Season 1 Episode 13

Trial of Possession (2)

Aired Unknown Dec 10, 1993 on FOX

Episode Recap

Somerset has been conquered. Nicolai shows up with the sole intention of destroying Adam. He has Ciro and about a dozen clan Mechs behind him. An artillery strike evens the odds.

Ciro frees Kristen and Pytor, but his Madcat is destroyed when Kylie does a Kamikaze in her Banshee. Andrew punches out and takes a hunchback with him. Nicolai takes our the Mauler, and it is a showdown between Adam Steiner in the Awesome against Nicolai in his Thor and Kristen in her Vulture. Nicolai quickly takes out Kristen so that he has Adam to himself.

Adam issues a Batchall to Nicolai, who only accepts due to Ciro's persuasion. The trial is for the planet of Somerset.

Nicolai has the clear advantage in the trial, and Adam leads Nicolai into the forest. Adam fires his PPCs at the trees, causing a fire which almost shuts down Nicolai's mech. At the last second he falls into a river. He emerges and destroys the Awesome. Adam sneaks out the back and continues on foot. He manages to mount the back of the Thor and places charges to blow a hole in the back. Nicolai and Adam continue the trial hand to hand. Adam wins in the last second when Nicolai strikes an electrical wire and shocks himself. He agrees to follow the agreement to the letter.

It turns out that Nicolai took all the inhabitants (including Andrew) with him, as they were not part of the agreement. Adam swears revenge, but the show is canceled before we see him fulfill his promises.