Season 8 Episode 8

Eel Niño

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1997 on

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  • OK!

    This episode was ok! Not a favorite! I just think that the acting for this series got really bad after season 7! With the exception of the regulars who have been there before season 8! But the people like April, Cody, Manny and Lani are terrible actors! And I know that Cody has been there before season 8 but i think he got worse during that season! Anyway, this episode was ok,not a favorite but still good! I loved the scenes with the Hobster! I thought it was funny when his dad said," How are You?" and then Hobie said," Well the tides coming in and there is a giant electric eel trying to eat us!!!" just the way he said it was funny! Well, thats all! The rest was a bore!!
  • An massive electric eel is on the loose attacking innocent swimmers and it's bite is deadly. A conspiracy is also upon Baywatch as there is missing sand and lifeguard vehicles. Many and April are getting to know eachother a bit more and Hobie wants some

    I really enjoyed this episode as there is a massive electril eel on the loose attacking innocent swimmers. It's like the movie jaws, but not a shark! We also see romance blooming between Many and April. Hobie likes April as well and loves competition, so the challenge is on.

    Also there are really weird things happening at Baywatch. Cody finds a massive pit in the middle of the beach, almost like aliens have landed and taken the sand? Lifeguard trucks have also disappeared and found under the sand!!

    The challenge to defeat the eel at the end was great as Many gets attacked and electricuted!
    Mitch comes to the rescue and saves April and Hobie who went underneath the water into the caves - very intense!

    Overall, I really enjoyed this episode - recommend it.
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