Baywatch - Season 5

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Wet N' Wild
    Wet N' Wild
    Episode 22
    A new lifeguard named Neely Capshaw has been transferred to Baywatch from Huntington. She asks if she can work with Matt so that he can train her in basic procedures. In their tower, Neely comes on to Matt but he rejects her telling her about his relationship to C.J. Later when Matt arrives to Neely's tower she is nowhere to be seen, so Matt is forced to rescue a little girl in trouble. Neely is in her tower drinking alcohol. While Matt is carrying the victim to shore, Neely comes to his assistance. When they have performed CPR on the victim, Matt realizes that Neely has been drinking because he can smell it on the victim while he is doing mouth-to-mouth. Matt tells Mitch about it and when Neely finds out about it, she bursts into tears and tells Mitch that Matt sexually harassed her in the tower. Matt becomes furious but there's nothing he can do that proves he didn't do it. Therefore Mitch is forced to suspend him, because Neely plans to sue both the County, Baywatch and Matt. When Matt goes to talk to Neely, he ends up in a fight with Johnny Danger, Neely's boyfriend. After that, he and C.J. comes up with a plan. When Neely arrives to a small diner near the beach, Matt and C.J. pretend to argue. Then Matt leaves upset and C.J. is left at the table crying. Neely joins her at the table and when she finds out that Matt cheated on C.J, she tells C.J. to lie just like she did. When Neely has confessed and said that Matt didn't sexually harass her, C.J. picks up a recorder from her purse. She recorded everything Neely said so Matt is put back on duty again and Neely is fired. Meanwhile, a daredevil man named Johnny Danger is showing his stunts near the beach. He will perform some stunts at Great Western Forum in a show called "The Johnny Danger Daredevil Extravaganza". Hobie, J.B. and Connor are captivated by his thrilling tricks and when Hobie helps him during a stunt, he gets a Johnny Danger jacket from him. After that Hobie, J.B. and Connor have found an idol in Johnny. But Hobie is unaware about Johnny's history of bar fights and driving under the influence. When Johnny and Danger are riding Johnny's motorcycle on the sidewalk, Garner arrives to give Johnny a ticket. He is surprised to find Hobie on the motorcycle. When he is having lunch with Mitch, he tells him about Hobie's adventure and Mitch becomes real upset. When Johnny gives J.B. and Connor his beer, he crosses the line. Later at the beach, Connor gets into trouble in the water and Mitch and Hobie have to rescue him. Later Hobie says no to an offer to ride on Johnny's bike because Johnny is drunk. After that, Johnny starts driving on the pier and after a while, he drives his motorcycle off the pier and into the water. He is rescued by Mitch and later taken to prison.moreless
  • The Runaways
    Episode 21
    Kaye hires a an aspiring English pop singer as a waitress and discovers she's a runaway. A daredevil attempts to set a new world's record waterskiing behind a blimp. Stephanie questions Caroline's ability as a lifeguard.
  • Promised Land
    Episode 20
    Caroline tries to help a Chinese immigrant woman stay in America after the woman escapes from an illegal refugee boat. Garner and Matt try to stop a beautiful con artist rip off beach goers when she exposes too much.
  • Deep Trouble
    Episode 19
    John D. Cort, returns to Baywatch, homeless and depressed, but finds a purpose for living when the potential donor of a young leukemia victim is reported missing.
  • Fire with Fire
    Episode 18
    Mitch's friend, a sheriff and part-time lifeguard, causes trouble when he uses strong-arm tactics on the beach. Logan annuls his marriage of convenience, putting his future at in the U.S. and Baywatch at risk.
  • Father's Day
    Episode 17
    Logan is traumatized by a phobia from his past involving his late father and fire. Mitch discovers that his late father was actually proud of his career as a lifeguard.
  • A Little Help
    Episode 16
    In an homage to the movie Sleepless in Seattle, Hobie tries helping his grieving father deal with Tracy's death by calling a radio station for advice, and a woman listener in another city decides to contact them. Caroline rescues a swimmer with AIDS, causing problems between her and Logan.
  • Seize the Day
    Episode 15
    After learning Tracy's dying, Mitch intends to make their last moments together count but tragedy cuts short their time together. Logan and Caroline try to stop a pair of reckless wave runners from cauing harm on the beach.
  • Homecoming
    Episode 14
    Stephanie returns to Baywatch only to become victim of an ultraradical eco-terrorist trying to destroy an offshore oil platform. Mitch makes waves in Garner's relationship with a new lifeguard.
  • Rubber Ducky
    Episode 13
    Logan and his friend Gator are determined to beat Matt and Barnett in a rubber ducky contest so that Logan can win the cash prize and not have to marry a rich widow to stay in the country. Mitch's new relationship with Tracy comes under the scrutiny of his disapproving mother but Tracy hides a secret from Mitch.moreless
  • Silent Night, Baywatch Night (2)
    At Christmas, Mitch tries to reunite Joey with her mother; C.J. worries that a priest is leaving the church for her and Matt investigates whether Santa's elves are really vacationing at Baywatch.
  • Silent Night, Baywatch Night (1)
    As Christmas nears, Mitch and Tracy fall in love. Mitch and Hobie let a lost boy stay with them during the holidays, only to discover he's a con artist. C.J. believes a priest has developed romantic feelings for her. Matt suspects that a group of vacationing little people are really Santa's elves.moreless
  • I Spike
    Episode 10
    Matt considers fulfilling his dreams of playing professional volleyball when he's given the chance to partner with a pro. Mitch meets the beautiful Tracy, who tries to sell Baywatch a hovercraft. Garner literally chokes when he tries to sing in public. C.J. protests oil drilling in the bay and the lifeguards must rescue the drillers become trapped underwater.moreless
  • Red Wind
    Episode 9
    The Santa Ana Winds usher in some strange times for the lifeguards as Caroline helps an insane man who swears his daughter drowned in the ocean, while Mitch is tormented by a meek man, whose fiancée remains infatuated with Mitch from a years-ago rescue.
  • 11/14/94
    A radio DJ leads a contest for hidden treasure on the beach, which brings a flood of treasure hunters to the beach- including Matt and C.J. who are swept up in the frenzy.
  • 11/7/94
    Mitch works with an FBI agent, posing as a lifeguard, stake-out a dangerous criminal. After Matt rescues a Dutch woman, she intends to repay him with her servitude, which evokes jealous in C.J.
  • Short Sighted
    Episode 6
    After Caroline and Logan complete rookie school, Logan is named "Rookie of the Year" and chooses to work at Baywatch. Caroline, still smarting from her break-up with Logan, tells Stephanie she won't be able to work with him. During her first shift, Caroline's distracted by Logan's presence. Despite Stephanie's warning to watch a little girl, Caroline can't keep her eyes off Logan and almost misses a rescue when the girl nearly drowns. After Steph comes to the girl's rescue, a guilty Caroline confesses she missed the rescue because of Logan. Stephanie then decides to transfer Logan to Zuma Beach. Caroline's upset by Stephanie's interference while Logan threatens to sue. Mitch advises Stephanie to not let her personal feelings about Logan interfere with his job ability. Stephanie reconsiders and apologizes to Caroline, saying she'll be her boss when she's on-duty, but her sister off-duty.
    Meanwhile, Hobie befriends a new junior lifeguard named Carter, who panics when he learns of an upcoming father/son tournament. Carter lies to the other boys that his father can't make it, but when his father shows up anyway, Carter is embarrassed because his father, Simon, is a dwarf. Matt tries to get through to Carter, saying size shouldn't matter, but an unseen Simon overhears Carter say he is ashamed of his dad. Later, Simon asks for Matt's help in reaching his son. Per Matt's advice, Simon tries getting through to Carter, but to no avail. Simon, who can't swim, then risks his own life to save a little girl and her dog and almost drowns in the process. After Matt and Mitch rescue the man and perform CPR on him, Carter realizes how much he really does love his father after almost losing him. Later, Simon is honored with a medal of valor for his heroic efforts at the junior lifeguard ceremony.moreless
  • Air Buchannon
    Episode 5
    Mitch and Stephanie ponder rekindling their romance during a 24-hour shift at the beach.
  • Baja Run
    Episode 4
    John D. Cort comes back to Baywatch and the episode starts with Cort hiding some stolen artifacts behind some rocks in Mexico. Then when the Mexican border police and a man named Jake arrive, they can't find the artifacts and Cort is free to go. Cort left Baywatch a year earlier when he found out he had a degenerative eye disease that causes gradual blindness (Episode #73, Blindside). When Mitch is talking to John at the switchboard, he is surprised to see Cort out on the balcony. When he goes out to say hello, he doesn't know if Cort is blind or not, but he becomes happy when he finds out he isn't. When they are walking on the beach, Cort tries to convince Mitch to enter the Baja run with him. He finally gives in and says yes. When they see a fight in the water, Mitch and C.J. have to stop it and afterwards Cort and C.J. share a kiss, but that's it. Later Mitch and Cort arrive in Baja to meet a friend of Cort's named Al who is providing them with a dune buggy. During the race Cort takes a shortcut so he can go and get the stolen artifacts. But Jake and his partner see everything and start chasing the guys, but something goes wrong and Jake's dune buggy falls off the cliffs and into the water. Mitch and Cort rescue them just as a Mexican police officer arrives. But he doesn't find the artifacts so Cort donate the money he gets for them to an orphanage. Meanwhile, Caroline chooses Logan over Matt and Matt is depressed, but before he knows it, he has fallen in love with C.J. and they go on a date. While Caroline and Logan are jogging near the Malibu Sea Club, Logan sees a rich widow named Kathleen Huntington. But she doesn't show any kind of interest in him, so he pays a guy to scary her. When the guy almost drowns her, Logan comes to the rescue and suddenly Kathleen is interested in him. When Caroline sees the two of them together, she becomes upset.moreless
  • Aftershock
    Episode 3
    Hobie has returned from Ohio and Gayle has traveled with him back home. Gayle tells Mitch that their separation hasn't been good for Hobie and therefore she is willing to give their marriage another try. Hobie is very excited when he hears about the wedding-plans and the wedding will be held at the beach with Garner as Mitch's best man. Meanwhile, a fishing boat far out at sea gets an old mine in their fishing-net, and when the mine hits the boat, it explodes. When the lifeguards finds out about it, everyone leaves the wedding ceremony including Mitch. The rescue is successful but when Mitch comes back to the beach, Gayle is nowhere to be seen. He finds her on some rocks and she tells him that she has changed her mind. So the wedding is canceled making Hobie even sadder then he was before. Mitch does his best in order to comfort him. Meanwhile, when Caroline and Logan are out on a wave-runner, Logan is forced to make a rescue. Meanwhile, Caroline is waiting on the wave-runner that is knocked over by a huge wave. Matt and Newmie arrive in the scarab just in time and Matt rescues Caroline. Then he confronts Logan about the whole incident and they end up in a fight. Mitch and Stephanie punish them by sending them on dory duty. When they row to shore, Logan fakes a shoulder injury and Matt is forced to take them to shore by himself. But when they get a call that some kids are in trouble, Logan starts rowing again and they are able to rescue the kids with Stephanie's assistance. In the end, Caroline chooses to be with Logan, and Matt is very surprised when he finds out from Stephanie that Logan has recommended him for the Medal of Valor.moreless
  • Livin' on the Fault Line (2)
    The big earthquake was a 7.2 on the Richter scale. While Stephanie is rescuing Max and Tom on the surface, Riley is trapped underwater under some rocks, Jackie is in big trouble as her trailer is about to go off the cliff and Mitch rescues Hobie in the garage just before the big heavy boat engine is about to fall down on him. Hobie is traumatized after the incident and is determined to leave California. Later when Mitch finds out about Jackie, he and Matt go there in the scarab. But in order to help Jackie, they need some help from Debra Snell a TV-reporter who flies a helicopter. While hanging down from the helicopter, Mitch manages to separate the trailer from the car, and by that save Jackie. Meanwhile, Stephanie risks her life by free diving down to Riley. But she manages to get him loose with the help of C.J, Newmie and Logan who has arrived in the scarab. When the lifeguards are rescuing Riley, Logan cuts a deal with Max. He will receive a sum of money if he can retrieve the seismometer from the bottom of the ocean. Because he does this, he defines orders and Stephanie punishes him by sending him to clean all the toilettes at Baywatch headquarters. When Caroline and Hobie find Garrick trapped under the pier, Hobie refuses to go under the pier but when he realizes that Caroline needs his help, he confronts his fear and helps her. But in the end, he decides to move to Gayle in Ohio.moreless
  • Livin' on the Fault Line (1)
    A geological survey team arrives to Los Angeles in order to place an underwater seismometer in the Malibu fault. Stephanie agrees to be their safety officer, because she is in love with the team leader Riley Ferguson. Riley is an expert oceanographer and free-diver. The evening before the diving, Stephanie invites Riley over to her and C.J.'s apartment to discuss the details of the operation. But as their love begins to show, C.J. comes home and when she leaves her room to get a flashlight wearing just a negligee, Riley is definitely distracted. Later things doesn't turn out for the better when Caroline, Stephanie's younger sister, appears at the door. Caroline has left her husband Frank because he cheated on her and now she has come to California to start a new life. Meanwhile, Mitch isn't too happy when Hobie tells him that he will skip junior lifeguards this summer and work on his music instead. When Mitch tries to reason with him, Hobie tells him that he doesn't want to follow in his father's footsteps. Later when Hobie, Connor and J.B. have taken some pictures of themselves, they accidentally drop them from the pier. When Hobie goes down to get them, he meets a homeless man named Garrick. Hobie is scared when he sees Garrick, but it turns out that Garrick is harmless. Meanwhile, Jackie has sold Jackie's Summer Place and is moving back to Pittsburgh. Summer has already left California and she will attend Penn State in the fall. But before Jackie leaves for Pittsburgh, she will spend one more night in Los Angeles on some cliffs with her trailer. A new exchange-lifeguard from Australia named Logan Fowler is bothering Matt and during a rescue, Logan decides to rescue a woman instead of a man, and that really upsets Matt. Matt doesn't trust Logan and thinks that he wants to be more of a hero then a potential lifeguard. Early the next morning, Stephanie, Riley and his two friends Max and Tom head out to plant the seismometer in the Malibu fault. But disaster strikes when the big earthquake comes. Riley is trapped underwater and Stephanie, Max and Tom falls overboard when the boat turns upside down. Meanwhile, Matt is driving on the beach in a lifeguard truck gets stuck in the sand when the sand suddenly opens. C.J. and Caroline are trapped in the apartment as it collapses, Jackie is caught in her trailer which is hanging precariously over the edge of a cliff, and Hobie is trapped under the rubble of a partially collapsed garage. A very heavy boat engine is about to fall down on him. Newmie and Barnett are at headquarters when it collapses.moreless