Season 9 Episode 19

Double Jeopardy

Aired Unknown Apr 26, 1999 on
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Double Jeopardy
Mitch arrives home with his date Carrie, only to find Hobie with his date Kate in the couch. Mitch doesn´t expect this and tells Hobie that he and his date has to leave or double date with him and Carrie. During their argument, Carrie and Kate decide to leave instead. After this incident, Hobie decides that it´s time to move out. He wants to movie in with J.B. and Connor, but their landlord only allows two people to live there. Then Neely offers him to stay at her place if he helps her take care of Neely. This makes Mitch furious because he and Neely is not the best of friends. But Hobie has made up his mind and there´s nothing Mitch can do about it. Later Hobie stops a car-thief after a big chase and some assistance from Alex. Meanwhile, Alex is going to her grandma for her 93rd birthday. On her way there while she is riding her bicycle, a man on a motorcycle brushes by her. The motorcycle man later crashes through the guardrail while trying to avoid an accident. He is picked up by two of his friends in a boat. They tell him to give them a package. When Jason and Lisa in the boat discovers that Ben, the man in the water, doesn´t have the package, Ben shots him in his shoulder. Alex sees Ben floating in the water and decides to rescue him. This happens while Jason and Lisa go down to Ben´s motorcycle to try and find the package that contains drugs. They find the package and assume that Ben is dead when they suddenly see him with Alex swimming away. Jasons starts shooting at them and Alex takes Ben with her to an underwater cave. Jason and Lisa wait them out in their boat. The tide is coming in soon and Alex struggles to keep Ben alive. When the tide finally arrives, Alex and Ben swim toward Jason and Lisa´s boat and disconnects the gas line. Then they make a splash loud enough for Jason and Lisa to hear so that they get out of the boat. With Jason and Lisa in the water, Alex and Ben climb onto the boat and take off. But they have to fight with Jason and Lisa first. Alex is driving towards the shore when Ben pulls out a gun. It turns out that he only wanted the drugs. However, Alex turns quickly to speed up. It startles Ben, sending him overboard. She then makes another pass and throws him a life preserver. After that, she alerts the authorities. Ben, Jason and Lisa are all arrested. Alex arrives to her grandma´s place just in time to see her and her boyfriend Ed leaving for Las Vegas on a motorcycle.moreless

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  • ummmm......

    Ok, this was a pretty good episode! I thought the part with Mitch coming home with his date and finding Hobie there with Hobies date was funny! But the rest of the episode.... Hobie seemed like a jerky teenager! Dont get me wrong I am a huge Hobie fan but he acted a little rediculous here! I mean, moving out cause your dad doesnt want you to go upstairs with a girl is stupid! I mean Hobie is only 18 here! Come on,what good parent would let his 18 year old son go up to his room with a girl? Anyway, the rest of the episode was a bore! And for once I would like a "good guy" to really be a good guy and not turn out to be a sleeze! Ok, Im done ranting!moreless
David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

Lt. Mitch Buchannon (seasons 1-10, 1989-1990/1991-2000; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

David Chokachi

David Chokachi

Cody Madison (seasons 6-9, 1995-1999)

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson

Hobie Buchannon #2 (seasons 2-9, 1991-1999; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

Mitzi Kapture

Mitzi Kapture

Alexis "Alex" Ryker (season 9, 1998-1999)

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