Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • Are you alive?

    I felt bad for the actress playing Starbuck, all that solo expository dialogue is tough to pull off for even the best actors. I will say Starbuck does strike me as the kind of person that talks to herself, so at least they had that going. Seeing the "guts," so to speak, of a Cylon Raider was...surprising. Looking back it played well with the scenes on Caprica, specifically when the metallic-bodied Cylons discovered Helo and Sharon's little hideaway.

    I was taken aback by how human the Cylons seemed to act. I was half expecting one to break through the glass partition and grab Helo thanks to some thermal vision or something of the like, but no. And then the way they didn't "pull out" their guns until they actually suspected someone was there(by either "smelling" or seeing the smoke from the toaster or hearing Sharon getting up). The thing that really humanized them for me though was the way one shoved the other Cylon aside after Helo had shot it. It was just interesting that while the audience was learning that the Raider was more physically "human" than they might have thought, they were also learning the Cylons were more psychologically human.

    Adama and Apollo's scene near the end after Adama called off the search was done well and added to their already good dynamic.

    My favorite episode since 33.
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