Season 11 Episode 4

Dangerous Games

Aired Unknown Oct 23, 2000 on

Episode Recap

Sean and Leigh are giving a lecture to a bunch of blue haired old ladies in hopes of getting some funding for the training center. A man on fire runs screaming past them. Sam Parks, a good looking daredevil pilot, chases after the man and knocks him to the ground, saving him from a firey death. Sean and Leigh are impressed by his bravery even as they are a little wary of his methods. The next day, Sam comes by to invite Leigh and Sean Sean out for drinks.

Sean starts to feel a little hesitant about Sam when, after stopping a drunk from making a pass at Leigh, Sam nearly pummels him. Sean realizes that Sam is an adrenaline junkie who is dangerous for her to be around. Leigh, though, is caught up in Sam's glamorous faade and mistakes Sean's concern for jealousy, which might not be too far from the truth.

The next day, Sean presents Leigh with the fact that Sam's license has nearly been suspended because of his daredevil attitudes. However, Leigh ignores this and is going hang gliding with Sam.

Meanwhile, Kekoa and J.D. are having problems with her naughty cousin Nani. Nani has done her best to make Kekoa's father think she is the perfect daughter. Mr. Tanaka knows nothing of Nani's privately wild behavior. Nani invites J.D. to dinner with the Tanakas without telling Kekoa. The dinner turns out to be a comedy of errors, with J.D. wearing shoes inside the house, presenting the family with a lei that is normally used for funerals, and beating Mr. Tanaka at cards. Mr. Tanaka lets J.D. know in no uncertain terms that he is not an appropriate mate for his daughter. Kekoa tries to make amends with him the next day, but lets J.D. know how important family is to them. To make matters worse, Nani has once again drafted Kekoa into covering for one of her wild parties with a bunch of frat boys. The frat boys take Nani out on a boat and try to get her involved in an "initiation" gang bang. Nani winds up jumping overboard and the boys scuttle the boat. The Baywatch team comes to the rescue. At first, the guys try to pretend that Nani did not come with them, but Kekoa knows better when she discovers Nani's shirt.

Leigh and Sam go hang gliding with Sam, caught up in the excitement of the mo-ment, doing a daring maneuver that causes him to crash. Leigh must brave the elements and rescue him. When Sam comes to, all he can say is, "What a ride!" Leigh understands that Sean was correct about Sam: he is a danger.

Kekoa saves Nani and tries to get her to press charges against the boys. Not willing to shatter Mr. Tanaka's pristine image of her, Nani insists she just went swimming with them and it was all a misunderstanding. Characteristically, Mr. Tanaka blames what happened to Nani on Kekoa's bad influence on her.

Sam wants to keep his relationship with Leigh going, but she is not ready. He sees that she is in love with someone else. In fact, as soon as Sam's gone, Leigh and Sean have another argument and decide to keep their private and professional lives separate. Sean and JD accompany Kekoa to a bar where the frat boys are partying. They confront the boys and warn them that if they ever lay hands on Nani or any other girls ever again, they will have to answer to them.