Season 3 Episode 12

A Matter of Life and Death

Aired Unknown Jan 04, 1993 on

Episode Recap

Mitch´s parents, Al and Irene Buchannon, come to visit. Al has never approved of Mitch abandoning is architectural degree. Al wanted Mitch to stay in the family business but Mitch chose to become a full-time lifeguard. Mitch finds out from his mother that Al is dying of lymphoma.

Because of this, Al wants Mitch to take over his architectural firm. Al wants everyone to leave a "legacy" after one dies, such as a building or a home. This is impossible to do if you´re a lifeguard. When Mitch have found out that Al is dying, he have second thoughts about returning to his father´s firm.

However, when Al witnesses a rescue Mitch is forced to do, he suddenly realizes that what he once considered a wasted profession is far more valuable than his own profession. Al finally comes to terms with his son´s direction in life. He also tells Mitch that he will leave many more "legacies" in the lives he saves than any building he could design.

Meanwhile, during the search for a dead body, Summer suddenly sees´green water and panics. The green water is bothering her for days and she can´t be near the water. While trying to ignore the terrible incident, Summer can´t enter the water when a swimmer is in trouble. Matt is forced to swim out and rescue the swimmer.

However, Summer is realizing that she must tell Jackie about her horrible nightmares. Jackie recognizes the nightmares as real and reveals to Summer that one of Jackie´s ex-boyfriend´s was very abusive. He put Summer in a hot tub and locked it. The water inside it seemed to be green because the hot tub was green. The next day, Summer assists Mitch during a rescue. Matt tells Summer that sometimes you just have to know where your fears come from in order to overcome them.