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  • Season 1
    • Finale
      Episode 13
      Before the performance of the musical 'Cracked Glass Shoe'- Baxter is dismayed when his comic support role is turned into a lead, especially after he hears his father is attending the performance.
    • Dancing Fools
      Dancing Fools
      Episode 12
      Baxter tries to join a lyrical dance workshop to get closer to the mysterious Anya. Deven doesn't get the emotion of lyrical dance, and needs Emma's help to go through with it.
    • Dance Craze-Y
      Dance Craze-Y
      Episode 11
      Baxter goes toe-to-toe with Kingfield when he decides to organize a school dance, defying Kingfield's long-term ban. Emma tries to cheer up Tassie after she gets dumped by Marcus.
    • Cindy and the Prince of Rock
      When the musical theatre teacher has a serious creative block due to 'romantic problems', Emma and Baxter have to save the day. Meanwhile Marcus and Tassie, as the leads in the musical, are falling for each other.
    • Zap the Competition
    • Audition Fever
      Audition Fever
      Episode 8
      Baxter tries out for a small part in the musical and then, to tick off Marcus, decides to compete with him for the lead. Meanwhile Emma and Jenna are competing for the same part.
    • Vampire Movies
      Vampire Movies
      Episode 7
      Baxter and Emma, with Jackal's help, decide to amke a vampire movie for English class starring Tassie, Marcus and Jenna. When the girls get sick of the boy's take on Vampires they decide to do their own film.
    • Duelling Hearts
      Duelling Hearts
      Episode 6
      Emma is asked to run the Renaissance Festival and goes overboard: demoting her best buddy Baxter from duelist to jester. Deven is frustrated by the lame Renaissance dancing and wants to quit.
    • To Crush or Not to Crush
      Baxter writes a secret love poem to Tassie that gets posted, anonymously, on the bulletin board. Jackal has to make an experimental film, which he thinks is a waste of time.
    • Trust Games
      Trust Games
      Episode 4
      When a theatre games instructor comes to the school, Baxter takes to it like a duck to water; unlike his partner Emma who finds inprov terrifying. Deven is supposed to do a ballet routine with the school diva.
    • Mock vs Rock
      Mock vs Rock
      Episode 3
      Baxter and gang decide to do a 'Spinal Tap' type performance for the battle of the bands competition, as a send up of Marcus' pretentious art rock band.
    • Cry Me a River
      Cry Me a River
      Episode 2
      Baxter thinks his emotional life is his own business but risks getting kicked out of the drama program if he can't cry on stage. Meanwhile Deven can't figure out why he only got an A- for his dance performance.
    • Baxter McNab
      Baxter McNab
      Episode 1
      On his first day of school, Baxter resolves to keep his famous father a secret but best friend Emma has other plans. When he thinks he's only there because his father's a grad he has to choose between leaving or performing in a show