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Aired Unknown Dec 01, 1991 on FOX
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In a distant galaxy, a Princess named Angelica and her friend Professor T. Bird are under attack from an evil Queen and her Beast Police. They flee to a remote planet where they gather the genetic essence of the Battletoads in order to create a new generation of warriors. They head to Earth in an attempt to find three humans that are worthy of protecting the Princess and the magical amulet she wears.

At that very moment, three nerdy teenagers are being scolded by their principal, then told to avoid each other while in class. After school they meet at the arcade, where T. Bird and Princess Angelica suddenly appear and offer the three boys a chance to become Royal Guards for the Princess.moreless

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  • This is the first and only episode of the Battletoads animated series.

    This is the only show I ever seen that ran for one episode and one episode only. It is the cartoon based on the Battletoads arcade game, which is really fun and challenging to play. In the the first and only episode in the show, it shows how the Battletoads encounter Professor T-Bird and Princess Angelica for the first time. It also tells about how they encounter the Dark Queen and her equally evil henchmen, led by General Slaughter. Since the show ran for one episode only, I didn't see it until I found a copy of it on video. Guess I was lucky, huh?moreless
Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

voice of General Slaughter

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

voice of Professor T. Bird

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

voice of Zitz/Morgan Ziegler

Kathleen Barr

Kathleen Barr

voice of Princess Angelica

Scott McNeil

Scott McNeil

General Slaughter

Guest Star

Michael Donovan

Michael Donovan

Professor T. Bird

Guest Star

Ian James Corlett

Ian James Corlett

Zitz / Morgan Zeigler

Guest Star

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • Some have speculated that while transforming into the Battletoads, they shout, "Lets get horny!" Although it has yet to be proven otherwise, most believe they're simply saying, "Lets get warty!"

    • The word 'Scarf' plays a recurring role in this episode. The two store names are Scarf-N-Donuts and Stop-N-Scarf.

    • The Princess gets a job in which she's paid minimum wage, $4.75, but in the state of California during 1991, the minimum wage was actually $4.25.

    • While traveling to the Dark Queen's fortress in space, Professor T. Bird and the Battletoads can safely breathe inside the ship's capsule, but when they arrive at the fortress they jump out. How are they able to breathe in space?

    • Professor T. Bird is completely off-model in this show.

    • In the original back story the kids become the Battletoads when a video game technician hacks an arcade game, which transforms the boys in to the Battletoads.

      In the TV version the guys are transformed by Professor T. Bird using the essence of the Battletoads. Quite a variation in origin.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Dark Queen: People of Earth. For the crime of harboring the Battletoads, I.. the Dark Queen.. shall now destroy your planet!
      Teenage Girl: Oh no, it's heading towards the mall!

    • Professor T. Bird: I want you to become the most legendary warriors in the universe!
      Morgan: I can't believe it. It's what I've been dreamin' of.
      George: It sounds cosmically.. cosmic!

    • (All in unison)
      Zitz, Pimple, Rash: Let's get warty!

    • (after Princess Angelica and Professor T. Bird jump out of an arcade machine)
      Morgan: Boy, they sure makes these games realistic nowadays.

    • Professor T. Bird: On a distant planet in a remote solar system. A planet so backward and insignificant that the Dark Queen never bothered to conquer it. A mysterious planet called Earth.

    • Princess Angelica: You must let me thank you for your bravery by bestowing on you the ancient names of honor. I dub you Zitz, and from now on you're Rash, and you shall be called Pimple.

    • Pimple: That lady is cosmically stupid.
      Rash: What did you expect from someone who hires barnyard animals?

    • Professor T. Bird: Now climb to the top. Angelica is waiting.
      Rash: How come we have to do all the work?
      Professor T. Bird: Because you're legendary heroes!
      Zitz: Well, let's hop to it!

    • Gen. Slaughter: All right! It's time to pop the Zitz, squeeze a Pimple, and scratch a Rash!

  • NOTES (7)

    • In an attempt to hype the show, Nintendo Power magazine featured a Battletoads comic in two parts during 1991, each appearing in the May and June issues, respectively. The comic told the story that appeared in the game, ending right before the final battle with the Dark Queen.

    • David Wise, the writer of the pilot episode, also did the music for the Battletoads video games.

    • Despite the show only airing a single episode, it was heavily advertised. It even appeared in several issues of GamePro. The colorful full-page ads were done with a unique comic-style design.

    • Both the good characters (Zitz, Pimple, Rash, Princess Angelica, and Professor T. Bird), as well as the evil characters (The Dark Queen, Beast Police/Psyko Pigs, and General Slaughter) are all based off of the Battletoads video-game characters by the same name. However, the plot of the television show is completely different than that of the game's story.

    • Two people who provided voices for this show (Ian James Corlett and Scott McNeil) also did voices on the wacky show from Mark Gravas's Kapow, Yakkity Yak.

    • This is the only episode, being the pilot. The show was not picked up for a full season.

    • Battletoads takes place in Oxnard, California. Oxnard is a real town boasting a population of 200,000+ citizens.


    • Visual: 57 BIRD

      The car that the boy's give Professor T. Bird to fix up is a pink Ford Thunderbird from 1957. The license plate reads 57 BIRD.

      The Thunderbird first entered production in 1955 as a two-seater sporty car. It was described as a personal luxury car. The 1957 model had a radical restyle. The front bumper was reshaped, the grille and tail fins were made larger, and bigger tail-lights were fitted.

    • The pilot episode of Battletoads is very similar to that of Street Sharks, another show that was published by DiC Entertainment. Both feature a group of unique teenagers that are turned in to creatures to fight crime.

    • Visual: Galaxy Wars

      After school, the boys go to play some arcade games, one of which is called Galaxy Wars. In 1979, Taito Corporation released an arcade shoot-'em-up game called Galaxy Wars.

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