Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • 'While we learn that a Cylon Raider isn't as machine-like as we thought, we learn that the Cylons are much more human-like psychologically." SPOILERS.

    irstly, I was happy to see Hotdog wasn't hurt :P Hahaha! Poor guy. It was nice that he got his recognition though. The actress that played Starbuck REALLY impressed me. As an actor, I know that it is so had to pull off lines that your character is saying only to yourself and this entire episode revolved around Starbuck saying lines to herself. Her character kind of strikes me as one that would speak out loud when she was in trouble in order for her to keep her cool, and I think we've seen her do it before so it wasn't awkward or very "hello, audience. This is what I'm thinking." It seemed very natural. Kudos to her. What else has she been in? I think this episode truly got into the hearts and minds of Apollo and Adama and I think, as a first time viewer, it's something I really needed. It was nice that the whole "you killed my son" doesn't seem like it will be dragged out for much longer so props to the writers for writing it like that. Very smart. Keep things new and fresh. Since we didn't actually know Zak, it would be hard to believe the storyline when we only have seen Zak for maybe 20 minutes in flashbacks at best. Nor have we seen his relationship with Apollo or Adama. The relationship between Adama and Lauren I still think is awesome. Baltar needs to do something. I'm still trying to figure out what Six is really doing in his head and what her motives behind this are. I want to see Baltar get the warhead and start working on the Cylon detector. That storyline seems pretty intriguing to me.

    The stuff on Caprica seems to be the most interesting so far and it connected the most the main storyline this time around. While we learn that a Cylon Raider isn't as machine-like as we thought, we learn that the Cylons are much more human-like psychologically. I expected them to not act so human. I expected the one Cylon to break through the glass wall and give Helo a woopin' but that wasn't what happened. They seemed to be suspicious, much like humans, and they only took out their guns when they thought someone was in the room. This adds a much more interesting dynamic to the show.

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