Season 2 Episode 4

Money, Honey

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1991 on

Episode Recap

Mitch is having financial problems, so he and Eddie moonlight, life-guarding at a private party for movie-people. After a daring rescue, the star Larry Brooks is injured. Impressed by Mitch´s heroic skills during the rescue, Dita, the producer offers Mitch a part in her new movie.

During the filming on the beach, Mitch can´t remember his lines and the filming is not going very well. However, a drug-crazed man starts attacking people on the nearby bike path. While Mitch is fighting with the man, the cameras are rolling and everything turns out into a perfect action scene for the movie.

Harvey pretends to be Mitch´s agent. He manages to get a "pay or play" clause into Mitch´s contract. When Dita comes onto Mitch and wants to sleep with him, he rejects the offer. This means that his short-lived acting career is over before it has really started.

Meanwhile, Shauni finds an injured sea lion on the beach. Harvey and Eddie help her catch the sea lion. Shauni brings the sea lion to O.R.C.A.S., an aquatic animal rescue and rehabilitation organisation. But unfortunately for all the animals, O.R.C.A.S. must shut down if they don´t raise $ 50 000 by 6 PM Saturday.

In order to raise some money to O.R.C.A.S., Shauni and Harvey arrange a bikini-contest. Harvey ends up winning the competition after he appears in a bikini in front of the audience. Unfortunately, the bikini contest falls $ 20,000 short of its goal. It looks like O.R.C.A.S. is forced to shut down after all. At this point, Mitch arrive and donates $ 20,000 to O.R.C.A.S. Because Mitch´s movie contract includes a "pay or play" clausule, he gets paid even though he doesn´t work anymore.