Season 1 Episode 1

Panic at Malibu Pier

Aired Unknown Apr 23, 1989 on

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  • baywatch?

    ?- How can I watch episodes of baywatch?
  • The introduction.

    And so the very first episode of Baywatch begins. This is the first time I had the chance to go through all of the episodes of Baywatch (it's 2010), so I don't have any of that nostalgy that some people might have for the show. For me, personally, the episode was an okay introduction to the lifeguards. It was kinda tough to sit through the entire movie, but I stuck through it and was okay with it. It wasn't anything way too special or something that I might remember forever, but it was the type of an episode that you use just to sit back and relax.

    It will be interesting seeing how Mitch and Gayle work on the custody with their son. The scene with Al dying to save the others was bittersweet and weird to see. It was interesting seeing how lifeguards payed respect to a fellow co-worker. The other part with Craig Pomeroy was quite weird. The story was okay but it is very reminiscent of those old thriller movies. For a minute there I didn't know what show was this, but then I kept reminding myself that this is Baywatch and that things like this will happen quite a lot. I quite liked the aspect of Trevor from Australia working against Baywatch. I will keep tuned.