Season 2 Episode 11

If Looks Could Kill

Aired Unknown Nov 25, 1991 on

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  • A woman seduces, then drowns a man in a pool. She then puts him in a car and drives them both off a cliff. As the Baywatch lifegaurds respond to the "accident", she spins a web of lies, and sucks Mitch in.

    This episode is from the good old days of Baywatch, when the shows had a plot. It may not be the most complicated story ever conceived for television, b ut there is intrigue/mystery, none the less. This episode starts much in the "Columbo" style; the viewer knows from the get-go what is happening and "who is who?", but our favorite characters and guest stars must learn, as we watch the yarn unravel. The overall series' message of lifegaurds being important in the greater good of law enforcement is well represented here, as is Hasselhoff's former Knight Rider "One Man Can Make a Difference" message well displayed. (Eddie Kramer's suspicion of the leading lady's involvement with Mitch, leads him to his own investigation).
    Overall, it's a very good set-up, story, and hero-triumphs style TV episode.
    One should note for trivia:
    When the woman points the gun at Mitch at the climax of the episode....the safety is clearly "on".