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    Hachi Machi theres a lot of Hasselhoff in this baby. A LOT is shown in this show. Never thought I could love the man anymore but apparently slow-motion really accentuates his pristine Demi-godesque body. Surely everyone would love to be saved by this legend.
  • box set

    I have just bought the box set of all of Baywatch, and have watched it all twice already. have only had a month. I LOVE BAYWATCH
  • BAYWATCH seasons 1-9 & BAYWATCHHawaii 10th final hasselhoff season

    BAYWATCH &, BAYWATCHHawaii starring Knightrider star David Hasselhoff lead star 10seasons / out 11seasons the series had great story lines & new cast joing regular cast every season And Mitch leads BAYWATCH LIFEGUARDS in California & Hawaii rescue at very end of season10 when DAVID HASSELHOFF Announced leaving BAYWATCHHawaii spin off (Baywatch) I thought ending explosion was fantastic but all fans who watch BAYWATCH 1989-2000 weren't happy when they decided to go on season11 2001-no hasselhoff no Mitch the series LIFEGUARD Action Drama Based on Mitch Buachanan -and I dropped that season only liked DAVID HASSELHOFF BAYWATCH/ BAYWATCHNIGHTS/BAYWATCHHawaii final hasselhoff 10th season + BAYWATCH Hawaiian Reunion Movie 2003 FOX STUDIOS starred Hasselhoff reunited ex Baywatch stars threw 11seasons brilliant for treat for fans .
  • Can't believe I watched this show:)

    Not a bad show. You have to watch and not care about acting or real life.
  • From childhood

    It was represented my generation :d
  • This was an awesome, fun show. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches! Most of the episodes were action and fun packed.

    This was an awesome, fun show. Beautiful people, beautiful beaches! Most of the episodes were action and fun packed. With just the right amount of humor thrown in. Actresses like Pam Anderson, Yasmine Bleeth, and Gena Lee Nolin always made this show worth viewing. The mid to late 90's were the best episodes in my opinion. There is no wonder that this show was so popular worldwide. My wife and I always try to watch it whenever we can find it on the air. Usually it is worth a few laughs and some pretty scenery. It always brings back good memories for us.
  • Love on the Beach!

    Aside from saving lives, these beach babes know how to keep television interesting.
  • Interesting.

    I have to be honest. Part of the reason I watched was for the ladies in bikinis. I will say that the show was actually quite good in terms of storylines, action, and entertainment. It was the best in the first 6 seasons, but after that, things were very dismal. The acting wasn't as bad as some people say it was, but it was not always great either. I liked the parts when the lifeguards would save the swimmers. Overall, this is a decent show that I thought was interesting and entertaining for the first few years. After that, it was never the same or as good. Thank you.
  • Wow! Hmm? Hmm...Cody Madison. I thought Cody's last name was Dimitary! Don't laugh! I'm not kidding!

    Okay, so maybe it IS kind of funny, but the last time I watched Baywatch for more than a month was a long time ago! Then, years later, I saw it again. They were showing reruns of it since it had gone off the air. But it didn't come on until very late at night! So, I couldn't watch it because I was in school and had to get to bed early in order to wake up early the next morning. But one time I DID have a dream about that show. I dreamed that I was watching it and Cody was on there. And in the dream, there was a car named after him called the Cody Dimitary! That's how I assumed that Cody's last name was indeed Dimitary! Funny, huh?
  • A classic slice of 90s Popcorn TV

    Ah `Baywatch` :). One of the great wonders of the TV world.

    How did a show which basic premise seems so shallow, end up lasting for 11 Seasons? The majority believe it to be based on the toned female and male bodies that continuously appear on screen. But surely after a season or two, that would just get boring?

    In truth, I feel the answer actually lies in the opening lyrics of the original `Baywatch` theme song, `Above the Waterline`:

    "Everything's just right,
    Sun burns in a perfect blue sky.
    I look; looking good, another day in the neighbourhood. For every guy, there is a girl; It's a Monday in a Saturday world."

    That to me sums up a truly idyllic lifestyle. The warm sun, beauty as far as the eyes can see, and a fun loving lifestyle. It is a true fantasy life, a wonderful break from the repetive norm of our day to day lives, where you can almost feel the heat of the sun coming out of your TV. `Baywatch` isn't about gripping storylines, it's about escapism, true and simple, and that is why it lasted so long :).

    It is a great shame that due to legal rights issues, the rest of the seasons are very unlikely to ever be released in the UK or America :(, as this show never lost it's appeal throughout it's entire run :).
  • I Once Called It Babewatch

    First, if you watch baywatch for any other reason besides checking out womens bodies i dont understand you.when i was younger i thought it was great but now i see the lame acting and poor stories and it makes it hard to enjoy.If baywatch was on i might watch it because not every episode was lame but i must say i couldnt see myself buying the series on dvd,unless it came with a calandar or some cool special features that was heavily babe centered.bottom line; its a good show at times but not like it usted to be.also, when i first watched baywatch i thought the women showed alot of skin but compared to today they seem to be dressed for a comment, i still like the theme song to baywatch it makes me want to grab and surfboard and go save somebody whos drowning.
  • One of life's guiltiest guilty pleasures.

    Every time I hear the word "Baywatch," I remember this great and long-running series that marked the 90s and is still one of the best shows in it's genre.

    The show tells a simple yet complex story of a group of lifeguards who live their usual life and try to combine it with their personal life. They are beautiful. They are sexy. Maybe they aren't talented, but that isn't what this show is about. This show isn't looking for perfection. But the fact that it isn't perfect makes the show just perfect.

    I've enjoyed each episode of the show. Each actress/actor did their job amazingly. This show definitely is one of life's guiltiest guilty pleasures. I always did and always will love and respect this show. And I don't see why some people don't like this show.

    The trick is not to look for perfection, but only to enjoy the perfect combination of beautiful and sexy people who aren't perfect and are doing their best to live their life as usual.
  • A guilty pleasure.

    Admit it or not, Baywatch was one of the most popular shows of the 90s. It was everyone's guilty pleasure. Sure, the stories were unrealistic and outright crazy at times but you came back every week for more. Let's not forget the show gave us such lovable couples like Eddie-Shauni and Matt-Summer. The show sort of eventually lost its appeal though with the addition of characters you could care less about. Still, the earlier seasons are must-have dvds. You can watch them over and over again and relive the fun of it all. Baywatch is an example of fun and entertainment that television can bring.
  • Perfect body lifeguards save people with not so perfect body

    This is one of those shows i grew up with. I remember watching it from the first episode to the last one. the stories were always so good and clean although in the last seasons they started making them with more intrincate and at the same time less probable. This show had it all, well written stories, lots of action, beautiful scenaries and lots of bikinis; oh and of course don't forget David Hasselhoff, himself, a great actor. This show was pretty clean and did not use the women in bikini in a bad way that could make you think it is a porn movie.

    Good clean family for the fun.
  • Is this really listed as a drama? I\'m surprised

    I guess that is what you would call it they were always getting into strange situations, and doing things, that I never knew were in the jurisdiction for lifeguards. It\'s obvious the show is a joke, but a part of pop-culture at the same time. We all loved the hot chicks, and the ladies had the guys, but the acting and the writing of course wasn\'t all that good. This is the kind of show you watch at syndication when your drunk at 2AM on a Saturday morning, and even then you still kind of crack on it. It almost could be put in the comedy section as well with some of the episode plotlines, or lack there of, that they dreamed up.
  • Who really watched this show for the story?

    Basically, this show consisted of moving calendar guys and girls on a beach. There was no real reason to watch Babewatch except to WATCH the characters do what they did best- run. Basically it was like soft core porn but a whole lot cheesier. It really doesn't surprise me that this show was on television way past 1 episode, since pornography is the worldwide enterprise it is. The only people that I have to question are those who actually got caught up in the 'characters'. Beyond the asthetic aspects of this cheesefest, there was nothing to invest in emotionally or to connect to.
  • Yeah, I liked it...

    I must have been the only guy to watch this show not for the women but for the story. I thought it was a good afternoon show and I liked David H. I always loved the Knight Rider. I was always teased about the fact I watched the show and since I watched it that made me a pig...
    Oh well. I liked it for the show it was and not for the women who where shown running in slow motion.
  • Great show. Number 1 in the 90's.

    Baywatch. From this show I've began to like a lot Pamela Anderson. And a lot of the crew. When i began to watch i was 12 or 13 not from it's begining of course. But watch them in repeats. It's was my personal favourite. Not any more of course. But then there wasn't a show that was capable to beat it(in rating). Just i still wander why they don't realive it. Yes before 6 years they really stop for a reason because it becomed very boring but know i think that every one miss it.They can reborn it with new crew and they will be sure that this is going to be a hit agani. Go people do it.
  • Real Classic. Childhood favourite show.

    One of the kind. The ocean and the dangerous with that. Beautiful people, specially all the men. Nice places and interesting episodes. Always fun to watch and cool.
    Although the years passed by and the show didn't offer so much like it used to. Old series with Mitch were the greatest. But still I warmly recommend.
  • Baywatch was fun!!The mother's of the world done the shame shame finger at the men,but a great looking woman saving the life of someone was a great idea!What about it guys I know if I got out of drowning I'd rather a babe giving me mouth to mouth!DA!

    One of the all time greats!!! I know when Americans get over all thier sexual hang-ups this show will come back.Please Hurry!! Imiss this show.Great writers, music and great looking people!Along with great prodution! Sounds like a formula to make the long haul.Elvis was great on the radio but if he'd looked like "Freddy", or was really ugly would he have made it! No! Why? People do go by looks and Elvis would have sold records but he would have never played the lead as a "Romeo"!He was to do the part in "A Star Is Born", but life and time got him.
  • Cheesy yet popular show!

    This show began in 1989 originally on NBC
    And was shelved after one season
    But with star and executive producer David Hasselhoff's persistance
    It went on the air in syndication and became the biggest international syndication hit of all time
    It was indeed a cheesy show and no acting
    But I will give it this kind of credit
    It was indeed a very popular show!
    Still is to this day!
  • Yes, I like.... Mas não cheguei a assistir todas as temporadas, gostava do começo, quando a série era uma novidade e tudo era bem interessante. Depois foi ficando muito cansativo e graças a Deus acabaram com o sofrimento. Os roteiros foram ficando

    ... enquanto durou. Acho que uma tendência das séries é acabar ficando cansativa, é bom acabar no tempo certo, sem esperar que ela seja cortada por falta de público.
    Pra mim o que determinou o fim da série foi a troca dos personagens (o q ocorreu uma dezena de vezes), assim o programa perdeu sua identidade.
  • Baywatch was really a wonder. I mean it had action, boobs, action, and more boobs, I mean WTF eles do we need in a TV show?

    Baywatch gave me quite a lot of fun in the 90's. I turned into almost every episode, not only was the writting and action pretty top notch. But the drama was great, the chicks were all hot. And there were bouncing boobs! I mean come out the show was absouly wonderful, and I sure hope they make a box set soon it has cult status written all over it!
  • Baywatch is the best on cable yet. Its a show that musn't be missed. Its repeated twice a day until the end of the series.

    I can't believe it took so long to be repeated. It was one of the most talked about shows in TV history. Everyone I know couldn't wait for the original series to be aired on a saturday afternoon. I have told everyone about it being aired on cable TV, hope you all do the same.
  • Bring Back Erika Anorak!!!

    mmmmmmmmmmmmm Erica Season II. Shauni and Eddie were great. Those were the days it had one sexy girl and great story lines. Even my mum used to watch it! Pamela seems so... dirty... She'd saunter down the beach in her tiny little bikini (when she was off duty)... And then more and more girls abounded... I didn't know where to look... Alexandra Paul was a nice addition though! A Real Mummy Long Legs!!!
  • Girls in tight bathing suits running and running

    Girls in tight bathing suits running and running. Quoting Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry's character on Friends): "Run, Yasmine, run like the wind". This phrase was originally to Yasmine Bleeth, but every single girl that wore that uniform deserved it. Donna D'Errico, Carmen Electra and Pamela Anderson, just to name a few, made their career on this show
  • Baywatch was a good show in it's day.

    This show was alright. I watched it a lot as a kid. Mainly because of all the hot guys. But the show actually had some good plots. It showed a bunch of lifeguards saving peoples lives. It had ok acting but not the best I have ever seen. Overall this show is ok but it's not a must see.
  • Lifeguards watching over the Californian beaches, always there in need of help and getting into many adventures. Baywatch have incorporated some beautiful female lifeguards over the years and always have a good moral for each episode.

    Baywatch was a decent show, incorporating some great Baywatch babes such as Pamela Anderson Lee, Geena Lee Nolin, Yasmine Bleeth, Carmen Electra, Erika Eleniak and Nicole Eggert. I guess you could say some hot men also... (for the females).

    Each episode had some sort of disastrous thing happen and the lifeguards were there to save he day. Each episode having a happy ending and a good moral also.

    It was a show that the whole family could enjoy and made you strip down and jump in the water! even if it was your bathtub.. haha.

    Overall, a decent show and one that will be remembered for a long time to come, I recommend it.

  • There are a whole bunch of barely clothed people on the beach in sunny California. Granted you learn stuff and they do have somewhat decent writing their real appeal is in the bodies.

    One day when i was flipping through the channels I saw an episode of baywatch and instantly fell in love. The story was intriging but the bodies were what really caught my eye. I watch from then on seeing those fit girls and wishing I had their bodies and seeing those fit guys and dreaming they were all mine. About a year ago i bought Baywatch hawaiian Wedding and as soon as I got home I popped it in the DVD player. Now hen ever I am feeling down or lonely I just pop in the DVD and wish I had the guys, especially Hobie, all to myself. I went to show this to my cousin, who is 4 years older then me, and my parents said no because he did not need to be exposed to the T&A on the show but I said the T&A is some of the best parts.
  • I Liked This Show, So Why Are They Complaining About It?...

    ...They aired a marathon on TV Land, but their Black & White TV, Norman Lear Shows, The "Fonz" loving fans of TV Land complained nonstop saying it was the dumbest show ever. There are a lot of dumber shows than this one. Like The Black & White TV, Norman Lear Shows, & The "Fonz".

    Alex Trebek starred in one of the episodes, and there was one time that there was a school bus or something that flipped and landed in water and they had to rescue them to get them out. Who could hate a show like that?

    As for the stars, I'm not sure who they all are. There are literally dozens of them.
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