Baywatch - Season 4

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Guys & Dolls
    Guys & Dolls
    Episode 22
    When Matt is out water-skiing, he sees a young woman being swept into the ocean. When he has rescued her, she tells him she lost all her money in the water and that she needed the money for her audition. She wants to become an actress. She introduces herself as Rachel Henderson, and Matt feels sorry for her and loans her $ 100. Meanwhile, when Mitch is running on the beach, he sees a man sleeping in the sand. Then he realizes that the man is about to be run over by a beach tractor. He rescues the man just in time and the man introduces himself as Henry Krebbs. He tells Mitch that he is looking for his runaway daughter Nancy. His description matches Rachel's exactly. Henry tells Mitch that he is dying of cancer and wants to meet his daughter before he dies. The next day when Rachel doesn't return to give Matt his money back, Matt finds a receipt in the dryer. The note leads him to the marina where he finds Rachel. She runs away and when he captures her and tells her that her father is dying, she tells him that her father used to beat her. Unsure of who is telling the truth, Matt wants Rachel to reconcile with her father. She doesn't want that but if Matt goes with her to get a package, she agrees to meet with her father. The package include fine dolls from Hong Kong. Meanwhile, Henry spies on Summer and Mitch at headquarters and finds out that Matt's boat is at slip 88. He goes there to get the diamonds that are in one of the dolls that has just arrived from Hong Kong. Then it turns out that his real name is Sam and Rachel's real name is Linda. Sam and Linda used to be partners before she decided to double-cross him and run away with the diamonds. He gets the diamonds, tie up Matt and Linda and drives off with Matt's boat. Far out at sea he meets his partner, but when Mitch and Newmie arrive in the scarab and Henry/Sam tells him that Matt and Rachel are down below, Mitch realizes that something is wrong because Henry said before that his daughter's name was Nancy. Mitch and Sam fight in the boat, but when the diamonds go overboard, Sam jump in after them and is picked up by Newmie. Meanwhile, Stephanie and Scott Daniels from the Coast Guard are falling deeply in love. Stephanie introduces Scott to Mitch, and in doing so realizes that she and Mitch have never resolved their own feelings for one another. She seeks for Mitch's advice, before she makes a commitment to Scott. But when Mitch and Stephanie have talked about it, they both agree that Scott is the right one for her. Hobie has just got the A & W cream soda he won in the boogie-board competition delivered "Tentacles: Part I/II".moreless
  • Trading Places
    Trading Places
    Episode 21
    When a man is seen drifting in the ocean, Matt and Stephanie are called in to rescue him. But as they are approaching the victim, a Coast Guard helicopter waves them away from the victim, and they rescue him instead. Later Stephanie and Matt confront one of the Coast Guard members Scott Daniels about calling the scarab off. Scott explains to them that they couldn't see it, but the scarab was about to travel across a fish net, which would have folded the scarab propellers. At first Stephanie doesn't like Scott, and she is less than thrilled when she discovers that she will work with him on the beach for a day because Chief Thorpe thinks it will be a good thing for the Coast Guard to see what a lifeguard does and the other way around. Scott is convinced that life-guarding is all about working on your tan, but when Stephanie is forced to make a rescue and Scott doesn't have a clue who the victims are, he agrees that life-guarding is a very serious job and that you have to be on your guard all the time. The next day, Stephanie joins Scott for a week of Coast Guard duty. But she encounters problems when she is about to dive from the helicopter. She can't go through with it because she has been afraid of helicopters ever since her father died in Vietnam when she was seven years old. Later Scott explains to Stephanie that the man they rescued in the fish net the other day is involved with gun-smugglers operating in the waters. They are on a boat named the La Paloma. Mahorn and Laimbeer on the La Paloma have smuggled guns for quite some time now, and the Coast Guard is on full alert for this boat. When Mahorn and Laimbeer are about to bring a big shipping of guns to shore, their engines stop working. When Mahorn and Laimbeer have abandoned the La Paloma in a small boat, Matt and Stephanie arrive in the scarab. As Matt and Stephanie pull the men from the water, Stephanie recognizes the emblem on their life jackets that say the La Paloma. But before she can call it in, Mahorn and Laimbeer have pulled their guns at them. Matt is thrown overboard in a fish net and is left drifting in the ocean. When Matt has been dumped, Mahorn and Laimbeer try to run away with Stephanie hostage. But they are forced to stop when they are surrounded by the helicopter, the Coast Guard boat and another scarab with Newmie and Barnett. Then Stephanie is picked up by the helicopter and they go searching for Matt. When they find him, Stephanie is forced to make the dive, because Scott got injured by one of the bullets Mahorn shot at the helicopter. She manages to go through with it and brings Matt to safety.moreless
  • The Life You Save
    The Life You Save
    Episode 20
    When the Baywatch gang find out that their jobs are in jeopardy due to budget cuts, everyone decide to volunteer as civilian lifeguards. At the same time on the beach, a couple named David and Julia is having a romantic time. When David proposes to Julia, the engagement ring falls into the water. David dives in after the ring, but the onrushing tide forces a rock to fall down on his hand and he is trapped. Meanwhile Matt and Summer are going to have a picnic on the beach when they see Julia on some cliffs. They dive in after David and bring him to safety just in time. When David and Julia arrive to headquarters with Matt and Summer, Mitch gets an idea. Instead of showing the county commissioners just some statistics, they bring some victims to the beach whom they have rescued during the years. Among the victims are Charlie Dupree (Episode 29: "Sandcastles") who was rescued by Mitch and the Baywatch gang when she lived on the street with her mom. Memo Urueta (Episode 28: "Point of Attack") who Eddie saved from gang-life. Governor Dickson (Episode 55: "Dead of Summer"), who held his speech on the pier when the scarab with a bomb on it was driving towards the pier. He was rescued by Mitch when he drove the scarab away from the pier. Bobby Clark (Episode 74: "Submersion"), who almost died, but later recovered at the hospital. The county commissioners are overwhelmed by the dramatic testimony, and instead of cutting down on lifeguards, they give them more lifeguard equipment instead.moreless
  • Western Exposure
    Western Exposure
    Episode 19
    Famous country-singer Jesse Lee Harris is at the top of his career and because he tours constantly, his wife Crystal left him with their son Jackson. The problem is that she didn't tell him where they went. But one day, Jesse receives a Venice Beach postcard from Jackson and he is determined to find them. Therefore he takes a detour to Los Angeles on his way to Las Vegas and hopes to find his family there and get the marriage back together again. When Jesse walks around on the beach, showing people a picture of Jackson, two girls recognize him and then he is surrounded by 20 girls. When they all end up in the water, C.J. and some other lifeguards have to rescue him. C.J.'s friend Sadie who was on the beach next to C.J.'s tower is a country singer herself, and she recognizes Jesse. When C.J. finds out about it, she escorts him to headquarters. She also convinces him to come to the Denim & Diamonds Dance Hall to hear Sadie sing. Jessie accepts the invitation, and is so impressed by Sadie's talent, that he invites her to join his tour. Sadie is very happy about it and can't hardly believe that it's actually true. Meanwhile, Hobie has a crush on a girl named Bridgette and when he asks her out, she tells him she's busy. But when Mitch asks her the same thing, she accepts. It turns out that Bridgette has a crush on Mitch. When they all go dancing, Bridgette calls Hobie a dork, and he gets very disappointed. The next day, when Hobie and Jesse are on the beach handing out flyers with Jackson's picture, Jackson sees him from the pier. When Jesse doesn't hear him yelling, Jackson falls off the pier and Hobie is forced to rescue him with C.J.'s help. Then the Harris family is reunited once again and Jesse promises to cut down on his tours. He promises his family that he will spend more time in his studio in Nashville.moreless
  • Rescue Bay
    Rescue Bay
    Episode 18
    When TV-producer Don Brand visits the beach, he is delighted to discover that the actions that take place on the beach are perfect for a TV-series. He calls the TV-series "Rescue Bay". He gets inspired when he witness Stephanie, Matt and Summer rescue two men on a boat, and when Garner catches a bad guy with the help of a kid's kite. Brand is convinced that he has a number one show in his hand. Brand follows the lifeguards around interviewing them about their jobs and personal lives. Stephanie reveals her and Mitch's relationship to him. Matt and Summer are played by two network-deal ingenues. Stephanie wants to play herself but when C.J. returns from Hawaii unaware of the shooting of a TV-series, she rescues the victims not knowing they are only acting. Brand is immediately smitten and offers Stephanie's part to C.J. and Stephanie becomes real upset. When the two roommates argue over who is best suited to play the role, Mitch agrees to help them with a kissing scene, but that doesn't change anything. The character based on Mitch is played by a bodybuilder named Dolph Apolganger. Garner is played by an actor named Sly Hutchinson who could be Garner's identical twin. The series pilot is supposed to be a fifteen-minute series presentation. In the end, Garner ends up stealing Sly's girlfriend Dawn. The opening action sequence features a boat explosion, but when the explosion is too big, the real lifeguards have to make a big rescue. Brand films the whole rescue and when Mitch returns from the water, he orders Brand to leave the beach. When the Baywatch gang have watched the clip Brand showed the network, Mitch reveals to everyone that the network didn't like the idea, although they will sell it to foreign countries and the States will send it in syndication.moreless
  • The Falcon Manifesto
    A woman, trying to avoid being killed by a man implicated in papers he wrote, befriends Mitch. Matt looks to buy a houseboat to live on but Summer is less than enthusiastic.
  • Mirror, Mirror
    Mirror, Mirror
    Episode 16
    Mitch encounters a strange woman who may prove to be more troublesome than he thinks. Matt has recurring nighmares that trouble him and Summer though for different reasons.
  • Coronado Del Sol (2)
    Stephanie, with the aid of the Coast Guard, searches franticallly for the missing Mitch and Buzz. Summer and the other Baywatchers find out the truth behind the ghost tales at the hotel they are staying at.
  • Coronado Del Sol (1)
    Four of the Baywatch lifeguards journey to San Diego to demonstrate the usage of the scarabs to lifeguards in that area. However, the hotel they stay at has a legend of a ghost haunting its hallways.
  • The Red Knights
    The Red Knights
    Episode 13
    A reunion of older lifeguards stirs up painful memories for Ben. Jackie's big chance to impress a local music executive could be damaged by unexpected problems.
  • Second Time Around
    Second Time Around
    Episode 12
    Matt rescues a woman following a jet ski accident and realizes he knows her from before. Things are quickly complicated for Matt as the woman pleads with him to help her fend off a rejected suitor from her past.
  • The Child Inside
    The Child Inside
    Episode 11
    Baywatch is host to the Special Olympics and a long time friend of Mitch arrives to help oversee the event.
  • Tower of Power
    Tower of Power
    Episode 10
    A local gang proves to be trouble for a new lifeguard at Baywatch. C.J. befriends a local magician/escape artist who tries to impress her with a dangerous stunt.
  • Ironman Buchannon
    Ironman Buchannon
    Episode 9
    Mitch trains hard for an upcoming Ironman competition with the goal of winning supceded by a desire to prove himself. Matt takes a second job to obtain enough money to buy a motorcycle he desires greatly.
  • Submersion
    Episode 8
    Mitch has to make a difficult choice in the course of a rescue and his decision threatens to haunt him for the rest of his days.
  • Tentacles (2)
    Tentacles (2)
    Episode 7
    Stephanie's sister arrives at Baywatch with exciting news but her joy is quickly shattered by a cataclysmic event. Mitch finds himself at the mercy of a wounded but dangerous adversary.
  • Tentacles (1)
    Tentacles (1)
    Episode 6
    The competition between Matt and Slade for Summer's affections intensifies as the two compete at surfing. Mitch encounters a woman desperate to get help for her boyfriend.
  • Sky Rider
    Sky Rider
    Episode 5
    Slade returns to the Baywatch beach and becomes involved in a love triangle with Summer and Matt. A man who owns a hot air balloon tries to woo C.J.
  • Blindside
    Episode 4
    C.J. is rescued from a manace on the beach by a familiar face. Hobie befriends a reclusive man and tries to change his path in life.
  • Lover's Cove
    Lover's Cove
    Episode 3
    Hobie meets a beautiful young woman who is enrolled in the training course for prospective new lifeguards and falls deeply in love. Summer and Matt discuss the true nature of the feelings they have for each other.
  • Race Against Time (2)
    Mitch and his fellow lifeguards race against time to free Hobie and other surviviors from a crashed plane that is rapidly filling with water. Meanwhile, Matt makes his decision about his future and Jackie runs into a snag with getting her new business going.
  • Race Against Time (1)
    Gayle brings news to Hobie and Mitch that has a profound affect on both of them. Summer is faced with the possibility that she may have to move back to Pittsburgh and Matt is given an ultimatum by his father that will impact his future.