Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • If it were you, we'd never leave.

    This might have been the most action-packed BSG episode yet, but it's also one of the episodes that brings Commander Adama and Apollo to the front and center and gives Edward James Olmos the opportunity to give his best performance yet in the role.

    The story frequently cuts between scenes of Starbuck on the windy planet and scenes on the spaceship. In hindsight, I'm really glad that they spent so much time on the windy plant scenes for two reasons: first, it allows Starbuck to have an actual part in an episode which is clearly all about her. Second, it means that we get to see some other sets. If you spend the entire episode on Galactica itself (even with the standard two minutes on Caprica, which I'll talk about in a moment), eventually the show will begin to feel claustrophobic, and having stuff happen on a real planet is a perfect way to add some much-needed diversity.

    Also, can we talk for a moment about the Cylon fighter's interior, which is just beyond cool? Not so long ago I watched a few of the 70's Doctor Who classics, and the Zygons there have some of the neat organic technology that we see here. But honestly, the way it's presented here is just so much more cool and gross - the Cylon IS the ship, rather than just its pilot. Of course, one then has to suspend some disbelief that it would be so easy for Starbuck to pick up the controls and fly it, but you barely notice in the heat of the moment.

    All of this is occuring while some serious character stuff goes on upstairs on Galactica. This is a great episode for William Adama and Edward James Olmos rises to the occasion, giving a fantastic, touching performance that really sells the idea that he can't bear to leave Starbuck behind when his very last words to her were a scathing threat at violence. If Adama's "I love you like a daughter" felt like it could have been fake last episode, here it's made completely clear: by the end of the episode Adama knows what it's like to love a loved one, and in the final scene he clearly forgives Starbuck. The dialogue in that particular scene is great, since Adama never actually apologizes but it's clear that they both acknowledge his unspoken forgiveness. Finally, Lee gets a chance to bond with his father more, and watching them stand together on a (very valid) side of a debate against Roslin is again an unspoken reconciliation. By the end, everybody has shaken off the baggage of Zak's death.

    The Caprica scenes were also particularly interesting here: something actually happened! It's not surprising that the Cylons took Not!Boomer (does she know she's one of them?) but the toaster scene is intense. Who know that this show would have me typing sentences like that?
  • No one is left behind!

    An excellent episode where we learn a lot about the Cylons, and their ships. The ship almost appears to be a living entity. Starbuck plays a major part in this episode and shows great presence of mind, to get rescued. I was wondering what would stop them just shooting her down. Really looking forward to finding out what happens next.
  • You Can't Go Home Again

    You Can't Go Home Again was a perfect follow up to the previous episode and I really enjoyed watching because there was a lot of emotional drama for the characters as the fleet searched for Starbuck at great expense and risk. Starbuck had some great scenes as she explored the inside of the Cylon Raider. The President was in a tough spot most of the episode though in the end she had heartfelt relief. The scene where Galactica was about to jump and a Cylon Raider was detected up to when Apollo discovered it was Starbuck and he brought her home was quite awesome! The last scene with Commander Adama and Starbuck was very touching and it happens so quick you might miss it. This was very touching after every thing they have all been through. I look forward to watching the next episode!!!!!!!!!
  • The one where I make a terrible plot-related pun: Raiders of the lost Starbuck. SO lame, I know.


    Riddled with guilt from their last conversation with one another, the old man runs the risk of leaving his entire fleet defenseless in his efforts to search for Kara Thrace. Had he not basically told her to die in a gutter somewhere (hard to find in space, I'd imagine) before she valiantly sped off to defend against a troop of oncoming raider ships, I'm sure he would have probably just sent a viper or two out and about the place for a half an hour. And not waste 45% of reserve fuel. But he did say those things and he does waste all of that fuel and it makes for one hell of an episode.

    Granted, it's not quite as good as ''Act of Contrition'', with a few niggling plot-holes, but this is an exceptionally shot hour, with a lot of compelling arguments made, for and against, saving Starbuck. Every scene feels meticulously crafted, director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan knows how to make your standard dialogue driven scene truly come to life.

    This time around, though, I had a lot of trouble with Starbuck and her pet raider. For one thing, how the heck was it still able to function after she basically carved it a new one? (Not to mention ripped out its brain! Ok, so she has her own, but what in the frak did she have to insert - and where – to coordinate her thoughts with the machine). And that tiny jacket of hers was enough to withstand the scary vacuum of space?! And when did she have time to nip outside and write her name on the wings of the ship? And WITH WHAT PAINT!?

    Right. No, you're right. It's a show with killer robots. I said you're right. I'll just have to cut it some slack.

    But, like, how was she able to control which way it moves by pulling a few random organs? And she out-flew Lee...who was in a viper!

    No, okay... robots, slack, I got it.

    Once again, Mary, James and our usual contingent of bankable actors knock it out of the park. I also really enjoyed the blah story with Helo and Sharon since it gave us some slick Cylon action.

    Frak-O-Meter: Not a bad week, with 7 fraks in total. Not bad at all!

    Cylon Sex: Since Baltar and head-Six were absent for this one, it's a definite no.

    Spot the six: Caprica Six pops up for a bit with some guy but that's pretty much it.

    Injuries: Starbuck busts her knee pretty badly. And stabs the sh-- out of a Raider. (LOL''are you alive?'' *Stab!!*)

    Boomer or Sharon? Sharon again! She just lazes about in a hammock for most of the episode. Snore!

    Ships Lost: The fleet is still standing strong...well, for a fleet that escaped the entire genocide of its people.

    Battlestar Bleakness: Everyone eventually decides to up and leave Starbuck behind. The scenes inside the raider were also really gory!

    The show is finding its own two feet, and offers up another strong episode quite early into the game. Impressive stuff!

  • After Starbuck is stranded on a moon, Lee and William Adama both will not give up the search for her. Colonel Tigh and President Roslin, however, are prepared to step in and make the fleet jump, scared of an impending Cylon attack.

    Nowhere near as good as the first part. The first part was a very emotional experience, absolutely stunning. This episode, while extremely good, was not a masterpiece in any sense of the word. The sequences with Kara had brilliant cinematography, and Katee Sackhoff did a great job, but those sequences really bored me. It didn't have an emotional affect on me. I loved Baltar trying to get the fleet to leave, because of Head!Six hurting him. That was nice. Roslin was very good in this episode, and while I wasn't rooting for her (I love Starbuck!), I really wanted the two Adamas to understand that they were being stupid. Their love for Starbuck was a very emotional thing. I loved seeing the lengths these two would go for Starbuck, but, really, it was dragged on way too long. I know it sounds like I'm bashing this episode to death, but hey, I really liked this episode! A 7.5 is a great score! The Caprica sequences were brilliant! We finally get something interesting with Helo and Athena. I was so into their story that I was mad to leave their story as opposed to going to their story.

    I mean, this is a great episode. No way around it. It has glaring flaws, though, and isn't nearly as good as its predecessor. I give it a 7.5/10, it's a very, very good episode. 7.5 equals a B.
  • 'While we learn that a Cylon Raider isn't as machine-like as we thought, we learn that the Cylons are much more human-like psychologically." SPOILERS.

    irstly, I was happy to see Hotdog wasn't hurt :P Hahaha! Poor guy. It was nice that he got his recognition though. The actress that played Starbuck REALLY impressed me. As an actor, I know that it is so had to pull off lines that your character is saying only to yourself and this entire episode revolved around Starbuck saying lines to herself. Her character kind of strikes me as one that would speak out loud when she was in trouble in order for her to keep her cool, and I think we've seen her do it before so it wasn't awkward or very "hello, audience. This is what I'm thinking." It seemed very natural. Kudos to her. What else has she been in? I think this episode truly got into the hearts and minds of Apollo and Adama and I think, as a first time viewer, it's something I really needed. It was nice that the whole "you killed my son" doesn't seem like it will be dragged out for much longer so props to the writers for writing it like that. Very smart. Keep things new and fresh. Since we didn't actually know Zak, it would be hard to believe the storyline when we only have seen Zak for maybe 20 minutes in flashbacks at best. Nor have we seen his relationship with Apollo or Adama. The relationship between Adama and Lauren I still think is awesome. Baltar needs to do something. I'm still trying to figure out what Six is really doing in his head and what her motives behind this are. I want to see Baltar get the warhead and start working on the Cylon detector. That storyline seems pretty intriguing to me.

    The stuff on Caprica seems to be the most interesting so far and it connected the most the main storyline this time around. While we learn that a Cylon Raider isn't as machine-like as we thought, we learn that the Cylons are much more human-like psychologically. I expected them to not act so human. I expected the one Cylon to break through the glass wall and give Helo a woopin' but that wasn't what happened. They seemed to be suspicious, much like humans, and they only took out their guns when they thought someone was in the room. This adds a much more interesting dynamic to the show.

  • Are you alive?

    I felt bad for the actress playing Starbuck, all that solo expository dialogue is tough to pull off for even the best actors. I will say Starbuck does strike me as the kind of person that talks to herself, so at least they had that going. Seeing the "guts," so to speak, of a Cylon Raider was...surprising. Looking back it played well with the scenes on Caprica, specifically when the metallic-bodied Cylons discovered Helo and Sharon's little hideaway.

    I was taken aback by how human the Cylons seemed to act. I was half expecting one to break through the glass partition and grab Helo thanks to some thermal vision or something of the like, but no. And then the way they didn't "pull out" their guns until they actually suspected someone was there(by either "smelling" or seeing the smoke from the toaster or hearing Sharon getting up). The thing that really humanized them for me though was the way one shoved the other Cylon aside after Helo had shot it. It was just interesting that while the audience was learning that the Raider was more physically "human" than they might have thought, they were also learning the Cylons were more psychologically human.

    Adama and Apollo's scene near the end after Adama called off the search was done well and added to their already good dynamic.

    My favorite episode since 33.
  • Part two ramps up the action and delivers some great character scenes

    Part two really does have a completely different tone to part one, and makes part one retrospectively rather dull.

    What makes the episode particularly good is the various interactions between characters.

    It's interesting to see both Adamas on the same page for once, but both motivated by their love of Kara. Tigh and Gaeta are both right to question the search for Kara, but the Adamas continue anyway. The dialog is considerably tighter than the previous episode, and the tension crackles with excellent scenes between Lee and Tigh in particular.

    It takes Roslin to help them come to their senses though. It's nice to see some interaction with Tigh for a new dynamic, and her scene where she knocks the sense into the Adamas is priceless. But what's good about them is they know she's right, and they back down. Roslin’s intelligence wins again.

    Planet-side, it's far fetched that Kara could work a raider in that way, but it's nice to get some insight into the machine. The resolution of her story, with the writing on the ship, is a nice surprise.

    Even the Caprica story ups the action, with Sharon going missing. I also liked the nicer toaster joke (with the bread toaster alerting the Cylon toaster).

    With excellent scenes involving the Adamas, Tigh and Roslin â€" and considerably better dialog than the previous episode â€" part two offers an exciting conclusion to the story.
  • Starbuck flies an organic Cylon Raider Ship.

    I really wasn't crazy about this episode. It was just a bit too cheesy, which is usually the case for Sci-fi, but so far I've been pleasantly surprised to find that most episodes really haven't been unbelievably cheesy or disappointing. Either way this episode wasn't horrible, it just wasn't one of the greats. Flyin' the organic cylon raider ship was just a bit too silly, however, the idea of organic ai is pretty cool, and gives me hope that there will be other new interesting concepts thru out this series. I look forward to something exciting in the next few episodes.
  • An emotional episode

    I love the story in this one - two so dutiful men as Adamas are struggled by emotions when Starbuck goes missing and they do not give up hope for find her - they are wasting a lot of fleet resources and putting fleet in danger to get her... and the question remains how far they go.. On the final moment president comes in and gives them a speech to clear their mind.. but still - I love how those two acted in pure emotions.. You could suspect Lee is able to do that but Commander.. It was char development, new dimensions for them..

    And the ending.. when Apollo yells it is Starbuck.. one of the best moments so far.. this serie somehow really gets so you.. and you can live along those emotions.. I adore it.
  • The search for Kara brings out a side of Cmdr. Adama that surprises Roslin.

    We get to see the human side of Cmdr. Adama. His guilt over the last conversation he had with Kara before her being shot down results in him pushing not only himself but the fleet to the brink. We get to see how far the relationship with Roslin has progressed when she is the only person that can get the Adamas to see the big picture and move the fleet forward. This episode also helps lay the groundwork for the fuel shortage that is a focal point of "hand of god". The acquiring of the cylon raider also becomes pivotal in "Kobol's last gleaming". I like that even episodes that are designed to be stand alone ones tie in to future episodes.
  • And you're both officers, and you're both honorable men, and you are both perfectly aware that you are putting the lives of over 45 thousand people and the future of this civilization at risk...for your personal feelings

    The above lines are spoken by Roslin, The President of the Twelve colonies. She is furious, and deeply disapointed beacause Adama is expending what few dwindling resources the fleet has left in a furious and relentless, yet ultimately fruitless search to find one pilot. His pilot. Starbuck. Adama knows damn well that Starbuck did what she did because of her guilt. He is determinsed to find her, not matter what the objections, no matter what the cost. Starbuck has landed on a moon with a very limited oxygen level. very windy, and very cold. She has a certain time period before her C.O. runs out. her knee is smashed on a large boulder. Adama has spread the fleet out in a wide search area. He has comitted the protective fighters to the search, stripping the fleet of it's protection. He and Apollo are the only ones ignoring all objections, from Tigh and from The President. All search ships are one by one, becoming unflyable because of the hostile enviorment. But Adama will not leave Starbuck behind, despite impossible odds. As much as Sackhoff, this episode belongs also to Edwar James Olmos. The fury behind his relentless drive to find Starbuck, is riveting. He cannot allow Starbuck to die without letting her know that she is forgiven, that she's still his daughter. Starbuck has angels on her shoulder. Despite unbearble pain, she comes across the Cylon raider she shot down. Examining it, she discovers it a living being inside. Well, not so living anymore. Crawling inside, she determines that this being must breathe, and so finds an oxygen source to keep her alive long enough to figure out how to fly the frakin thing. Meanwhile, Helo and his Sharon awake in their shelter on Caprica not long before the Cylon Centurians attack their dwelling. Helo is left alive, but the Cylons "kidnap" Sharon. As "Sharon", Six, and Doral watch, Helo leaves the building. They want to know if he'll risk death to find Sharon, or escape himself. If he tries to flee, they will kill him. Aboard the Galactica, The President reprimands Lee and his father for putting the entire human race at risk for one pilot, however special. She also tells them she knows this is all about Zac's death, and suggests that if they can't get themselves together, the human race is doomed. They both know she is right. Adama calls off the search. Dradis then detects a Cylon Raider incoming. Apollo flies out to intercept, and discovers to his joy, that this is Starbuck. . Adama visits her in sickbay and as he stares lovingly at her and hands her a cigar, she is forgiven.
  • A strange episode that left me in two minds but...fantastic none the less.

    I cant decide whether this episode was top notch or a little too far fetched. (concerning the cylon ship that Starbucks somehow flies) But what I do know is I really enjoyed it. Continuing from the last episode in which starbucks is shot down, we learn her fate. Adama and Apollo decide to go all out to find her, but the president has to remind them her oxygen has long run out and scouting missions on the planet which she crashed failed, making any further missions to find her pointless and risky for the other fleet ship survivors. After a long battle with his conscious Adama, along with Lee (Apollo) reluctantly give in and call of the search party. Meanwhile on the planet Starbucks finds an old Cylon cruiser that has crashed. On further examination she opens it to find it consists mainly of organic (body organs)parts and fixes it up in order to return to B.S. On the way back there, she to runs into Apollo who is the only fighter able to sent out to destroy it, believing it to be an enemy (obviously) but she has a double plan first she flies in formation with him and then reveals her name painted (or taped) underneath.

    Overall a great episode and it was really touching when Adama and Apollo are having the conversation where Apollo asks "what happens if it was me that crashed out there?" to which his father replies "if it where you, we'd never leave"
  • Great Drama

    This goes to show how well written this version of Battlestar Galactica is than its predecessor. Not only does it show that the Cylon’s need no pilots because their ship is the pilot. And to top it all off they are part organic and how they are trying to mimic their creators, the humans. I enjoy them using words like CAG (Carrier Air Group Commander ie usually top pilot.) and especially CAP (Combat Air Patrol). It makes the feeling that the Galactica is a warship but also a Naval Aircraft Carrier. I like the way they have levels of damage on their ships. The writers work in the dynamics of the main characters is great and the thinking leave No One Behind.
  • Following on from the last Episode Starbuck is trapped on a harsh planet as Galactica nearly use up all there emergancy surplies in order to save her which they know they have little chance of doing.

    Much better that the last episode and the best of the episodes that have been shown so far even the the Starbuck story was the main story point i found my self liking the story back on Galactica more in perticular the scene with Roslin and Comander Adama and Capt. Apollo which i though was one of the most powerful scenes of the entire Season. Of course Starbuck gets back to Galactica although they leave till the very end to see if she dose or not but the reason i think this is pivital is because of the Cylon Raider which is captured which we all probably knew was going to be involved in a big story some how.
  • There are a series of flaws that take away from a perfect ten, but despite that I was engaged throughout the entire episodes.

    There are a string of logical errors that take away from a magnificent episode. Here they are listed one by one. 1) Starbuck attempts a suicide run in the prior episode. In this episode suddenly survival becomes paramount. What happened? 2) Starbuck finds the waiting ship, tearing it apart to survive. She uses her flapjacket to plug up the hole. How would that make a good seal against air? Once in space, the pressure differential would have potentially blwon the jacket out into space. 3) To get into space she activates the horizontal thrusters. So in other words, the horizontal thrusters work in a vertical direction when needed! 4) Once in space, Starbuck never thinks about the fact that the entire fleet will be trying to blow her up. Guess she had a premonition that everyone would be used up searching for her. 5) Glad she had the time to get her "magic tape" and write "Starbuck" on the bottom of the jetfighter while injured and barely able to see. Plus take doesn't stick well unless you have a clean surface -- not one covered in dust. 6) Starbuck left the situation with a very angry commander ready to kill her. That certainly changed quickly at the end of the episode. OK I liked it but it made no sense. When did he have a turnaround like that? 7) The President and apparently the fleet fail to remember that Starbuck is their best pilot. Shouldn't that deserve more support from the crew? I can ignore all those flaws because the acting is superb, the script was engaging and adventurous (including some disgusting scenes where I felt like I was watching Aliens, and the effects were impressive but not George Lucas overpowering.
  • Enemy Mine in BSG...

    I was waiting really long for this episode... and I must say it was a rewarding fealling to finally see what happend to Sturbuck. We had a great Charakterdevelopment episode with cool action. And finally we learned something about the Cylons... or beeing more precisley... about their ships. I hope they will continue to show us more and more about the "children of men" in the future episodes. Overall this was and interesting, exciting and entertaining episode. One great minus is, there was still not enough Baltar and Number Six... but I could finally relate to the main characters of the Adama family (including Starbuck). One thing I noticed yesterday rewatching this episode with a pal of mine: Cylons are called Toasters by humans, when Helo makes breakfast he uses a toaster. This toaster sells of Helos location... small cylon bastard!!
  • An excellent episode with the relationship between Adama and the President taking shape.

    Besides the character plot and the tension of Starbuck on the planet the highlight of the episode is the homage to \"Top Gun.\" Maybe I was the only one to notice that Starbuck pulled the classic Maverick \"hit he brakes and they\'ll fly right by me.\" Adama replying to the cat taking 45 seconds to fix \"it will be over in 45 seconds.\" Then the classic CIC jubilation scene after Starbuck was identified. The other portion of interest to me (since I\'m going back and revisiting episodes) is the continuing development of Adama and the President. What started out as distrusting finally turned the corner in this episode.
  • "If it was you, we'd never leave."

    Commander Adama's honest reply to Lee's doubts obviously touched his son very deeply, and it reminded me of exactly why I watch this series. All of the amazing effects and top-notch production design are a fine thing, but the emotional core of this show is completely illustrated in this episode. Apollo and Adama repair their previously strained and distant relationship while Starbuck causes the trouble and Roslin has to talk the sense. God, is that woman ever wrong? She's going to be impossible if she makes too many more good calls. You know something has to be seriously wrong aboard Galactica when Col. Tigh is the voice of reason. Sure, he's no friend of Kara's, but endangering the fleet for one pilot? That'd be court-martial worthy if there was anyone around to bring Adama to task. Other than Roslin, obviously. Also, you'd think that they would have some kind of disaster beacon on those fighters. You know, something to let everyone know where they are if something goes wrong. Could've helped out a lot. Oh, so praying to the gods does do some good, I guess. It could be argued that Lt. Thrace would have found that fighter anyways, but still-that was the kind of response that could make a believer out of some folks. And there has to be some room for doubt. If the existence of God or the gods were ever definitively proven or disproven, then the So, chalk another one up to the power of prayer. Yeah, so, this episode pretty much ruled, guys. A simple story that any viewer could pick up, lots of tension and suspense, plenty of Edward James Olmos and Mary McDonnell, and Lee actually managed to sound a little less whiney than usual. See, it's not so hard now, is it Jamie? Can we be a big boy now? That's what I thought.
  • Awesome.

    Another great episode from Galactica. The writers are always coming up with cool episodes. In this episode Starbuck crashes on a desert planet, a cylon raider crashes with her, she rewires the ship and uses it to fly out of the planet. It's a really cool episode, the galactica is forced to split up to cover more ground. They all prepare to leave after searching for Kara for some time. Then she comes in a cylon raider. When Apollo tries to shoot down Kara, she outmanuevers him, this scene is just spectacular. I watch this scene over and over again.
  • Forget thos crazy kids on "Lost," if I'm EVER stranded ANYWHERE I want Kara "Starbuck" Thrace with me. Now that chick knows how to get things done.

    In a classic "I'm stranded with the bare necessities and am going to die soon unless I so something" scenario, Starbuck finds herself crashed on a barren planet. Her viper has been destroyed, her knee is banged up and she's running out of oxygen. To top everything off, Adama and the fleet don't know where she is, or even if she's alive. They are wasting valuable fuel searching for her and are risking exposure to the cylons.
    Yep, just another day on the job.

    Starbuck's resourcefullness in this ep basically shows why and how she is better than you in everything she does. It should also shut up all of those naysayers who whined and cried when they found out in this incarnation of BSG, Starbuck was a (say it with me now) GIRL.

    It also has some nice moments that pick up from the last episode, most notablly Starbuck telling Adama that she was mainly responsible for his son's death and then him telling her to get the hell away. In this ep, we get to see another side of that. Also, major props go out to the Pres for laying it down straight to Adama and son-- that they need to let go of Zac. (Appolo: I can't believe she said that, I am over Zac. Adama- I'm not. Me: Hee!)

  • “Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainty coming to a middle”

    Finally the Caprica stuff is starting to deliver the goods. After weeks of Helo and Boomer II wondering around the abandoned cities of Caprica while being watch over by Six and the other Cylon we finally gets some action. And what action! The new Cylon warriors are one of the best (and most underused) aspects of this show and it was about time we got to see them in action. The shootout may have been brief but it was thrilling and suspenseful and without doubt the highlight of this episode…no the season.

    Anyway away from Caprica, the writers continue to take stories from crap episodes of the original and make them good, if not great. Here they take a story for Galactica 1980 (god the show was bad) episode "The Return Of Starbuck" a rather last ditch attempt by the producers of the spin off to get viewers by getting cast members back from the original. It failed and the show was rightfully canned right after the episode aired. The episode told the story of what happened to Starbuck as he was trapped on a barren planet with nothing but a lone Cylon warrior for company. Starbuck taught the Cylon how to gamble and play cards (or whatever that game is) while the Cylon unsuccessfully tried to teach Starbuck how to act. Now we get the 21st version of the same story only without Lorne Green's shit fake beard.

    As we join the action the search for the lost Starbuck has begun with Adama sparing no effort to find the pilot who last week he was on the verge of srangling. The search quickly turns into a desperate obsession for both Adama and Apollo with both of them willing to risk the fleets limited resources and fuel on one lone pilot. Meanwhile Starbuck is stuck on the surface of a moon with a limited air supply, no radio and little hope of rescue. That is until she finds a Cylon Raider.

    This would be a five star episode if not for two major leaps in logic on behalf of the writers. Firstly the way that Starbuck seals up the hole in the Raider might work on the planet's surface but would not be possible once the ship got into space. In fact I don't think the ship would even be able to get out of the atmosphere without burning up. Secondly Starbuck's ability to not only figure out what does what in the Raider but she also learns how to fly it like a pro in less than a few hours. Do the writers think we are morons or were they too busy trying to make the episode dramatic, suspenseful and emotional they somehow forgot to make it intelligent.

    Good Bits
    -President Roslin giving Adama and Apollo a stern talking too. She really is a schoolteacher and a tough one at that.

    -Helo Vs Cylons. Nuff Said.

    -Boomer. Even under fire she continues to be cute.

    -Number Six: "Guess you'll never get to find out if she's a real blond"

    Bad Bits
    -Note to writers: It's still a science fiction show, it has to have some science as well as fiction.