Season 1 Episode 8

Rookie School

Aired Unknown Nov 10, 1989 on

Episode Recap

Howard Ganza´s girlfriend Amy has stolen a book that belongs to him. She is chased by Vincent, Ganza´s helper. When Amy arrives to the beach, she ends up in the middle of the rookie competition. Without knowing it, she becomes one of the first to enter the finish line, and by doing so, she becomes a member of rookie school.

Eddie becomes interested in her and lets her stay with him in Craig and Gina´s apartment, while they are away for a romantic weekend. She tells Eddie that she has been robbed. A couple of days later, when they are in the apartment, Ganza and Vincent arrive and bring Eddie and Amy to a warehouse. Meanwhile, Garner shows Mitch a picture of Amy and tells him that her name is Catherine Baker and that she is involved with Ganza. Mitch knowing that Eddie and Amy haven´t shown up, becomes suspicious.

When Trevor receives a phone call from Amy, Mitch decides to tag along. Trevor is supposed to return the stolen book to Ganza. Amy's sister has sent the book to headquarters. Trevor returns it and before he leaves, Mitch jumps out of the truck. As Amy, Eddie, Ganza and Vincent are heading toward their boat, Trevor arrives from behind and he and Eddie knocks out Vincent. Just as Mitch is about to capture Ganza, he throws Amy into the water. Mitch is forced to rescue her, but Garner arrive just in time to capture Ganza.

While Craig and Gina are away on their romantic weekend trying to get Gina pregnant, a noisy couple bothers them next door. Craig goes there to complain. In the room, he finds Lou and Phyllis, a married couple, that haven´t been alone in five years because of their kids. After that, Craig and Gina have second thoughts about having a child. However, the next day they find out how sad Lou and Phyllis become when they misses their youngest kid´s first step and find they suddenly want to have a child again.

Meanwhile, Trevor is entering rookie school to become a county certified lifeguard. In rookie school, he meets Jeff Dalander, who thinks he´s the best. He is trained by Mitch´s old coach, Coglin. In the weight room, Jeff offers Trevor some steroids he has been given by Coach Coglin but Trevor declines. Later on, during a rookie competition, Jeff collapses. After that incident, Trevor tells Mitch about the steroids. Mitch gets upset and fires Coach Coglin immediately.