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Need help finding an episode!

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    [1]Jul 21, 2011
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    Im trying to find an episode, and i don't have a clue which season it is. Some people are in need of rescue, and some of the baywatchers swim out to do so. Only one of the baywatchers get out there in time, and needs to make a decision of who he should rescue. He ends up rescuing a girl, and brings her back to shore. He later gets in trouble for the decision he made. I think he makes out with the girl in a tent or something like that later on in the episode.

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    I realize it's almost a year since you originally asked this, and maybe you've found your answer. It's actually the pilot episode, when it first aired on NBC (before syndication). I am just rewatching the series, and don't know the difference, but the part where he makes out with her in the tent is only on one version of the pilot (there was a few parts with bare breasts - don't know how that would have been shown on tv??).

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