Season 1 Episode 6

Protect and Survive

Aired Unknown Oct 15, 1994 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • On Trellwan, Victor Davion piloted a Victor and Galen Cox a Crusader. The cartoon has Victor in a Mauler and Galen in a Centurion. The Mauler is a particularly silly choice as it is a new Kurita mech that was not in production during the Clan invasion of Trellwan.

  • Quotes

    • Trellwan commander: "Victor Steiner-Davion's courage in battle and narrow escape from the Clan forces had spurred the men and women of the battalion to incredible acts of heroism. Morale remained high among the underground resistance on Trellwan, thanks in no small part to the continued survival of our Prince. I'd hate to think where we'd be if you hadn't made it, Victor."

    • Victor: "You know, I will not abandon my men simply because I happen to be the Archon's son!"

    • (Galen is trying to get a resistant Victor about the Dropship)
      Galen: "I'm really sorry about this, Major!"

    • Victor: "You wanna go down in history as the man who lost Trellwan?!"
      Trellwan Commander: "There's nothing I can do about that now. But I refuse to be known as the man who lost the Prince of the Federated Commonwealth!"

  • Notes

    • Given the series' track record in sticking to published material, this episode shows a remarkably faithful adaptation of Victor Steiner-Davion's forced evacuation from Trellwan, covered in the novel "Lethal Heritage," although a few things are notably missing (Victor's frequency switching to feign misunderstanding of the evacuation order, and the conversation between the commander and Victor in the novel was far more heated than the one in the episode).

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