Baywatch Nights

(ended 1997)





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  • No point.

    I think this was basically a cross between Law and Order and Baywatch. I really think this show was out of its element. There is a reason why it didn't last long and that was because its premise was pointless. Honestly, nightlife on a beach by the ocean has less conflict and action than a walk on the beach during the day. I don't think I ever watched a full episode because I thought it was really awkward with its storylines and plots. The acting was just okay, but it wasn't enough to make the show even mildly interesting. Overall, not good. Thank you.
  • So bad it's funny...

    It started out as a detective show based out of a bar on the beach. Not too bad but you were always waiting for some slow motion sand running. The funny part was when they got rid of the detective part and tried to do a X Files like thing. Hasselhoff went up against aliens, ghosts, and monsters. Funny stuff.
    The opening of the show was Hasselhoff walking through a cemetary filled with fog at night.
    Gold. That's what it was.
  • bad idea

    this was a horrible idea. and i am surprise it lasted longer than a couple of episodes. people were not watching baywatch for david hassellhof's wonderful acting ability. so why would anyone want to watch the show without the gorgeous women running around in bathing suits. i do not know why anyone would have gave this piece of junk the green light.