Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 2


Aired Friday 10:00 PM Jan 14, 2005 on Syfy

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  • You don't know anything about women, do you?

    I couldn't be happier after watching this one.

    33 was definitely a test outing for the series. It had the advantage of being the pilot episode, and so all of the layers of drama that the show was building were showcased. Because of this, 33 could easily have been a fluke and the actual rhythm of this show could be slow or boring. Luckily for us, it's anything but.

    I'm actually really surprised (and happy!) to see just how serialized this whole thing really is. Sure, there's one issue (the water supply) that dominates the episode, and is for all intents and purposes fixed by the end of it, but that issue is actually part of a much bigger plot. As we watch the characters scramble around with water rationing and dealing with riots, at the same time we subtly get a lot of crucial information on how Boomer's Cylon-ness affects the story overall. Grace Park is great here (I really don't think there's a single subpar actor on this whole show!), especially in the opening scenes of the episode which were, quite frankly, awesome. Without wasting any time, the show throws us right into a "we're frakked" situation, as Boomer realizes that she might be responsible for blowing up the ship's entire water supply and begs Tyrol to protect her from getting caught.

    In terms of what we've learned about Boomer's "possession", we now know that the Cylons can take control of her for periods of time, and according to the last scene she can apparently fight back against this. I really like that they didn't just make her eeeevil and kill her after a few episodes, but instead we get to see an inner struggle made more complicated by that fact that it seems that she doesn't even know she's a Cylon.

    The other plots in the episode were pretty scarce. We saw one good Baltar scene, and a few on Cylon-occupied Caprica. But mainly this was Boomer's episode, and the way that it focuses on her while still telling an overall story makes me think of Lost in the best possible way.
  • Water

    Water was another stellar episode of Battlestar Galactica and I really enjoyed watching this episode as it opened with Boomer waking up from a black out to realize she may have planted bombs and could be a Cylon. This episode had drama, suspense, and a lot of character and plot development. I really like the style of this series and how intense the character scenes can be, but in an awesome way. Meanwhile the other Sharon on Caprica plays a game with Halo to make him believe she is there to help him. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where: There's hardly a drop to drink. (Or bathe in.)


    Any episode that begins with Grace Park – dripping wet – is fine by me.

    This particularly moisty, hot Asian-Cylon has no idea that she's a sleeper agent. Drenched from head to toe after looking like she just snapped out of a daydream, she finds a rucksack with a towel and some other essential trinkets. Like, ya know, some explosives. Bummer. She is definitely a hot Asian-cylon, no doubt about it. Boomer soon discovers that even more explosions are missing from the small arms locker, but where are the rest of them?

    Spoilerish Title Sequence: 4 mins and 28 secs into the episode.

    It's an admitedly slow-paced hour, exploring the different dyanamics between the military and the presidential side of things. The urgency to find water isn't as nail-biting as last week's genuine stakes to evade Cylon attacks, although Boomer's inner conflict is handled nicely enough. (Though she does seem a bit peewee for such an authoritarian figure. I guess size doesn't really matter.) The character work between Adama and Roslyn is easily the best thing going right now (outside of awesome robots, which we see very little of here). I genuinely bought their budding respect for one another's tough positions as respective leaders, as well as the hinted flirty exchanges between them.

    The visual effect as the water leaked into the black was quite the spectacle. Less awesome, especially if you have vertigo (I don't, but I sympathise with those who do), is this show and its relentless camera shakiness. I felt it took away from the drama of certain scenes, particularly when juxtaposed with Baltar's cerebral get-away with Six.

    Frak-O-Meter: Only 2 fraks this week. This show is still so young.

    Cylon Sex: Nada! Although we did get a nice shot of Six in a hot tub.

    Spot the Six: Just Head Six this week. Once again, looking like she just stepped out of a Special K advert.

    Injuries: This was a fairly tame episode, wasn't it? Does Starbuck's pride count for injury?..

    Boomer or Sharon?: Boomer and Sharon both get drenched in this episode. Possibly a tie, me thinks.

    Ships Lost: Nothing this week. It's just The Olympic Carrier as of now. But just yoooou wait.

    Battlestar Bleakness: I can't believe Dee was so cold towards Billy. Like, ok, her hair was far from good looking. He knew it, she knew that, heck we all did. But a compliment is a compliment, lady! Geesh. (Again, such a tame episode, amiright?)

    Boasting solid performances and some great FX work, as of right now, the show is still finding its feet and an adequet pace to work at. It's glacial at the moment, but soon things will run smooth like water. (OK, that was effin' lame.I know it, you know it, but I'm tired, so shut up.)

  • "It was really a Boomer episode, very serialized." SPOILERS.

    So, the episode opens with Boomer being soaking wet and realizing that 6 or so mini explosives have been left throughout the ship. It was interesting how they did this right after the scene with Boomer in the rain on Caprica with Helo because I actually thought she didn't remember that she TRANSPORTED from Caprica. Only an hour after watching the episode I said, "Oh! It's because the bombs were in the water tank!"

    I really do like The President a lot and I want them to touch more on the one general that is an alcoholic more. I have a feeling him measuring how much alcohol he has left means something significant. This episode was definitely not as dark as 33 and I actually kinda liked that...even though I like dark. :P It was really a Boomer episode, very serialized. From my understanding, towards the end of the episode it seemed like Boomer was SUPPOSED to detonate the bomb that was on her ship and not tell the others that she found water, but she did. Is she fighting back against her cylon ways? This was truly interesting. I also really liked her smirk/serious face at the end of the episode. Does she know she's a Cylon? I personally don't think so but they seemed to hint at that at the end. Another thing I enjoyed was the flirtatiousness between Baltar and Starbuck after the game of cards. Also, is Helo's story going to move any faster? Seems like a waster of space. Kinda like how in the episode where Spike tells Buffy how he killed slayers there are random shots of Riley trying to kill a nest of vamps and it takes away from the story. That's where Helo is at right now. :P

  • One big educational experience.

    Well Sharon's first act as a Cylon was full on, to say the least. It was a brilliant choice to start the episode with her dripping wet and the viewer wondering right along with her, "what the hell did she do?" Especially after the C4 was revealed in her bag. It was almost creepy how well thought out the plan was, planting a charge in her own Raptor in order to remove all suspicion from herself was good thinking. And I have to admit the final shots of her walking down the hallway gave me chills.

    Adama gained even more respect in his scene with President Roslin(who I'm still lukewarm on), by not wanting the military to become a police force he showed the kind of restraint needed by someone in his position.

    The stuff on Caprica had me a little confused. I'm just wondering if/when Helo is going to question who that woman(Six) was that was rolling with Cylons or why Sharon knew to shoot her, or why Sharon isn't questioning it? He wasn't on board Galactica when the rumors started about Cylons looking like humans and I can't imagine Sharon would want to risk arousing his suspicions by telling him.

    Once again the card game was one of the high points, Baltar and Starbuck had great back and forth.
  • Continuing the theme of "we're frakked", a good but not exceptional second outing for the series

    This episode continues the general theme of the fleet on the edge, but thankfully takes a different angle to the previous episode "33". Another fleet-on-the-run episode would have been repetitive, so this time the writers focus more on the enemy from within. How do you protect from a traitor within your midst? The fleet is still not accustomed to such suspiciousness, so not very well is the answer.

    There are some contrivances to the plot, such as why isn't their security on the weapons lockers and why are the logs not kept very well? â€" Both are explained briefly in dialog, but are of course needed for Boomer to remain undiscovered. They also detract from the surprise of what Boomer has done, thanks to the credits showing Galactica losing water in the opening credits and the exposition-laden talk about how important water is before the explosions occurred. But these I can forgive, they are minor problems in an otherwise well-written episode.

    I particularly like that the balance between Adama and Roslyn continues to be explored, and their similarities (such as hating pomp) start to come through. Also interesting is that Apollo continues to spend time with the president, and is turning into her confidant â€" a role that will lead him into exploring his political aspirations later in the series. It's also interesting to see how Roslyn gives Apollo some of the advice that his father won't, further creating a bond between Apollo and Roslyn and offering Apollo something he can’t get from his father.

    Overall, while the episode wasn't quite as tight as the previous episode it's still a very solid outing. It's also the first episode to focus on a particular character, and sets in motion Boomer's arc â€" the ramifications of which will be felt for a long time to come.
  • When Boomer finds bombs missing, she begins to suspect that she herself is a Cylon. Those bombs turn up, blasting 60% of Galactica's water into space, leading Tyrol to cover up any proof that Boomer may be a Cylon.

    "Water" is a stunning and impressive episode for such a young series. Just two episodes in, and we get such a well-written episode. Boomer's nervousness and craziness is brought to the screen by the magnificent Grace Park, and Aaron Douglas as Chief Tyrol also knocks it outa the park! Also, the B-story with Roslin beginning to be accepted as president was well done, and the scene in Colonial One with Lee and Roslin talking about the Olympic Carrier and her presidential assistant was really touching and well written. The only slight downfalls to this episode were 1) the Caprica story. Once again, it really detracts from what is going on in the fleet. And 2) we are supposed to go with Boomer on her journey into finding out she's a Cylon, but we already know she's a Cylon. Just reading it in script form makes you wonder, "why are we following this person!? We know she's a Cylon!" However, it still works due to Grace Parks' acting. "Water" is an 7/10 episode, meaning it is a very good hour of television, and really impressive as a second episode. It is also a B episode! Pretty good job.
  • Bombs and water...

    So, they continue with story of survival and it goes interesting way as there are some bombs.. Boomer wakes up, being full wet, having bombs near and remembering nothing.. but soon she realize what is going on when water tanks explode.. so we have a great episode where she troubles with doing what she should and that Cyclon she is.. and what that part of her would do.. I love the idea that we know who the cyclon is and what is going on and the others do not.. the movement and dilemmas it builds..

    Also I liked the whole substory of president and she trying to be president.. struggling with being authority.. and dealing with the military.

    And things going on Carpica..They promise exciting storyline..
  • Galactica's water tanks are sabotaged and the fleet faces it's first supply crisis. Boomer starts to question who she is when she comes to soaking wet and with detonators in her bag.

    Excellent episode-it's fast paced well written. From here forward you wait for Boomer's true id to come out. The working relationship of Adama and Roslin begins to improve. For me this is where I realized the show was going to be more than the ave scifi show. The interactions of the characters and relationships are built over time, not handed out all at once.

    Groundwork for Bastille Day is here-they find the water but how they get it will be addressed in the next episode. Lee questioning his involvement in the destruction of the Olympic Carrier sets his thinking for Bastille Day.
  • Very tense crafting

    A few ambiguities are in this episode, which I usually like but not if (as it unfortunately does here) affects the flow of the episode. Aside from that this is a very tense and clever episode that shows everybody's situations the way they think it is, and what it actually is. Perfectly made and written with just the right amount suspense but not to revealing for an early episode this is a undiscovered gem from season 1. The only flaw is that the writers weren't clear as to whether Sharon understood if she was cylon. Still an excellent episode, terrific.
  • Cylon programming: Phase one activated

    Sharon has commited her first act of sabotage against the Colonial fleet. She has placed bombs inside the water storage tanks on the Galactica. But, she dosen't remember doing it. She tells her boyfriend, crew cheif Tyrol what she does know, that deadenators are missing. She tells him this just as the big boom happens, and 60 persent of the water supplies shoot into space...gone. We've got a problem. The fleet will run out of water in a week. My problem with this, and other early episodes, are the lengths that Tyrol goes to to cover up and protect Sharon when the warning is clearly marked on the box.. I understand that there are ramifications which make for an excellent future episode, but this is one early plot element that I could never take seriously. Thank God it didn't last. Not to mention that Sharon's paranoid behavior to people who don't even suspect her would send out loud warning signals to anyone with a brain. This episode marks the real start of Adama's and The President's relationship. It's a rocky start..but a solid one. The scene in which the two discuss seperation of civillian and military police was cut for the finished episode. They also have a very telling conversation about the Earth situation, and what the real plan is, apart from public knowledge. Adama reveals there's no real plan, but a lot of faith and hope. "I'm an optimist", he tells her. She smiles back and replies, "Who knew?" Likewise, the scene where Tyrol testifies his findings to Adama's board was cut. The conclusion Adama came to that "there is at least one Cylon on board" seems a hasty one with this cut. Excised was testemony from Baltar about how, do to the nature of the explosion, the explosives had to be placed inside, and Tyrol confirms that due to physics and water pressure, no human could survive in the tank long enough to do this. If put back in, this meeting would have made a lot more sense. Baltar's lie about Cylon screenings catches up to him here. He's going to have to find a way to construct an actual detector . This episode marks the first appearance of the ill-fated "Crashdown". Boomer finds a planet with water, however not before she finds another bomb in her own Raptor, obviously placed there by her. Meanwhile, on Caprica, Helo and Caprica-Sharon's escape Raptor has been confiscated...imagine that, so they're stuck for a while. But they're recieving a military coded signal from on the planet. Roslin asks Lee to be her personal military advisor. On a personal note..I am so glad the writers decided to trim most of Boxey's stuff here. The footage reveals him to be an obnoxious little punk thief.
  • If you started watching the series no sense stopping now.

    Episode to episode you really get the sense of how each character gets a little more developed by the scenes chosen. The action sequences are interlaced nicely with the drama that unfolds. Not only the production staff does an interesting screen play but the acting is very believable. The suspicion mounts very well in terms of timing. The cut aways (meant for Network TV commercials) keep it very suspenseful. Sharon “Boomer” seems to be the main focal point of this episode. She really gives the sense that she doesn’t know who she is but give the slightest of hints. The sense of fear and apprehension is played well. The tensions mount between both Adamas’ also between the President and the Commander. As with normal society you see Military and Civilian leaders hardly see eye to eye, this case is no different.
  • Well Wriiten episode the I believe shows the talent of the Writters as much as it dose the Actors. I though it was a good solid story not to complex and it was great fun to watch.

    I though the entire episode was good but there were perticular bits that stood out my favourite was the Chiefs face when he finds out about the missing denetors. The early distrust between charecters also made this a good episode and you can really see the friction between them which makes for riveting viewing. The second story on Caprica was fun aswell but took a back story to the second story which i think was a smart move or people wouldn't have gotten the full effective of the episode. Overall Brillantly wrriten and Acted Episode and one of my favoruites and very memorable.
  • Sharon mind VS her Cylon body

    Well, this was quit a fast start for Boomer. I think we could have needed to see Boomer as a person, before showing her cylon side. Still it was quit interesting to see the inner fight... human mind against cylon body... trying to figure out what was going on. Her destroying the water reserves also made a great situation to have the fleet stay in one place for some time, hiding before the cylon fleet. I think it is only logical and realistic, that the cylon-involvement wasnt too big at the beginning of the series and it gave the authors the space to introduce properly the charakters before revealing more of the cylon culture. Still I believe that this one could have been better. I think I use the word cylon too much ;) will need to mix it with toasters in the near future.
  • Awesome.

    In this episode, when the battlestar fleet is not outrunning cylon raiders, they do what they have to do, trying to survive. things get a little complicated when galactica's water supply gets sobataged by a cylon spy. Baltar again provides comic relief when his visited by number 6. the events are slow in this episode, but it's not so bad, it's nice that the show change gears every now and then so we get to know the characters a lot more. it's in this type of episodes that we get to know them really well. the writers did a good job.
  • Water and Cylons

    A nice episode that was no masterpiece but it managed to stand on it’s own and develop the characters, but the storyline itself wasn’t quite fascinating.

    The episode was about Sharon being wet, she doesn’t know how she got there and finds some bomb device that she has to dis-activate. There are 6 more of those over the ship and they make some of their water supplies explode making them loose a lot of water. And that’s water they need to survive.

    The Shannon storyline wasn’t that fascinating to be honest. Apparently she has been doing everything without knowing. When she goes on a ship to find water she gets these flashes, but the finds a place filled with water so yay for them.

    The most interesting part of the episode was Lee’s chemistry with Laura. She is a fascinating character and she offers Lee a job who is still mourning about what he did in ‘33’.

    Gaius was once again the fun character, having all the luck in the world and the chemistry with Number six.

    The episode was good, good script and nice character development. but it felt as if nothing really happened, but besides that it was another well-done BG episode.
  • The tension mounts

    Most of the events of this episode take on greater significance later in the season, but the immediate consequences of the sabotage are not lost on the crew. Sure, it's not until the next episode that they have to recruit a workforce, and a few more episodes until Sharon is implicated in the attack, but...ok, this isn't that great of an episode. The lack of water was never palpable, and the resolution seemed to come a little too quickly. The strength of this story was the conspiracy between Sharon and Tyrol to cover up her possible involvement in the explosion. While we as viewers know that Sharon is simply being manipulative, we can feel how the chief is torn between his love and his duty to the ship. If only he hadn't held back the truth. Poor chief.
  • A superb episode that highlights the superb acting skills of the superb Grace Park.

    Boomer has a bomb and she doesn’t know why. When bombs go off in water storage, she doesn’t want to get blamed. Also, she is on Caprica trying to rescue Helo.

    This is a sure way to make an excellent and fascinating episode. To have the main story featuring Boomer (played by the beauteous and talented Grace Park) and have the sub story featuring another Boomer (also played by the lovely and skilled Grace Park).

    The top moment in this episode is in the teaser when the camera zooms in on Boomer’s face, all wet and disheveled and very, very attractive.
  • This show continues to pull me in.

    This episode is further proof of how well the writers have plotted out the plot of this show. And yes I know that sounded funny. Water is something that is never explained on other SciFi shows. For instance on Star Trek The Next Generation they never mention water purification or how water is made for use on the ship. Although I suppose its possible they replicate water. But in Battlestar they explain that water is not a completly replenishable resource. THe water supply on Galactica can be recycled many times but eventually it will run out. with the sabotoge of the water tanks it shows just how dependant man is on the simple parts of life despite technological advances. I really liked this episode because it deals with a topic very few SciFi shows deal with.
  • Another step in the right direction.

    No stops on pleasure planets, no aliens of the week... I'm really loving this show.

    But, this Caprica thing really has me confused. Why is this integral to the story, other than the fact that one of the Boomer Cylon models is decieving Helo. I haven't seen every episode yet, so I'm guessing something important is bound to happen sooner or later.

    Cylon suspicion is starting to run deep. I expect everyone to be completely distrustful to one another by the end of the series, if not sooner. Gaius Baltar is just one of those characters I love to hate. He is so well written he gets on every single one of my nerves

    I love marathons. I'm not moving out of this chair all night.
  • Well I guess we'll have to cancel that pool party.

    The saga continues . . .and as it does, the last remaining humans attempt to deal with water shortages, missing explosives and a possible traitor among them. Sadly, it will most likely be several years before they find out who it is. Oh well, I guess it gives them another storyline to stick to.

    Anyway, the episode starts with the copy of Boomer on Galactica standing in a storage room, dripping wet and disoriented. She looks through the bag at her feet. . . and finds an explosive. To make things worse, when she goes to put the explosive away in the Small Arms locker, she finds six more explosives missing. And if that still isn’t bad enough, the Cylons have captured Helo and Caprica Boomer’s only way off the planet. Doesn’t life just suck?

    Before Galactica Boomer and her boyfriend, Chief Tyrol, can find the explosives, five of the six that are missing explode inside the water tanks, and Galactica is deprived of 60% of its water reserves. Because many other ships need to be re-supplied for water by Galactica, the water remaining will run out in two days.

    On Caprica, Helo and Boomer find that the ship Boomer came in on has been captured by Cylons, making their escape from Caprica just a little bit harder. During a lovely dinner of field rations, Helo and Boomer discover a coded military signal coming from somewhere on Caprica. Amazed that someone else is still alive on Caprica, they decide to find the source of the signal.

    Back on Galactica, Adama sends out Raptor scout vessels to find water, and Boomer and her new co-pilot, Crashdown, are sent out as well. During their search of a nearby moon, Boomer finds water, but for some unknown reason she has trouble saying it. . .until she puts her fingers on the sixth missing explosive, placed out of immediate view and ready to blow. Boomer and Crashdown return to Galactica, and inform Adama of their water discovery. While everyone’s celebrating, Boomer quietly disarms the bomb, and later covertly tells the Chief where it is. The Chief assures Boomer that no one suspects her, and that they’ll make it though this.

    One of the interesting developments in this episode involved Baltar and Starbuck. After they finished playing cards, Baltar gave her a cigar, and there was a moment when they looked into each other’s eyes. Maybe Number Six has some competition. . .

    The good –

    -Baltar beating Starbuck at cards. When you gamble, at some point you have to lose, Starbuck.

    -Water flooding out of Galactica and into space. Some very nice special effects.

    -Baltar discussing women with Number Six in his little dream world. . .then waking up to find Adama, Roslin, Apollo and Tigh looking at him as if he’s crazy. That just cracked me up.

    The bad –

    -Boomer trying to say “I found water!” but finding herself unable to do so. Doesn’t really make any sense why she had trouble saying it.

    -Crashdown naming the moon they’re scanning after a girl he used to know. A bit unnecessary.

    -Helo and Caprica Boomer’s long and awkward hug. Bit too mushy.

    -Crashdown hearing that Boomer is having trouble saying something, but not getting up to investigate until after she says it.

    The ugly –

    -The Galactica crew’s dress uniform. Those rope-looking things on the shoulders just doesn’t do it for me.

    Next Episode : Episode 3 – Bastille Day
    “When Lee met Apollo.”
  • Medicore Story, but strong in character developement.

    Boomers character has already been revealed as a Cyclon. In this story we get to see a hint at what is to come with the cylon/infiltration story. while this episode moved the characters plot line, it was not the best of the series by far. The story seemed rushed and elements seemed to be missing. I venture to say some of the footage may have ended up on the cutting floor.
  • “I’m not bad I’m just drawn that way”

    Warning: You must have a vague knowledge of Farscape should you attempt to understand this review! If you do not, watch Farscape.

    Harvey: John!
    John: Go away Harvey I’m off to Aeryn’s quarters, I think I might get lucky.
    My dear John you have as much chance of getting lucky with Aeryn as D’argo has of marrying Rygel.
    John: Hey I can dream.
    Harvey: Anyway before you embark on a futile gesture I though you might want to look at this.
    John: What is it?
    Harvey: It’s a re-imagining of an old television show from your planet John called Battlestar Galactica.
    John: Yeah I remember that. Some guy who kinda looks like my dad was in that crappy spin-off they did. What was it called?
    Harvey: No one cares John, that’s why it was cancelled. But this is a new version of that old show.
    John: So what so special about it.
    Harvey: Well first off it’s a much darker than it’s predecessor and the producers have also made some changes.
    John: Like what, blue paint instead of white, a nice floral arrangement on the bridge.
    Harvey: No John they’ve changed some of the characters from male to female.
    John: Really? So what.
    Harvey: It’s a very import matter John, take this one for example. Her name is Boomer in the original version she was a black male who did nothing but stand in the background and be politically correct. Now that character is and Asia female and not only that she is also a Cylon agent.
    John: Wow she’s cute…hey wait a minute Harv I remember this show and the Cylon were like KITT gone wrong, they were machines or something.
    Harvey: Not in this versions John. Here they come in two forms machine and human.
    John: So she’s a Cylon.
    Harvey: Yes and only she doesn’t know she a Cylon yet.
    John: Boy that’s confusing.
    Harvey: When is your life not confusing John?
    John: Good Point.
    Harvey: Anyway this is what I really wanted to show you John.
    John: Who the hell is he.
    Harvey: His name is Baltar, he a human who unwillingly collaborated with the Cylons and now has to pay for that.
    John: How?
    Harvey: The Cylon he was involved with placed a chip inside his head that transmits her personality into his brain creating visions of her.
    John: Hey that’s what happened to me.
    Harvey: I know John I’ve already contacted the lawyers.
    John: So was it like that chic you were telling me about before.
    Harvey: No John it’s that woman other there the one in the red dress.
    John: Yosah. If Scorpius had but her in my head instead of you I would have given him the wormhole crap my self. Huba huba.
    Harvey: Well I could dress like if you want John.
    John: Say that again and it’s back to the dumpster for you.
    Harvey: Good point. Now pay attention John. Now there is only one way to deal with this rather obvious rip-off.
    John: Oh here we go again.
    Harvey: A wormhole weapon would certainly be up to the task John why don’t you build one.
    John: Don’t need too Harvey the people on that show face something far more terrifying than wormhole weapons.
    Harvey: Cylon?
    John: Nah, TV executives. They’ll must likely cancel it before I’ve even had the chance to build a weapon.
    Harvey: Still won’t hurt to try John.
    John: Get lost lizard face I’m off for some sweet loving.
    Harvey: You’ll never get lucky if you keep talking like that John.
    John: Frell you Harvey and stop dressing like Easter Bunny.

    Good Bits
    -Baltar. He’s funny.

    -Boomer. I think I’m in love. No, it’s a stroke.

    Bad Bits
    -I’m no scientist but won’t any liquid substance when exposed to space freeze instantly. Shouldn’t there have been a huge iceberg on the side of the Galactica or something?