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  • With a title like BattleTech you can expect two things Mechs and War. And with BattleTech that's exactly what you get from the beginning. Also for some of the battles the show goes to 3D visualizations which was way ahead of its time at the time.

    For some reason this is just one of those shows that I remember loving as a kid. It was giant robot fighting in wars what else could I need. Also the show had a slogan "NO GUTS, NO Galaxy" it was so simple and so pure that it made perfect sense. Looking at it now I see that it was a great cartoon show that was probably canceled way too soon. BattleTech was everything that a kid could ask for in a mech cartoon show, action, action and more action. In the end I guess this show kinda falls in the middle of the road when compared to other great cartoon shows but for me I think that this show was ahead of it's time.