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  • Season 11
    • Rescue Me
      Rescue Me
      Episode 22

      Sean faces the decision to leave for Australia or stay with Baywatch, while Leigh has agreed to marry Sam.

    • Makapu'u Lighthouse
      The Baywatch lifeguards have free time to spend away from the beach and take different methods of keeping themselves busy or entertained.
    • Dead Reckoning
      Dead Reckoning
      Episode 20
      Sean, Jason and Zack are headed to the Big Island to participate in the Showdown 2001, a 12 mile course of natural obstacles. Leigh will be taking over supervisory duties while Sean is away. J.D. is tending to Kekoa, who has come down with the flu. Fortunately, J.D. has an iron constitution, despite the fact that he didn't have his annual flu shot. Jason has always wanted to participate in the Showdown 2001, and this looks to be his big chance. However, as part of their sponsorship by Trail Tracker magazine, they need to take along a reporter who will participate. It turns out to be none other than Jessie. This is her big chance to change her career and make something of herself. Sean reminds her that the team will still be playing by all the rules, and there will be no exceptions made to help sell her story. Jessie is agreeable to these terms. She, though, has already chosen who her partner will be: Jason. He is not happy with this, since he still holds a grudge based on the way she behaved towards J.D. (lying about Luke being his child, trying to break up his relationship with Kekoa). While trying to prove herself not only to Jason, but to make the story better, Jessie refuses to be tied together with Jason. Because of this, and their somewhat confrontational manner, Jessie almost falls into a crevice. While trying to pull her back up, Jason sprains his ankle. He tries to hide the fact that this has happened, but Jessie, then Sean, eventually catch on. Sean insists they quit the race-he is not going to run a big risk just to win a trophy. Jessie tries to convince Jason and Zack to continue with the race, and for a moment, she is winning. Then, Sean pulls out the heavy artillery: if they don't give up, they will no longer be part of his training center. That cuts it, and they agree to go back. Jessie is horribly disappointed and threatens to blame Sean in her article for not finishing the race. She explains to him how important the race is to her future. But, Sean remains adamant. The Texas team (which includes Survivor member Joel), which had been razzing Jason earlier, have gotten into trouble in the rapids. Everyone puts aside their animosities and jumps into action. Even Jessie is able to help bring some of the burly Texans and Joel to shore. Zack, Sean and Jason prove their heroism. At the end of the day, Jessie realizes that Sean was correct about teamwork and priorities. She also has an even better story: the tale of a daring rescue during Showdown 2001. Meanwhile back in Haleiwa, Leigh is having a rough day. First of all, because of the food poisoning, she is short handed and must take one of the crowded beaches herself. She rescues two Japanese children who were drifting too far afield on their inner tube. As she is performing the rescue, she must run past Deke Bishop, a cowboy from Oklahoma who finds her very attractive and starts being very persistent in courting her. Fortunately, she has J.D. to help her with the frenzy at the beach. But, his cast iron constitution lets him down and he, too succumbs to the flu. She is back tending to the beach by herself. She places a call to Brian, but they, too are shorthanded because of the sudden outburst of influenza. In desperation, she places a call to Jenna. Deke once again starts making passes at Leigh. Suddenly, Jenna comes up behind her, dressed in her bathing suit, and pretends as if she and Leigh are lesbian lovers. Deke gets the message and quickly moves away. Leigh wonders why Jenna has shown up. Jenna tells her she's there to help-she was a lifeguard before she was a city council woman after all. Leigh admits she's correct, but she's still suspicious that Jenna has ulterior motives. During the course of the afternoon, they get to know each other better. Jenna reveals some of her vulnerabilities and Leigh finds herself actually opening up to her. Deke rents a surfboard and, of course, wipes out. The two women rush into the surf and, in a combined effort, bring him to shore and safety. Not to be undone, he immediately asks the two of them for a date-together. Sean, Zack, Jason and Jessie return from the Big Island. Jessie is excited about the magazine story, and Zack poses for photos. Sean asks Leigh how things went. She claims they were fine-no trouble at all. He offers to take her out to dinner, but she already has a date: Jenna. Sean is perplexed as he sees the two women walk off together.moreless
    • Trapped
      Episode 19
      Sean and Leigh are in the scarab off of Maui investigating a new man-made reef that is being put in to lure additional tourists. Neither of them is happy with this new development because it has caused a shift in the rip patterns. Nick, a surfer, is also concerned and, for some reason, isn't feeling quite well. His brother Joe is surfing and tombstones. Sean and Leigh quickly jump into action and bring Joe to the beach. He is unconscious and Nick is nearly hysterical. Sean and Leigh try to get him to wait for the ambulance, but he's too caught up in trying to save his brother. The ambulance arrives and Nick hops in to go to the hospital. In the hospital, Joe is fine but Nick turns out to have pneumonia. Sean and Leigh begin to suspect that there is something wrong with the materials that are being used to create the new reef. To complicate matters, Sam Parks has come back. Sean definitely does not trust Sam, and Leigh is loathe to tell him the truth about Sam's status as a Navy Intelligence officer. Because she and Sam are getting serious, the Navy has requested that Leigh get a security clearance. Remembering what happened after her father died, and all the red tape she and her mother had to go through, Leigh is hesitant about getting the clearance and begins to doubt her relationship to Sam. To make matters worse, Sam warns she and Sean to stop snooping around the artificial reef. Sean and Leigh, though, know that something is up, so they take a look at the material being used to create the reef. Sure enough, the containers, labeled "Black Construction," are leaking. They go to visit "Black Construction" and learn, from its nervous owner, that they only supply the empty containers. The containers themselves are delivered to "Vaughn International." They sneak into a warehouse to examine one of the containers. Unbeknownst to them, Sam is investigating Vaughn and is scheduled to meet him that even-ing. Sam heads for the meeting. Back at Vaughn International, both Sean and Leigh are bashed on the back of the head by Vaughn, the evil owner of the corporation. Before Sean and Leigh know what has happened, they are chained inside a "cleaning chamber" used to wash out the containers. The room is slowly being filled with sea water. Vaughn tells them that they were correct: he is dumping toxins into the water and there is no way anyone will ever catch him-particularly since the two of them will be victims of an unfortunate drowning accident. With that, he leaves. The water keeps pouring in. Sean sees that the chains that bind them are old and weak. He starts trying to break them, but to no avail. He and Leigh talk about Sam-Sean is shocked to learn the truth about his status as Navy Intel. The water rises further. Their sense of doom is increasing. Sean wants Leigh to keep fighting, but the cold of the water is causing her to go into hypothermia, and the water is rising to their necks. Sam, meanwhile, is worried because Vaughn has not shown up for his meeting. He heads for the factory. Sensing doom is near, Sean and Leigh finally give in to their feelings for each other and share a furtive kiss. This sparks Sean into diving under to continue trying to break the chain loose. They hear someone knocking on the outside. It is Sam. He opens the top to the cleaning chamber just as Sean succeeds in breaking the chain holding Leigh. Sam brings her to the safety. Sean can no longer get a breath-the water has risen too high. Sam dives down, armed with a hammer, and succeeds in breaking Sean's chain. He and Leigh work frantically to bring the unconscious Sean back. Finally, he sputters and comes to. It turns out that Sam has been investigating Vaughn International for some time. Sean and Leigh realize they should not have interfered at the level they did, but also know that had they known the truth, they would have probably done the same thing. Sean ultimately decides that Sam is a good guy after all, and he should let Leigh find her happiness with him. Meanwhile, Zack is in trouble: he had taken Brian's paddle out of his car to try it out…and then had broken it! He enlists Jason's help in getting Brian a new one. At first, Jason doesn't want to betray Brian, but knows how much trouble Zack will be in if he doesn't help. The two go to Auntie Jackson, who knows where they can get a similar paddle-the only problem is that it is custom made and costs $750. However, if Zack and Jason are willing to help her, she can get the price knocked down by half. The two need to perform in grass skirts in front of some women, and then listen to a local moke who likes show tunes. In the end, it turns out that Brian knew they lost his paddle and was just trying to teach them a lesson. It doesn't matter-he likes the new one they had to get him, especially since his old one was just a run of the mill one from the local sporting goods store.moreless
    • The Return of Jessie
      Sean, J.D. and Kekoa have arrived on the Big Island to help with the extra work caused by the Ironman Triathlon. They are met at the airport by Russ, a native Hawaiian with a good sense of island lore and humor. Unbeknownst to them, also on the Big Island is Jessie. Determined to win the Triathlon this time, Jessie has brought her newborn son, Luke, with her. As she is practicing, she hears a woman, Sarah, screaming because her husband, John, a body boarder, has disappeared. Jessie immediately springs into action and, with the help of Kekoa (who is naturally surprised to see her) helps rescue John and bring him to shore. Unfortunately, it looks as if he broke his neck and might be paralyzed for good. Over the next few days, this diagnosis is con-firmed and John will probably remain a quadriplegic for the rest of his life. Rather than face that fate, John refuses to have a life saving operation done. Kekoa and Jessie are at a loss at how they can convince him to go on. This takes on particular significance because Sarah is pregnant and needs a father for her baby. Jessie and J.D. have an awkward reunion-made even moreso by the presence of Luke. Nevertheless, J.D.-with the blessing of Kekoa, who remains suspicious that J.D. has never gotten over Jessie--agrees to help Jessie train for the Ironman. Jessie is evasive about J.D.'s questions regarding Luke's father. Finally, Jessie confesses: Luke is actually J.D.'s son. Now, J.D. is in a worse quandary than ever. He wants to do the right thing, and this could mean returning to the states with Jessie. Kekoa is beside herself and J.D. isn't sure what he should do. Meanwhile, Sean has decided to hike in one of the craters. He is warned by Russ that if he meets a hitchhiker along the way, he had better give the hitchhiker a ride because it might be the goddess Pele and if he does not give her a ride, trouble will result. Sean does not believe him, but sure enough, on his way up the mountain, he runs into a woman hitchhiking. Because he really wants to do the hike, Sean passes her by. Quickly, and per Russ' warning, Sean begins to experience trouble. His tire blows and his cell phone won't work. Later, as he is hiking, he hears a woman calling out for help. It is the same hitchhiker again. She has fallen into a crevice. Sean saves her and she convinces him to bring her back to her house. They wind up spending some romantic time together. In the morning, she pleads that her foot is hurt. Sean, determined to continue on his way, refuses to listen at first, but ultimately is convinced to bring her down the hill. She brings him to a remote area-she says she lives here. He hopes to see her again, but she says that will be impossible…there are other issues. Sean doesn't know how to get back. She tells him to just follow the line of the cliff. When he turns around, she has disappeared. As he walks along the cliff, he hears screaming. Jessie, despondent over everything that has happened, has gone for a swim and gotten into trouble. Sean calls for back up and dives into the water to rescue her. She is pulled to shore. Jessie confesses that Luke is not J.D.'s son. She feels bad about lying to J.D. but confesses to Kekoa that she did not know what else to do. But, she has accepted the fact that J.D. and Kekoa are now an item and she will have to accept the fact that she is part of his past and not his future. Kekoa, for her part, is glad to see the "old Jessie" has returned, and understands how stress can cause strange behaviors. Jessie runs the race and finds J.D., Kekoa, Sean and Russ waiting for her at the finishing line. Then, she and Kekoa go to visit Sarah and John at the hospital. She shows John her baby, and he begins to understand how important his presence is. At the airport, Sean hears a familiar voice: it is the woman he met on the mountain. She is a tour guide and is talking to a passenger. She and Sean share a whimsical, knowing smile.moreless
    • Boiling Point
      Boiling Point
      Episode 17
      A new computer is installed at Baywatch headquarters but could spell disaster if it is not working properly before a sponsor's visit. Zack and Jason take a spoiled rich woung woman on a hike and find their feelings towards her causing friction among them.
    • My Father the Hero
      My Father the Hero
      Episode 16
      Jenna is fascinated by a smooth talking stock broker though Sean has nagging doubts about the man. Jason and J.D. go for a weekend of hiking with a friend who appears to be enjoying the life everybody wants.
    • A Good Man in a Storm
      A fierce hurricane hits the Baywatch area with Sean and Zack trapped in separate locations and different predicaments.
    • Father Faust
      Father Faust
      Episode 14
      Sean's plans to establish a new junior lifeguard program may be derailed by lawsuits from several sources. Kekoa and her father have an angry confrontation that changes their relationship for good.
    • The Stalker
      The Stalker
      Episode 13
      Leigh has a familiar face return to her life and she ponders starting a relationship with him. Carrie finds herself involved with a man that has a disturbing attitude towards relationships.
    • The Ex-Files
      The Ex-Files
      Episode 12
      An accident during a bogus recus mission may end Zack's career as a lifeguard and put the training center out of business. J.D. attempts to improve his fractured relationship with Kekoa's father.
    • Black Widow
      Black Widow
      Episode 11
      A man dies under mysterious circumstances and Sean is convinced that his wife played a part in arranging his death.
    • Ties That Bind
      Ties That Bind
      Episode 10
      A father fleeing from the law is seemingly willing to let his daughter die to keep his ex-wife from catching up with the two of them and Sean must convince him to do the right thing.
    • Ben
      Episode 9
      Sean struggles to come to terms with the results of a tragedy that affects him deeply. Zack tries to deal with the fact he'll be on the sidelines for an upcoming lifeguard competition.
    • The Cage
      The Cage
      Episode 8
      Sean has trouble with a local shark tour provider. J. D. and Kekoa's relationship deepens to the point that it starts to cause problems with their lifeguard work.
    • Dream Girl
      Dream Girl
      Episode 7
      After disobeying orders and nearly killing a fellow lifeguard as a result, Zack is suspended and told to change his ways. Sean sees a chance to even the score with Jenna for past clashes with her over the future of Baywatch.
    • Broken Promises
      Broken Promises
      Episode 6
      Sean tries to get to Danny to mend his ways by making him enrol as a lifeguard trainee at Baywatch. Kekoa's difficulties with her meddling father reach a boiling point.
    • Stone Cold
      Stone Cold
      Episode 5
      Two youths create trouble for Leigh and the Baywatch lifeguards. Jason has a new love in his life but fate threatens to end the romance prematurely.
    • Dangerous Games
      Dangerous Games
      Episode 4
      Leigh is enthralled by an energetic newcomer who may be a bit too wild for her. Kekoa has trouble dealing with a cousin that has a wild side she is trying to hide from the family.
    • Bad Boyz
      Bad Boyz
      Episode 3
      Sean tries to get new sponsorship for the center but the sponsor may come at a high price personally. Carrie and Zack struggle with lifeguard training.
    • A Knife in the Heart
      A young jet skier causes chaos at Baywatch. Sean and J.D. butt heads at the headquarters though the reason for the animosity is a personal one for J.D.
    • Soul Survivor
      Soul Survivor
      Episode 1
      New trainees arrive at the training center and stir things up for the lifeguards in several ways. A person from Sean's past arrives in the area and quickly presents problems for Sean on a repeated basis.
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