Season 8 Episode 7

Out of the Blue

Aired Unknown Nov 03, 1997 on
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Out of the Blue
Manny and April are being trained to be better lifeguards by doing a victim hoisting training exercise. Lt. Taylor Walsh keeps on eye on them and make sure that everything goes according to plans. The helicopter lowers the hoisting bed and the victim, this time a dummy, is secured. Now they need to reattach the hoisting device and give a thumb up sign to the helicopter. Everything seems to be working well but that´s just until unsure grips causes the bed to tip over. This causes the victim to fall into the water. April tells Taylor that it was her fault. Taylor says that it´s OK, because it was just an exercise. But still it could have been a real situation. As a small punishment for their failure, neither one of them are assigned any towers. Since they have some time off, Manny helps April with her designs for her fashion class. He tells her that her designs remind people too much about Wisconsin. He agrees to help her make them look like the clothes people are wearing in California. Meanwhile, Mitch tells Jordan that a private investigator was hired to find her by someone claiming to be her mother. This upsets Jordan who doesn´t want to meet her mother. She has managed to live her life without her mother for 25 years. Later, Mitch invites Jordan on a fishing trip with him. He has also invited Jordan´s mother to join them. When Jordan meets her mother, René, she is surprised and confused when she discovers that her mother is white. She tells her that her father was black and that he got killed in Vietnam. René couldn´t return home to Oklahoma with a black baby and decided to give away the baby. But now she must see Jordan because she has been diagnosed with Huntington´s Disease. That´s a disorder of the central nervous system. The disease is hereditary. It´s a 50 % chance that Jordan may carry the disease. Suddenly a huge wave caused by seismic activity, flips the boat over and René is trapped below deck. With Mitch´s help, Jordan is able to rescue her mother. The other lifeguards arrive and Manny and April have to do exactly the same thing as they did during their practice. Fortunately for them and the victim, the bed doesn´t tip over. Meanwhile, Caroline and J.D.´s relationship become more serious. The two of them are out sailing when the seismic wave flips their boat over. The sailboat's mast is just about to hit Caroline when J.D. pulls her to safety. Later Caroline cries because her sister Stephanie died when she got hit by a mast. When J.D. is checking the answers on the answering machine, he finds out that Caroline got the part she wanted in the soap opera Shannon´s Hope. J.D. doesn´t want her to leave but this is her dream and she must take it. Mitch has ordered a limo for Caroline´s departure.moreless

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  • A training exercise to hoist a dummy on to a helicopter becomes a failure. Caroline and J.D. have become very close and are seeing much more of eachother until she has success in New York and must leave. Jordan's mother wants to see her and a disaster ocmoreless

    This episode was quite good, nothing spectactular, but good.

    Manny and April failed a training exercise, to attach a stretcher to a dummy victim and hoist them up to the chopper. Taylor doesn't assign them any towers, so it gives them a chance to spend some time with eachother - do I see some sparks flying? April has a port folio for school and her final project is due in and she he has to design her own line of clothing, so Manny takes her around Venice Boardwalk to show her what people really wear.

    Carloine and J.D. are heating up and J.D. invites her for a sail, whilst sailing a giant 10 foot wave wipes them out and Caroline nearly gets hit by the mast. Later that night, she cries and can't stop thinking about Stephanie, as that's how she was killed.

    Mitch informs Jordan that a private investigator is looking for her regarding her real mother. As Jordan was adopted as a child, she doesn't want to have anything to do with her... Mitch sets up a fishing trip on a boat, so that Jordan and her mother can meet. Jordan's mother, Rena, is caucasian and Jordan can't believe it. Rena explains that she has Huntington's disease and has approx. 1 year to live and is hereditary, so Jordan has a 50% chance that she might have it also. A little later on, the 10 foot wave capsizes the boat and Rena is stuck inside. Mitch and Jordan get her out and Manny and April repeat the same exercise they failed at - this time succeeding.

    Caroline gets a call from her agent in New York and gives her good news, she got the part and this is her big break! Unfortunately, she doesn't want to let J.D. down as they were getting along so well. J.D. finds out on an answering machine message and is heart broken. They all get her a limo to travel to the airport and Caroline has left Baywatch once again.

    Bit of a sad ending and overall, a good episode - We get to hear a little of Jordan's past. I enjoyed it.moreless
Marcia Strassman

Marcia Strassman

Rena Jaffe

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Yasmine Bleeth

Yasmine Bleeth

Caroline Holden

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Gregory J. Barnett

Gregory J. Barnett

Jim Barnett

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