Season 11 Episode 6

Broken Promises

Aired Unknown Nov 06, 2000 on

Episode Recap

Jenna calmly announces that she hopes to bring Leigh back to the North Shore Lifeguards. Sean keeps saying this won't happen, but Leigh knows how Jenna is when she gets her mind on something. Meanwhile, the Snowden family (Jim, his wife Gwen and young son Jamie) are having a good time on the beach. Unbeknownst to them, Danny and another of his nefarious buds, Vin, are planning on scamming them and robbing them. They go into their routine and are about to steal the Snowden's things when Gwen hears Jamie calling out: he's gotten into trouble in the water. Danny jumps into action and saves the boy. Sean offers Danny a chance to reform: join the training team and start a new life. Danny enthusiastically agrees but Leigh thinks Sean's making a big mistake.

Under the impression that he was trying to make a reconciliation, Kekoa and her father had a nice talk. At the end of the chat, she discovers that he now wants her to get married to a man he has handpicked. Tired of his interfering with her life, she storms out in a fit and winds up at J.D.'s house.

Later, at the headquarters, Kekoa discovers that a very personal bracelet of hers has gone missing. Sean's keys are also gone. That afternoon, Danny gets into a fight with Zack. Sean, meanwhile, attempts to convince Jim Snowden not to press charges since Danny was responsible for saving his son's life. Jim will not make a decision right away. He asks Sean if he has kids but Sean, thinking of his deceased son Ben, does not answer.

That evening, Mr. Tanaka shows up at J.D.'s apartment, wanting to bring Kekoa back. She arrives moments later and refuses to leave. J.D. presents Kekoa with a present: a bracelet that resembles the one that was stolen. Rather than being happy, Kekoa gets up to leave.

J.D. and Jason are trying to "bag some babes" at the airport. They pick up two girls from Missouri and offer to take them on a trip around the island while they wait for their bags to come in. Unbeknownst to them, the girls are actually scam artists and wind up stealing the Baywatch truck.

The next day at the center, a jet ski goes missing. Sean is forced to admit that mentoring Danny might have been a mistake. In a rage, he confronts Danny about the theft, not believing the youth's pleas that he is innocent. Embarrassingly, J.D. confesses that Danny was telling the truth: the jet ski is in the shop being repaired. Sean and Leigh try to make amends with Danny, but he refuses to be mollified. That night, using the keys he stole, he attempts to rob the Training Center but is caught by Kekoa. He takes off in a scarab and almost hits an engagement party. The party goers all fall into the water. Sean and the team rescue them, including the bride-to-be. Danny is arrested and receives no reprise from Sean this time.

Kekoa gets her bracelet back. She and J.D. make up and start being more passionate with each other. That night, Sean goes for a lonely drink. J.D. joins him, suddenly realizing this would have been his son's birthday. He and Sean share a toast to Ben.