Battlestar Galactica

Season 1 Episode 5

You Can't Go Home Again (2)

Aired Friday 10:00 PM Feb 04, 2005 on Syfy

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  • The one where I make a terrible plot-related pun: Raiders of the lost Starbuck. SO lame, I know.


    Riddled with guilt from their last conversation with one another, the old man runs the risk of leaving his entire fleet defenseless in his efforts to search for Kara Thrace. Had he not basically told her to die in a gutter somewhere (hard to find in space, I'd imagine) before she valiantly sped off to defend against a troop of oncoming raider ships, I'm sure he would have probably just sent a viper or two out and about the place for a half an hour. And not waste 45% of reserve fuel. But he did say those things and he does waste all of that fuel and it makes for one hell of an episode.

    Granted, it's not quite as good as ''Act of Contrition'', with a few niggling plot-holes, but this is an exceptionally shot hour, with a lot of compelling arguments made, for and against, saving Starbuck. Every scene feels meticulously crafted, director Sergio Mimica-Gezzan knows how to make your standard dialogue driven scene truly come to life.

    This time around, though, I had a lot of trouble with Starbuck and her pet raider. For one thing, how the heck was it still able to function after she basically carved it a new one? (Not to mention ripped out its brain! Ok, so she has her own, but what in the frak did she have to insert - and where – to coordinate her thoughts with the machine). And that tiny jacket of hers was enough to withstand the scary vacuum of space?! And when did she have time to nip outside and write her name on the wings of the ship? And WITH WHAT PAINT!?

    Right. No, you're right. It's a show with killer robots. I said you're right. I'll just have to cut it some slack.

    But, like, how was she able to control which way it moves by pulling a few random organs? And she out-flew Lee...who was in a viper!

    No, okay... robots, slack, I got it.

    Once again, Mary, James and our usual contingent of bankable actors knock it out of the park. I also really enjoyed the blah story with Helo and Sharon since it gave us some slick Cylon action.

    Frak-O-Meter: Not a bad week, with 7 fraks in total. Not bad at all!

    Cylon Sex: Since Baltar and head-Six were absent for this one, it's a definite no.

    Spot the six: Caprica Six pops up for a bit with some guy but that's pretty much it.

    Injuries: Starbuck busts her knee pretty badly. And stabs the sh-- out of a Raider. (LOL''are you alive?'' *Stab!!*)

    Boomer or Sharon? Sharon again! She just lazes about in a hammock for most of the episode. Snore!

    Ships Lost: The fleet is still standing strong...well, for a fleet that escaped the entire genocide of its people.

    Battlestar Bleakness: Everyone eventually decides to up and leave Starbuck behind. The scenes inside the raider were also really gory!

    The show is finding its own two feet, and offers up another strong episode quite early into the game. Impressive stuff!