching the extended cut of this awful episode, and I wanted nothing more for it to end. I can't fathom that the broadcast-edit version of this mess was any better. The only other redeeming factor of this episode besides the Kara/Lee revelation is that it makes me want to rush through the rest of the season in order to get back into what makes this show great.
  • worst episode ever... some boxing scenes and flashbacks ? THAT is an episode ? fortunately, it's an exception, filler episodes like this. This is the 1st episode that bored me like that. I almost stopped watching it.

    worst episode ever... some boxing scenes and flashbacks ? THAT is an episode ?

    fortunately, it's an exception, filler episodes like this.

    This is the 1st episode that bored me like that. I almost stopped watching it.

    This review needs to be a hundred words long, and I can't find 100 words to describe it. Nothing happens. Some boxing scenes, some flashbacks... more flashbacks, a boxing scene; another boxing scene, a flashback.

    OK, I have to admit, I don't care for boxing, but this isn't an EPISODE; this is a filler.
  • There's a boxing tournament on Galactica during it flashbacks of events on New Caprica explain the tension between Lee and Kara

    I enjoyed the Adama/Roslin aspect of this episode. With the positions they have in the fleet the only real confidante either can have is each other. You can now see that the relationship between them is no longer built on those roles but on trust and respect. Other than Tigh, who else could call Adama crazy and get away with it? I was glad they explained how Kara and Lee ended up feuding and married to other people. I know a year had passed between the episodes but it was driving me a little crazy. If you have access to the dvd version the extended cut is better thant the aired version.
  • Between major char development and major filler...

    So, first I was thinking when it come clear that this episode will be a bib boxing that I won't like it.. soon after when those flashbacks started I really got curious and starting to wonder what really was going on.

    I most say - I am definetly not a boxing watcher but I liked the idea - to let those chars a change to unwind a little and get their steam out as there is so much anger around.

    I like the different parts, angles of the story they were telling - first Tyrol and Celly - I am not sure what was Tyrols anger but I think it was done with Adama letting them go from Galactica and getting them to this mess. Tyrol himself made the request so maybe it was anger with himself.. or Adama.. and I really most say - I never thought of that line and it was interesting one to have.

    Then ofcourse Adama and Roslin.. I think it has been going on in hints and other ways for quite long and I think this episode just added some..

    But the major thing was Lee and Starbuck and when Tigh was telling it's over I was really checking - what.. is there still time before this episode ends as it won't end without that fight.. and that was a fight.. little weird - the ending I mean.. but there were some great developments.. Maybe too much drama and soap.. but ok.. something different at least.. and I think we all saw that coming...
  • Much-needed character development and excellent direction. Some might not understand it.

    I'll start off by saying that I HATE boxing. It's a barbaric "sports" that sets us back a thousand years and needs to be made illegal NOW. But my hatred of boxing didn't keep me from hating this episode. If you can look past the 15 minutes of repetitive punch-punch-dance-punch-oww!-blood-punch-punch, then you see what lies beneath... although what really upsets me is that some previous reviewers probably found the punching interesting and were scared away by the love stories and the drama. These are probably the same people who teach their kids that "boys don't cry" and who think that romance is for girls and sissies. You don't like drama? Go watch Ultimate Figther or some other macho-man crap. BSG is sci-fi DRAMA.

    As the title says, the episode takes care of some of the many threads that had been ignored in the season 2 finale during the settlement on New Caprica. The episode sets out to reconcile Adama and Tyrol (after a squabble about Tyrol's baby we didn't know about) and primarily Kara and Lee, whose friendship had been severely ruined and we also didn't know why (remember when Kara asked Lee "a favor" and he almost told her to go to hell? yeah, that's why). I get the feeling that much of what we see in the New Caprica flashbacks was material cut from the season 2 finale, perhaps even an entire episode that might have felt like a soap opera. While I am not a fan of the whole New Caprica storyline, I have always wanted to see it be way more developed, and this episode partially fixes that.

    What really shines here though is the inspired screen writing and direction. Live action and flashbacks are perfectly timed and mixed, and the dialogue is seldom predictable or cliche. McCreary's usual, beautiful score helps a great deal. Also many characters not directly involved in the main storyline--Helo, Tigh, Callie, Dee, Roslin--receive fair treatment. That, and I'm SO glad to finally see an episode without Baltar frakking Cylon chicks. Seriously, it's getting old quickly.

    One last side note: I'm happy to see BSG continue its tradition of gender equality. We often see males and females hold similar positions in the military and even share the same restrooms and shower rooms. Here we see males and females beat the crap out of each other, and one major barrier to gender equality is that a woman can hit a man but a man can't hit a woman. Again, I believe boxing (violence in general) is wrong and should disappear, but if it has to be there at least give everyone a chance to participate. Good job once again, BSG!
  • Major character development in a so-called "Filler Episode", LOL!

    Battlestar is my favorite show right now. I've enjoyed it since the beginning. This is my first review of the show. I'm not going to delve into specifics, because anybody reading this has probably already seen it, and I've got something else to say. To my friends, and my fellow reviewers here. Why this episode to voice these opinions?? Well, guess it's because of all the negative reviews I've just seen. You're kidding with those, right? I've been away from this show for awhile. Personal issues had left us without cable for about six months, and I wanted to see Season 3 from the beginning, not just jump in. Well, we lost our cable again. As a result, I missed most of season three, and the movie Razor as well as the first 2 eps of season four. In the meantime, it's been a battle getting my friends not to spill the beans about what's happening on the show. I have, however gotten plenty of negative reviews on story quality in general since the Exodus episodes. Now that I've rented the DVD's and finally playing catch up, I have to wonder what show those people are watching, and why they're fans in the first place. This episode concerns itself with a boxing match held on the Galactica to expel, or deal with pent up frustrations and issues. It doesn't deal with space battles, or Cylons, or any other major issues or story lines on the show, right? WRONG! Let's just think about how uninvolved with sci-fi the mainstream has been until this show, then think about the fact that this show has consistantly been called the best show or drama on televison. It's because it is not a sci-fi show in the first place. It's a drama (oooh, the D word) that happens to take place in space . That is how the creators describe it..and that is what it is. And that's it's appeal. No matter how fantastic the show is, it's characters always have a real feel. They're very believable. Because the characters ARE the real issues and storylines in the show. Yeah, I tune in for the suspense, the action, the effects, the battles like everybody else.. but would these things mean anything to you, if you didn't care about the characters? About the journey they're on? About how all these fracked-up twists and turns force then to change, and grow? This, at the core of this episode. I read one review which stated there was "Nothing to move the show forward". Three words, man...Kara and Lee. Last time I looked, they were main characters in a character driven drama. And, I'd say they're moving forward. Now, I realize I'm talking about the extended edition on DVD here, but c'mon people. The terrible reviews I've heard have been about every story since the exodus. The new Caprica storyline had to be the most blood pumping storyline they'd come up with to that point. Now, you expect the stories to keep pumping that kind of adreinaline indefinately , and have it be believable? I don't think so. You HAVE to take time to examine what effects and consequences this kind of trauma has on these people. And that's what these so-called filler episodes have been doing. And the Cylon stuff? I think it's facinating that people have been asking sooo many questions about the Cylons, and then get pissed because the creators are spending so much story time on their culture. Amazing. Personally, I can't understand why viewer can't take it for the big preamble it is. And this all being said before knowing how season 3 ends. I'm gonna be writing a lot more for the episodes, past and present. I don't know what the frack these nay-sayers have been talking about for these mid season episodes, but I'll tell you one thing. I think Ron, David and company are doing just fine, and I can't wait to find out what's next, until I'm current again. It's the last season, peeps. It's been a hell of a ride, and I get the feelin' we ain't seen nothin yet!
  • A very emotional episode Found myself going from overjoyed to awed, excited to disgusted, appalled and disappointed

    That was just amazing!!!!

    I was crying at the end - guess I'm just a big girl after all.

    The fight scenes were so powerful, they kind of blotted a lot of the other action out for me. I'll have to watch it a couple more times to get the full impact of the other action.

    More than anything, the episode dealt with what happened between Lee and Kara that they got to the point where they couldn't stand the sight of each other, and now they seem to have gotten past it - I hope. Only took beating each other senseless to do it!!!

    The fight between the Admiral and Tyrol was almost too painful to watch tho'. I thought when it started out that the Admiral was using the fight to punish Tyrol for disappointing him and leaving the fleet. But it became more - that he was punishing himself for letting his guard down and allowing the fleet to disband and settle on 'New Caprica'. Tho how he thought he could've prevented that is beyond me - it was the President's call not his.

    Anyway, regardless of that, the ep was awesome.

    We still don't exactly know why Kara did what she did, but at least we now know 'what' she did, so that's one topic of speculation out of the way.

    All in all, Unfinished Business had a more profound effect on me than just about any other hour of TV I've ever watched. And I'll probably have to watch the ep another 10 times and do a lot of navel gazing to figure out exactly what nerve it touched in me that I think that.
  • Anders: "Looks like they're trying to kill each other." Dualla: "That's one perspective."

    I was dreading this episode from the previews, so I was consequently surprised when it turned out to be exactly everything I could have wanted, except better. (I now have learned to never question Ron Moore and Co. again.) I love Lee, I absolutely adore Kara, and I have always been fascinated by the twisted relationship they share. I'd been anticipating the flashback episode that would illuminate me on what caused Lee to become so livid towards Kara, but I never could have anticipated how poignant it would be.

    There’s Kara and Lee. Lying naked in the middle of the desert like two love-sick puppies and shouting out proclamations of love for one another. The looks of true joy and bliss on both of their faces brought out a smile in mine, despite the fact that I knew their one night stand would finish devastatingly. I suspected it would be Kara to end things, and yet I gasped just the same when Lee was told that Kara had spontaneously married Anders. Lee's broken face was heart wrenching, and his pain was clearly evident as he watched Kara and Anders stroll down the street arm in arm.

    Why would Kara do this again to Lee? Is it because of her commitment issues? Is it because she feels guilty since Lee is Zak's brother? Or, most likely, it is because she just doesn't feel she deserves love; she hasn’t earned the right to be truly happy? Kara is constantly placing herself in situations where she will get hurt, and she consequently always ends up hurting those that she loves most. Has all of Kara’s pain and regret for her past mistakes pushed her down so far that she will never allow herself to experience love again?

    Kara and Lee's bloody fight was emotionally charging and paired with the flashbacks made for quite a revealing look into their mutual, torn feelings. The real question is where do they go from here? Does Lee break things off with heartbroken Dualla? Or will he refuse to let himself become entrapped in Kara's befuddled love-web again? If Lee does indeed drop everything for her, will she be ready to truly give her heart to his?

    Lee and Kara weren't the only ones with unresolved feelings this week, there also was Admiral Adama himself. I felt bad for Tyrol; he was being used as the Admiral’s personnel punching bag for all of Adama’s bitter feelings at the crew who abandoned him on Galactica. It says a lot about the old man, though, that despite his anger at his crew, he laid all the blame on himself. Adama felt guilty for letting the crew get soft, and as a result he allowed the crap to get beaten out of him as penance. It's moments like these that remind me that despite all the talented CAGs, Commanders, and XOs on Galactica, there is only one Adama and there is a specific reason why he is the man leading the human population to salvation.

    In addition to the Kara/Lee flashbacks, all the scenes on New Caprica were enjoyable. It was good to see smiles and relaxed faces on the cast for once. I absolutely loved flirtatious Adama and Roslin; high and lying in each others arms on the beach. Ellen was even back again to show us a much more romantic side of her relationship with Tigh. Even the grass was greener on New Caprica. All a substantial, and most likely intentional, contrast to life after the Cylons invaded.

    Final Notes and Quotes

    - Survivor Count: 41,422.

    - The flashbacks took place eight months before Cylon invasion. That would be four months after the season two finale.

    - I couldn't help but feel sorry for Dualla on the sidelines.

    - Lee: "Congratulations."
    Anders: "Thanks, man."
    Lee: "And good luck. You're going to need it."
    That's for sure.

    - Anders: "I want our marriage back. I want a real marriage."
    Kara: "What if I'm just not ready for that?"
    Anders: "Then I guess you'll never be. Maybe because I'm not what you really want."

    - Kara: "I missed you."
    Lee: "I missed you, too."

    Final Rating: Quality sci-fi doesn't just need good CGI and creative plots, it requires well-written characters with flaws, development, and emotional depth; all which this episode exemplified. Episodes like these, where the writers aren't too scared to edge away from action and plot for necessary character insight, remind me why I love BSG so much. 4 out of 4 stars.

    - Tim Bronx
  • Your missing the point! Look, I don’t usually write reviews, however, I have to respond to some of the drivel I’m seeing from those who have given this episode more than negative reviews (a 1? you’ve got to be kidding!).

    First of all this is a Sci-Fi series of unconventional means. Quite simply, this show does not use the same old drawn out formula that other Sci-Fi shows usually resort too. You don’t see the same old moralistic problem solving under the guise of adventure to sell a few ads. The good guys don’t always win, and at times aren’t even that good. They make mistakes. They are stupidly insane. And at times, they even make you cheer for the antagonists. But, these are the frailties of being human and this is why the show resonates. This flash back episode captures this fact succinctly and ingeniously in what seems like a misplaced boxing match.

    Now, most of you have seen the episode so I will not get in to the particulars. Suffice it to say, that this episodes is not filler. It quite clearly explains the unanswered questions between the establishing of New Caprica and the Occupation. This dangling loose end needed to be addressed for the sake continuity. We knew something happened between Lee and Kara. There was more to it than Lee’s obvious jealousy. In addition, Adama’s complacency needed to be addressed; how he allowed his crack squad go and his obvious resignation to an end of a war which he knew could not be at an end. Lastly, and maybe most notably, it covers Kara’s lunacy and unbelievable self destruction even after she finally admits her unrequited love.

    And what was the vehicle for these revelations? A boxing match. Quite appropriate if you are examining the self destructiveness of the afore mentioned characters. And this is the very reason why this show is successful; the unconventional amalgamation of real human drama and elements of science fiction. And what makes this even more compelling is that individual episodes such as this one are all part of a much grander tale and not a series of events and problems to be resolved in 60 minutes. These episodes do not live singly. They are all interwoven pieces that make this a made for TV Epic. As such, there will episodes with less action and more melodrama. Every once in while there will be an episode for the sake of character development; an episode which will seem misplaced. There is a bigger story being told here and the writers and producers have not yet succumbed to the stagnation that inevitably follows a typical Sci Fi TV series once story is driven by commerce as opposed artistic continuity.
  • Through the vehicle of a boxing match, the crew of BSG begin to reflect on the recent past and unload their pain, regret and frustrations onto each other. This is the first of many episodes this season that focus more introspectively on the characters.

    This is a very mature but underrated episode. On the surface to some it may seem like nothing happens in this episode and that it is filler, but the emotion generated in this speaks volumes. This is the first real expression of Adama's loneliness. It's absolutely brilliant how it is presented that he is angry at himself for letting Chief Tyrol take leave to marry (symbolic of his compromising affection for his crew over duty) while at the same time infers his secret frustration and jealousy of Tyrol because of his inability to bring his feelings for Laura Roslin to fruition. He blames this on his dedication to his duty as Admiral although, as later episodes reveal, may have more to do with personal issues of his own. It is a reccuring struggle that Adama must face his father-like affection for his crew and this episode reveals hidden feelings about that relationship. Also prominently featured is the convoluted relationship between Starbuck and Apollo. This is another relationship that had not developed as it was meant due to the immaturity of both characters and their transferrance of that immaturity to duty and responsibility which parallels Adama's romantic conflict perfectly. The final scene with Starbuck and Apollo holding each other immediately following their brutal fist fight and saying, "I miss you" is one of the most moving and haunting emotional scenes that this series has ever had. It was absolutely bone-chilling and really demonstrates how this show should be held at a completely different standard than the rest of television.
  • Episode is well crafted - and is designed for smart, mature viewers who understand that most of us have "Dreams" or "Wishes" of what could be ... who we're with - or how things should be ... then there's reality ...

    I believe that 2 types of adults that will appreciate this episode the most. Those who have personally experienced love, loss, and the complexities of those things. Also, those who are in difficult leadership positions - and struggle with striking the balance between the people - and the business at hand.

    The episode uses everything in the arsenal to generate a strong emotinal response to the viewer ...

    - Smart Dialogue - rich ... it Deepens the Characters
    - Believable story setting - Boxing Analogy - Perfect !!!
    - Flashbacks - throughtout - multiple characters
    - Camera Angle - Apollo's moment - everything's distorted
    - Chello Music with strong singular melody - Powerful ... I couldn't get it out of my head - I loved it.

    One of the most powerful scenes - is the moment that Apollo finds out that Starbuck has not only run off leaving him to ponder their previous nights intimacy - but has actually married Anders.

    The camera shows Apollo - but it shows him as he's seeing the world - distorted, off-kilter - even the lighting is distorted. His emotional response is so strong - that he struggles to maintain his footing, balance - as well as visual acuity. It could even be suggested that Apollo was on the verge of blacking out because his physical body was affected because of the strong emotional response. It shows an aggressive, vibrant and physically fit young man - becoming both emotionally - and physically vulnerable.

    It also blends flashbacks with this response - more cleverly than I'm accustomed to in both movies and television.

    This is just one of the many things in this episode that makes it the most important one made to date - and the only one I would tell people who care just as much about the characters - as they do the "Eye Candy" - not to miss !!!
  • Just because this episode was a filler doesn't automatically mean it was bad. Quite the contrary.

    I don't understand how anyone could give this episode a low mark.
    As a Buffy and Angel fan, I always consider character development as the most important ingredient for a show to be successful. There was plenty in this episode, and it was necessary to show how New Caprica has affected everyone on Galactica, especially Kara and Lee. It was incredibly well written and I think Jamie Bamber delivered one of his best performance on the show. I was in tears during the last scene. This is definitely the best episode of season 3 to date.
    In my humble opinion, this episode proves that Battlestar Galactica is one of the best show on TV.
  • In true cinematic fashion, we are treated to a compelling, daring, and finally overwhelming explanation of the fate of Lee and Kara's ill-fated romance. One of this reviewer's favorite hours of television, THIS is Battlestar Galactica in its finest hour.

    Let's make this clear from the start: I loved the season 3 opening from its very start mid-way through the season 2 finale just as much as the next guy. Probably a lot more, actually. But there was one thing that always nagged at me.


    Now this reviewer is no big 'shipper' as far as most things are concerned. Unlike some of my friends, I don't feel that the Hero and the Love Interest must necessarily fall in love and be happy at the end of the story. But I do like quality TV, and since we found out that Lee's relationship with none other than Dee was fast-forwarded along with everything else -- right to their MARRIAGE -- I thought that it was at the very least odd; at worst, it was a seemingly permanent, harsh blow to the series' principal couple for apparently no reason whatsoever. For me, it never felt right that the two were together. But this was a minor concern in the greatness of season 3, and as much as I never really took a liking to Dee or felt she was appropriate for Adama Jr., this reviewer wasn't about to let it derail him from enjoying the rest of the season.

    And here comes "Unfinished Business" to finally bring face-to-face, mano-a-womano two of the show's leads. As they pummel each other and their estranged significant others attempt to figure out just what is going on (with mixed success), we flash all the way back to before the invasion. Before Starbuck and Sam Anders were married. And we find out what happened.

    Maybe it's just that frakking good, or maybe this reviewer simply wasn't expecting it, but this episode hit me like a tour de force; a wave of emotion that would not be denied. The entire episode is building up to its finale, and we see just how much the two mean to each other. Like newlyweds, they proclaim their love for each other for the world to hear. We are so happy for them that we almost forget that it's not meant to be, that in the not-so-far future, they aren't even on speaking terms. In the meantime, the music - a special piece written for this episode specifically - is building up and up and up, threatening to take us away from war and Cylons and the drug-induced prophecies of the President of the Twelve Colonies to a beautiful world where everything is right and the good guy gets the girl of his dreams, because he does deserve her. Everyone knows he deserves her. We almost forget that it isn't meant to be -- but we don't. In the back of our minds is a voice reminding us that something is going to go wrong. So horrendously wrong that their relationship will be damaged beyond repair.

    Lee wakes up, and Kara isn't there. The music is building up. He's looking for her, wondering where she could have run off to so early in the morning, and there's the music again. And finally here comes Adama... to tell Lee that Starbuck is married. Just like that, she up and married Sam Anders. And here are the TRUE newlyweds, and as Lee stands there, not knowing what to say, we are treated to one of the finest performances in modern TV. He is so heartbroken, his knees are crumbling, threatening to collapse under all of this weight. Blinded, ravaged, and most importantly, ALONE, left to fend completely for himself, left vulnerable by the woman he loves, he stumbles away from them. He doesn't know what he's doing, and as the music comes to its climactic finish, rising to its very peak, Lee walks up to Petty Officer Dualla, grabs her, and kisses her like it's the end of the world. Because for him, it is the end of the world. His world was Kara Thrace, and she was snatched away so cruelly.

    And we know exactly why the relationship hadn't felt natural all this time -- it wasn't. Lee needed Dualla for comfort, for some measure of stability in his greatest hour of need, but she always saw through it. Being the decent guy that he was, he attempted to convince himself they were right for each other when even Dee knew otherwise. On a more personal note, this reviewer listened to the BSG season 3 soundtrack before actually watching the season, and the theme that played during this episode was one of my favorites. Hearing it again in the episode in its intended form was one of the most beautiful things I've seen on TV, and it proves just how VITAL music can (and must) be to the experience. It's called "Violence and Variations" on the soundtrack, which is an apt title. But if this reviewer were to pick another title... one that was less technical, and more of a direct link between the piece and what it represents, it would invariably be 'the sound of Lee's heart breaking.' And it was the most beautiful sentiment ever expressed on this show to that point. Because for all the Cylons and space ships and space nebulas, this show is ultimately about the human condition... and it doesn't get more human than this. -pW
  • After blowing through the potentially story-rich "New Caprica" plotline in just a handful of episodes, Battlestar Galactica now wastes an hour of your time with a poorly written and boring filler episode featuring boxing. Prepare to fall asleep

    Apparently the producers thought that the non-resolution to the Apollo/Starbuck conflict would be enough to make this episode worth watching. They were wrong.

    What makes this episode even more painful to watch is that the show recently opened up the story-rich "New Caprica" plotline, and then jumped through time (twice!) in order to avoid actually *telling* any of that story. Then they pushed the Reset Button, and miraculously the Galactica rescues the entire colony in fifteen minutes, thereby ending the plotline and putting us right back where we were for most of the last two seasons.

    They certainly didn't do it because they had so many other good ideas they needed to move on to. Ever since the "New Caprica" story was wrapped up they have handed us boring, melodramatic episodes that go nowhere.

    Perhaps BSG deserves to get exiled to Sunday nights after all...
  • After reading the less than great reviews and seeing the appreciation rate drop below 8 I started watching this episode carefully with an open mind. And guess what... I liked it!

    After reading the less than great reviews and seeing the appreciation rate drop below 8 I started watching this episode carefully with an open mind. And guess what... I liked it!

    We are still suffering from the New Caprica catastrofe, and people are still hurt by memories of whatever happened back there. Most interresting ofcourse is the ever present tense between Lee and Kara. Everyone knows they should be together but it will never be. To much alike. These two are the star players on the show but slowly I like everyone around better. Kara is still impossible with her irrational behaviour and Lee is running every time he should make a stand. They are great at what they do but what if there's no war?

    So why do I like this episode the way I do? First it gives a nice view of the NC time, second, I really like the boxing match, putting people in a ring to get rid of frustrations. Wow, thats no symbolism, thats here ya go, right in your face! If we had boxing matches like that, there would be way less trouble on the streets!!!

    Oh, and if I feel like a Sci-fi episode of a crew landing on a strange unknown green moon, meeting little green men shooting with Lasers from supermodern spacecrafts, I'll watch Star trek. But tonight I wont.
  • The worst episode to date. It makes "scar" look like an emmy winner.

    I want to start by saying that I love BSG. Its excellent mythology, its analysis of people in stressful situations, its morality tale about difficult decisions, etc. This show had absolutely none of this. My rating is relative to the best episode which is why it is so low. This was a cross between Rocky and Dawson's Creek. When Adama is screaming "I love Cara Thrace", I had echos of "Adrian, Adrian, ... in my mind. My expectations are very high and when they turn out this drivel it is really upsetting. If this is the future, then BSG will be thrown onto the ashheap of history with all the other cutting edge shows that in their third season try to "expand their audience". I am going to create a new word called "Lost"ification to apply to this syndrome. There was no plot or story development. The sexual tension developed between the two primary characters over the past two seasons was distroyed similarly to when Rachel and Ross finally hooked up (Yes I am using a horribly apropos friends analogy). Michael Taylor who wrote this episode was a new addition to the writing staff for the 3rd season (now I know why he was unemployed) hopefully this is the last one he gets to write. I thought the cylons were major characters Too bad they seemed to have been on hiatus during this episode, which was where Ronald Moore must have been when it was time to review the script. BSG please, please go back to the mysticism, the gritty hard edge, the excellent mythology, and the tidal moral forces that drive the complex decisions of the equally complex characters of the previous shows. Lifetime does not need another series......
  • Upon learning the premise for this one--Galactica holds a big boxing tournament to let off steam--I thought maybe we'd be in for this year's version of "Black Market."

    Upon learning the premise for this one--Galactica holds a big boxing tournament to let off steam--I thought maybe we'd be in for this year's version of "Black Market." But leave it to Ron Moore and company to take what could have been a forgetable and throw-away concept for an episode and instead actually make it into something interesting, compelling and character driven.

    The last new episode, we saw that Adama blamed himself for the start of the war. Here we see it goes deeper--he blames himself for going soft, for allowing his family and crew's happiness to take priority over survival. It's one reason when the Cylons showed up at New Caprica, the crew had to leave in order to be able to come back and save everyone. You can feel the weight of the deaths of every person on New Caprica hang heavily across Adama in this one. He feels he's become too lax, too friendly with the troops and he has to do something to get back there. I'm not sure letting Tyrol beat him up was the best way to do it, but it did get everyone's attention. It also made me wonder--way back in "Kobol's Last Gleaming, Part 1" we saw Adama sparring with Lee. And he seemed a more able fighter then. I realize it's been over a year in terms of the passage of time on the show, but did Adama go that soft? Or did he take our some of his anger at the Chief in the fight and then allow himself to be beat up to make a point?

    And did he earn the respect of the crew as much as he thinks? Will there now be some who doubt him because of his appearing weak?

    Meanwhile, we finally get some filling in the blanks of what happened with Apollo and Starbuck. You have to feel sorry for both Dee and Anders, since they're the second choice for both parties. We've seen Starbuck has a predilection for taking anything good and trying to screw it up. It's interesting that real feelings scare her so--to the point she disconnects enough from Anders to only use him for sex and then move on. I wonder how much of that stems from her love for the younger Adama, who she was engaged to. Is she afraid of being hurt again, by allowing herself to be vulnerable? In many ways, she has the upper hand in the relationship with Anders. She is the one who can and does hurt him, but in a relationship with Lee, she stand a good chance of being hurt. And that seems to scare her. Also, Lee doesn't need resucing as Anders did. And maybe Starbuck likes being needed in that way. She doesn't know what to do without a war to fight, as we found out last season.

    And then there's Lee. He allowed himself to go soft, literally after Kara married Sam. Now we see why Lee might have gained all that weight and it's interesting to see how this could be a motivation for him to take the weight off. And where does this leave things with Dualla? Will she play second fiddle to Starbuck? The two obviously reached a new place in their friendship/relationship, so where does this leave their current romantic partners? After all, they are both still married to other people, though how long that lasts we have yet to see. Will Dee actually put up a fight to keep Lee? And will they be happy to be together should the obstacles between them fall?

    So, while the episode itself wasn't exactly new ground or wonderful, character wise it really worked. And it's interesting that while there's not one Cylon attack or space battle, the storyline is still just as rivetting and edge of your seat. I loved the way we worked the flashbacks and how the whole picture was slowly revealed.

    Could have been a bad episode, but instead turned out to be pretty darn good. I should know by now to trust the genius that is Ron Moore.
  • How can you summarise this apart form to say it explains2/3 of the romances with a bit of boxing...and where were the aliens?

    I really love this program. However not this episode. It must be the worst one ever.

    I pretty uch agree with everyone else it was a true filler and could have been done in 5 minutes. No sexy Cylons or spaceships...i thought this was science fiction. (Tngue in cheek of course).

    Look, BG must be one of the best Sci-Fi series ever but I espectially taped this one to watch on Saturday morning as other recent episodes have been great. This one set low expectations right form the start and did not fail to live live up to them through the whole duration,

    You can do better writers...
  • This episode shows that New Caprica has not been forgotten, in fact it has affected the BSG crew a lot more than we first realised.

    If I feel that an episode has not been given the credit it deserves then I will give it the review that it does.

    And its shocking that this episode has got ratings on this site that puts it below all of the Heroes Season 2's opening episodes....the reason I mention Heroes Season 2 is because them first few episodes so far are how not to write, how not to direct, how not to act, how not to produce great television.......THIS EPISODE IS.

    The reason a show grabs you by the heart is because of its story and characters, without the characters how can we care about the story?

    Since escaping New Caprica a lot has happened, the crew have had a lot to deal with, we have seen most of this, however its great to see that there was a lot more going on in that 'missing year' than first thought, flashing back to happy times makes it seem so bittersweet...

    ...but that it one of the main themes of BSG - bittersweet, so much bad has happened, each season seems to get worse for the survivors - there numbers are down to 41,442....and they struggle in their own meagre existence to find happiness and solace.

    This is one of them episodes that really plays with that theme. And well.
  • Some people might like this episode but it wasnt for me.

    Review this episode must have been one of the hardest for me to do. I really didn't like this episode in fact it was one of the few I would have skipped. Other than the boxing matches there was really no action in this episode. A lot of the sequences was in flash backs to events that happened sometime in the final episode of the season finale. While the idea of Military Boxing is always been part of history, to mix it up between the character development and love stories, it was hard to get really into the storyline like other episodes.
  • Spoilers Galore

    this episode is interesting because it contains no cylons and focuses on the settlement on new caprica. It tells us that chief asks to transfer to new Caprica and leave Galactica, but Adama, at first, refuses him. He later gives him permission. Also the other major spoiler and fact from this episode is that Apollo and Starbuck shag before she marries Sanders and whilst he is seeing Dee! shock! not really though because you can see that one coming a mile away. also Col. Tigh has a brief (about 1 minute) memory of his wife, Ellen- which is quite touching. You think that Adama and Roslin are going to get-it-on, but they dont!
  • Adama stages a boxing tournament on the Galactica to help the crew relax. The competitive atmosphere sets off a brutal match between Kara and Lee. Flashbacks from New Caprica reveal the origin and nature of their dispute.

    You can say great character development all you want but this whole episode could have been the side story in a real episode . . .

    Don't get me wrong drama deserve its place in sci-fi but should never fill an entire episode.

    This is the 1st episode that bored me like that. I almost stopped watching it.

    We all knew that there was something between these two but like i said, not worth a full episode imo.

    I have seen filler episode so far but usually, they try hard to make it at least a bit entertaining . . .

    I really like this show but i hope their is not too many of those coming.

    Nothing that make the main story move forward.

    PS: I am both mature and smart ... forgive me if i don't look for big drama in my favorite sci-fi show.
  • Not as bad as they say! Nothing happended. Almost.

    Well, actually that episode is the one with the lowest user-rating from the third season of battlestar galactica. But i think it's not as bad as the others say, nevertheless i'm happy i didn't have to wait for it a whole week and then one week more for the next episode, where the story hopefully will continue. In this episode we have something like a review of the relationships of the main characters. We see Roslin and admiral Adama more closer to each other, than in anyone of the previous episodes, we find out how Starbuck did get married, that she did that just after "fracking" with Lee. Apollo and Starbuck fight each other in the last scene and finally stood huging each other in the ring, saying that they missed each other. Dee and Andrews watched it, Andrews even left the room, getting what do happen between Kara and Lee. The relationships of the couples Lee/Dee and Andrews/Kara become instable.
    At least that episode didn't continue the story, that was strickly character developement. Because i'm a martial arts fan, i give it a 7.8
    It was not as bad!
  • Worst episode I have seen.

    First time review. I did not like this episode at all. Just when I was getting back in the mood to watch Battlestar. I stopped watching a while back and when I got my interest back I get this episode. I did not see what the point of this episode was. I am surprised to see that a lot of people have given this episode a 10. I only wish I could give this episode a -10.
  • How on EARTH could ANYBODY give this episode a high rating?!

    First, To everyone who gave this episode a high rating: You should ask yourself why. Even if you liked the boxing matches, that is NOT the context of this show. It's not BattleStar Boxing Legends! Also, they never know when they will have to deploy pilots into battle. No way in HELL they let them knock each other out and beat themselves to THIS degree just for R&R. Get real!! I watch this show because of what they advertise. Before EVERY show it tells you what it's about. Humans created Cylons...They Rebelled....and so on. What does THIS episode have to do with ANY of that? So even if you liked things about it, why would you give it anywhere close to a perfect rating? I mean, even the writers probably wouldnt expect a very high rating for this episode. Obviously all they were doing is giving a little more background information. And THIS was not even any information that's vital to the cause. THIS episode was based on individual lives and relationships-not the Battle against the Cylons and preservation of the human race which IS the paramount theme of the show. I believe character development can and should be presented while at the same time staying with the overall plot of the series. But if we must dedicate an entire episode to character reflection and background, then it should at least be information that we REALLY need to know. Not someones personal, non-pertinent relationships. On THAT subject anyway, it seems like a lot of these characters have NO honor. They can't keep their word for crap. A lot of these tearjerker moments are starting to get lost on me for the simple fact that I know that as quick as the next episode, anyone is liable to go back on their word. Dualla (despite the fact that SHE was the one who initiated the relationship by kissing him in the first place) dropped Billy just out of the Blue for what seemed to be feelings for Lee, who eventually got with her on the rebound from his Hooker girlfriend. -and how immature are Starbuck and Lee? Ridiculous. They both get drunk and have sex and then try and make lifetime and life altering choices? C'mon, what are they, teenagers? They know they have others who LOVE them-that they have made a commitment to, they are BOTH married, and they practically fall back in love at center ring right in front of EVERYONE, not caring how it will hurt their spouses? When did we EVER get any notion that THEIR love was really THAT strong anyway? I never really assumed they LOVED each other at all. It seemed they had some feelings but not like THIS!! Are we supposed to believe this is all justified because of THAT night?....THEY were DRUNK!!! Besides, their relationship is REALLY not THAT interesting anyway. But all this is DEFINITELY not worth the screen time it received on this episode. This was in every sense of the phrase- a FILLER episode, and not a very interesting filler at that. Just giving us a look at what's going on on peaceful days with no cylon attacks, sabatoge, or mutiny aboard the GALACTICA. But every series is entitled to a few so I just hope they get back on track with the next episode. So in MY opinion, anyone who gives this episode a High rating is either: 1. Waaaay too easy to please or 2. Unfamiliar with the concept and purpose of rating and episode 0-10. There's a LOT of room between 0(the worst it could ever be)..and 10(couldn't have been better).
  • Filler episode, Flashback episode, Character Development episode, Mediocre episode. Tyson vs. Holifield...

    Geez, gosh do I ever hate Boxing episodes... Though the wors one was an episode of Star Trek Voyager with Chakotay, I have never really seen a good boxing episode of a Sci-fi show.... and this is no exception. There is some character development, with Adama, and lead ups to him and the Pres Roslyn... and Lee and Thrace history... anyway, it is history, filler, and a little character development/epiphany realization... nothing too needed... can we get on with the show?
  • Jerry Springer in Space

    Unbelievable. This is the worst episode of all time. I have truly lost most of my respect for this show. I couldn't believe this whole Starbuck-Apollo arc. I am totally amazed how anybody could truly think that adults could have relationships like this. What makes me even more perplexed is that many people love this Lifetime TV type drama. Boxing in the ring? Having sex and the next morning getting married to another guy? Starbuck is truly a twisted character and should be straightened out or killed off. This episode was like 10 MTV whine fest shows and 10 horrible Lifetime movies into one hour of unrelenting misery.
  • Are you guys kidding me? This episode was one of the best of the season. I loved it. The music for one thing was amazing. Listen close to it. I thought it was a drastic change of pace and idea from the previous episodes.

    For some reason this episode gets a bad rap. I know that the part about lee and kara was strange, but the other stuff was so well done, and the camera angles were so dead on, how could you not love it. Come on, Adama vs. tyrol. That was awesome. I loved the other fights as well, and the whole thing had meaning and symbolism that I could really relate to in my personal life about not just giving up and letting your gaurd down for one second, or you might regret it. I think we should all watch this one again and re-evaluate its worth.
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