Season 3 Episode 2

River of No Return (2)

Aired Unknown Sep 21, 1992 on
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River of No Return (2)
Matt and his friends face extreme danger at the hands of two thugs determined to get their hands on the legendary treasure. Back at Baywatch, rookie trials are held for prospective lifeguards with new and old faces taking part.

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  • Crazy creepy!

    I thought the second part was even better than the first! It was very exciting and adventurous! I knew that cop guy being so nice was to good to be true, and of course as in all tv shows, hes not a good guy! Turns out that the cop wants the "boot" too! As Mic=tch is stuck under the rock, Hobie throws a little rock to distract the bad guys ( who have captured them ) and they end up getting the gun away from them! The sherrif turns up just in time, but it turns out the sherrif is bad too! He is actually in with the other bad guys!! Well the bad guys send the good guys off into a raft, pretty much sending them to their deaths, and Mitch has to find a way to save them!! Will he figure out something in time or no? You will have to watch to find out! Just let me say one thing.... Remember that there are about 8 or 9 seasons left in the show, which have Hobie and C.J. (who is new to the cast at this episode) and they are both on the boat! So are two others that end up getting married! Oops...I guess I just let a little slpoier there!! lolmoreless
  • Baywatch rocks! Why didnt I watch this before! Easy-going plot, hot guys in speedos and a great theme tune! What more could you ask for?! (REVIEW FOR BOTH PARTS OF THE TWO-PARTER)moreless

    Being my first episode of Baywatch, I was looking forward to it, simply because of its reputation. I must say, I wasnt disappointed.

    The storyline was simple, yet well done, and didnt tax the mind too much, which was just what I was looking for first thing on a Sunday morning. The acting is deliciously cliche, but this adds to the Baywatch experience.

    The actors themselves? What can I say? If there is one reason to watch this show, then they are it. HOT is one word that springs to mind. The guys are flawless! And those speedos? Oh yeah!

    Tuning in on this episode, was good for me as it was a season premiere, but also it was the final appearance of two characters Shauni and Eddie. The scene with their flashbacks as they are wed, was very touching and I only wish I had been along for the ride. A show that can make me feel this way after only knowing the characters for 2 hours is impressive.

    Really looking forward to being immersed in the Baywatch phenomenon, and the comforting thing is, if the story isnt up to scratch, there is always someone pretty to look at. With this episode as a template though, it doesnt look as if the story will be lacking. Angry ex-husband, rookie try-outs and a treasure hunt in the rapids! Wicked stuff, and although a lot of it is really predictable, it still leaves you wanting more, and not in a bad way.

    Baywatch is officially one of my shows now, and I cant wait til the season boxsets come out, so I can catch up on the seasons I've missed. I dont care what people say about Baywatch. It rocks and it's not only the actors who are hot, this show is too!moreless
Nicole Eggert

Nicole Eggert

Roberta "Summer" Quinn (seasons 3-4, 1992-1994; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

Billy Warlock

Billy Warlock

Eddie Kramer (seasons 1-2, 1989-1990/1991-1992; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

David Hasselhoff

David Hasselhoff

Lt. Mitch Buchannon (seasons 1-10, 1989-1990/1991-2000; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

Pamela Anderson

Pamela Anderson

Casey Jean "C.J." Parker (seasons 3-7, 1992-1997; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

Erika Eleniak

Erika Eleniak

Shauni McClain (seasons 1-2, 1989-1990/1991-1992)

Jeremy Jackson

Jeremy Jackson

Hobie Buchannon #2 (seasons 2-9, 1991-1999; Baywatch Hawaiian Wedding, 2003)

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    • This episode originally aired as a two-hour episode with the previous episode. The two-part episode was later released on video as Baywatch: River of No Return.

    • Guest stars Michael Meyer is credited in this episode, but only appear in "River of No Return" (Part 1). Guest star Brooke Langton is also credited and does appear in this episode, but has no speaking lines.

    • Billy Warlock (Eddie) and Erika Eleniak (Shauni) depart the cast and make their final appearances on the series in this episode. They reportedly left the series over salary problems, as they were paid a lot less for the syndicated series than they made during the initial NBC run.

    • Music: "All My Life" performed by Linda Ronstadt featuring Aaron Neville.