Baywatch - Season 6

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Go for the Gold
    Go for the Gold
    Episode 22
    While Stephanie is training Cody in underwater search-and-rescue techniques, Cody finds a Spanish medallion. He has the medallion appraised and the shop owner offers Cody $3500 for it. But he doesn't accept it and is convinced that he will find more gold at the bottom of the ocean. He is convinced that a Spanish galleon is buried somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. He asks Stephanie for permission to go out searching. But Stephanie is concerned that his training will suffer if he does so. Anyway, she agrees to join him and search for the possible gold treasure. Meanwhile, a couple of drug-dealers named Lucas and Naomi has dropped a storage pod full with drugs nearby Cody's and Stephanie's diving area. They find the storage pod first and when Naomi and Lucas arrive, they try to kill Cody and Stephanie with spear guns. But Stephanie and Cody manage to reach the surface again. There they find Lucas who has left Naomi to die underwater. Cody goes down to rescue her even though he knows that he will suffer from decompression sickness afterwards. He rescues Naomi but then he is transported in a hurry to a decompression chamber. While there, he recovers, only to find out that he has irregular heart beat and has to withdraw his participation in the Olympics. At headquarters, a lot of jewelry is missing. When Neely finds a rat in the gym and the rat steals Newmie's prize watch, they are convinced the rat is the thief. While Newmie tries to get back his watch, the rat bite him. Later Newmie and Logan are able to locate the rat and find him in Matt's locker along with the jewelry.moreless
  • Last Wave
    Last Wave
    Episode 21
    Kaye is reunited with an old flame, a surfing champion surfer, arrives at Baywatch for a local surfing tournament, however, disaster strikes. Stephanie undergoes surgery for her melanoma as her friends patiently await her fate. Caroline catches Logan with Neely.
  • Forbidden Paradise (2)
    Mitch and Matt are saved by Hawaiian islanders. Stephanie helps an unlucky camera man find love. Logan proposes to Caroline.
  • Forbidden Paradise (1)
    Mitch, Stephanie, C.J., Matt, Caroline and Cody travel to Hawaii to train with Hawaiian guards. Once there, Stephanie finds romance with a Hawaiian lifeguard, Logan decides to compete in a surfing competition and a fishing trip becomes dangerous for Mitch and Matt.
  • Lost and Found
    Lost and Found
    Episode 18
    Mitch and Caroline help reunite an amnesiac Vietnamese refugee with her American GI father. C.J. and Cody help a wheelchair-bound comedian realize his dream of swimming in the ocean.
  • Sail Away
    Sail Away
    Episode 17
    Stephanie gets her fellow Baywatch lifeguards to participate in a sailing regatta. Mitch looks to formerly adopt Joey but unforseen complications threaten to dash his hopes.
  • Free Fall
    Free Fall
    Episode 16
    Mitch's life flashes before him (in flashbacks from previous episodes) when his parachute fails while sky-surfing. Tabloids follow CJ's relationship with a football player.
  • Bash at the Beach
    Bash at the Beach
    Episode 15
    Hulk Hogan enlists the help of Baywatch to save a youth recreation center from being closed. In a charity match, Hulk challenges fellow wrestler Ric Flair. Stephanie learns she has developed melanoma (skin cancer) from her years of working on the beach.
  • Baywatch Angels
    Baywatch Angels
    Episode 14
    When Logan is terrorized by a mad man, Caroline dreams that the detectives from TV show, Charlie's Angels, arrive at Baywatch to help him. In her dream, Caroline is Kelly Garrett, C.J. is Jill Munroe and Stephanie is Sabrina.
  • Desperate Encounter
    Desperate Encounter
    Episode 13
    While vacationing in Mexico, Mitch and his new girlfriend witness an attempted murder and are then hunted by the killers. Country and Western singer Jesse Lee Harris helps Logan and the Baywatch lifeguards raise money to save a ranch that rescues endangered horses.
  • Beauty and the Beast
    After swimmers are attacked by an alligator living in a storm drain, Mitch, Logan and Cody hunt for the creature. C.J., Caroline and Neely compete to become the cover model for Inside Sports magazine.
  • The Incident
    The Incident
    Episode 11
    Caroline blames herself after a victim drowns after a nighttime rescue. Spurred on by Neely, Caroline takes a walk on the wild side.
  • Sweet Dreams
    Sweet Dreams
    Episode 10
    After finding an abandoned baby in his tower, Logan wrongly assumes he's the father and decides to raise it. Cody participates in the trials for the Olympic swim team.
  • Home Is Where the Heat Is
    Matt has come back from France for his 10 days as a lifeguard. But he is vague when it comes to his relationship with C.J. Matt and Neely's reunion is explosive because both of them really hate each other. Mitch puts them in the scarab in order to find out if they can work together. Meanwhile, a group of commando pirates boards the yacht "Monarch", owned by millionaire Price Rreynolds who is on his honeymoon with his wife Jill. The pirates are demanding a $ 50 million ransom for the couple. They place the couple on the collapsed oil platform with handcuffs and air for six hours. The Captain of Reynolds' scarab has been thrown overboard and is later picked up by Matt and Neely in the scarab. He is suffering from hypothermia. But before he passes out, he is able to whisper the word "Monarch". When the Coast Guard has picked up the Captain, Matt and Neely head for the yacht only to find themselves in the hands of the pirates. Mitch and C.J. get worried and go out looking for them. When they arrive to the yacht, the pirates pull their guns at them. But in the meantime, Matt and Neely has freed themselves from the handcuffs and with Mitch and C.J.'s help they knock down the pirates. Neely figures out that the Reynolds' must be trapped on the collapsed oil platform and she is right about that. The lifeguards manage to bring them to safety just as their air has run out. Meanwhile, when Hobie and Joey are in Venice, she spots an old friend of hers named Trapper. He is a con artist and Joey's mom owes him $ 800. Now Trapper is forcing Joey to steal for him in order to get the money back. But she doesn't want to have anything to do with him. But finally she can't run from him, and he forces her to do a break-in. Meanwhile, Mitch has found out about the whole thing through Hobie. And he runs to help her. He arrives just in time and after a chase down to the beach, he tells Trapper to never show his face in the neighborhood ever again.moreless
  • Hit and Run
    Hit and Run
    Episode 8
    From headquarters, Caroline sees that the local surfers are getting territorial again. When Mitch is forced to make a rescue, the locals and the victim's friend end up in a fight, but Logan breaks up the fight. Logan is still pursuing his business venture of Aussie swimwear and he has an important meeting with a major clothing manufacturer. But since his car is with a mechanic, he has to borrow one of the other lifeguards' cars. No one is willing to let Logan borrow their car, but Logan takes Cody's car without permission, when he has found out from Newmie that Cody is on a 24-hour-shift. Unfortunately for Logan, he gets involved in a collision which injures a pregnant woman. Logan quickly gets out of his car and tries to rescue the victim. When the police arrive, he tells them that the driver took off and that he saw the whole thing from the beach. The next morning, the police arrive at headquarters in order to take Cody down to the station. When he is about to leave for the police station, he notices that his car is gone. When Cody finds Logan's leather bracelet in the car, he is convinced that Logan is the guilty one. Meanwhile, Hobie and his friends are having a paintball war at the beach. Hobie's friend Terri gets stung by a wasp and has to be taken to the hospital. Mitch and Stephanie don't agree over the number of hours that have been assigned to Mitch. Stephanie has ignored Mitch's seniority and has given open hours to Cody. She claims that Mitch is never available due to his moonlighting as a P.I. When they can't agree on a solution, Hobie suggests they can settle things by staging a paintball war on the beach. They like the idea and Stephanie recruits Logan, C.J. and Hobie to her team while Mitch recruits Cody, Terri, Caroline and Newmie to his team. During the war, Cody and Logan ends up in a fight and Cody almost falls down a cliff. He is brought back to safety with the help of Mitch and Logan. Also, C.J. discovers a sea lion on the beach. C.J. brings him to headquarters where he almost destroys the first aid room. Therefore C.J. takes him to their apartment. But when the sea lion ruins Caroline's party dress, C.J. is forced to find an owner for the sea lion. It turns out that the sea lion has run away from his owner and he belongs to a man named Ryan Edwards.moreless
  • Face of Fear
    Face of Fear
    Episode 7
    One of Hobie's friends almost die while he surfs at a place known as "The Shredder". Mitch gets real shaken up about the incident and tells Hobie that he could have been the one who almost drowned. Mitch closes down that section of the beach to keep anyone else from being killed there. But Mitch's signs doesn't stop Hobie's friend Isaac from going there to surf. He thinks he will get his father's attention by doing so. Hobie tells Mitch about it and he and Stephanie are able to rescue Isaac before he injures himself badly. When Mitch tells Isaac's dad about it, he gets upset and tells Mitch to mind his own business and then he leaves headquarters. The next day when Mr. Klein calls Mitch and Hobie and asks to speak with Isaac, Mitch figures out that something is wrong. Isaac didn't spend the night in their home. Mitch asks Mr. Klein to meet him at "The Shredder". When Mitch arrives, he is able to rescue Isaac just in time. After this incident, Isaac and his parents start with therapy to solve their problems. While, Isaac, Mr. Klein, Mitch and Hobie are playing football on the beach, Mr. Klein's secretary calls and tells him that he is needed at an important meeting. But instead he tells her that he is busy with his son. Meanwhile, Caroline befriends an old jockey named Corey Berens on the beach. But she doesn't know who he is until Logan tells her. He tells her that he got blind during a race when he fell of his horse. When some kids get into trouble, Corey sees this and Caroline suspects that he just pretends to be blind. At the Sandy Cay Cafe, Caroline tells Nicole, one of the waitresses, to spill ice coffee on her hand. Corey who thinks that the coffee is warm, asks if she got burned. Then Caroline knows for sure that Corey can see. Confronted by Caroline, he admits that he pretended to be blind because he is afraid to race again. Caroline convinces him to start riding again on his horse Dakotashan who ended up with a broken leg after the fall. Now when both Corey and Dakotashan has recuperated, Corey is provoked by Lance Kincaid, the jockey responsible for Corey's accident. Corey challenges Kincaid for a race on the beach. The winner gets the loser's horse. Of course Corey ends up winning and is now back for good.moreless
  • Leap of Faith
    Leap of Faith
    Episode 6
    C.J. returns from France without Matt. She, Stephanie and Caroline are training some Junior Lifeguards. In order to improve the girls' lifeguard skills, they separate them from the boys. During an exercise where the girls are supposed to rescue a dummy, they get distracted by the boys instead and no one even notices the dummy who sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Then they decide that the only way to teach the girls teamwork, is to take them to Catalina. Unfortunately for them, Neely invite herself and C.J. and Caroline become furious. But the two of them decide to give Neely a chance. When two of the girls, Erika and Taylor get caught in a strong current and ends up trapped in a cave, the girls have to act as a team in order to get them out. The rescue is a success and the girls learn what teamwork is. Mitch is surprised when he receives a letter from the Superior Court. They are requesting him to appear for the reading of a will. According to the letter, Mitch has been named beneficiary by a Kyla Weaver, but Mitch doesn't know anyone by that name. But when he meets with Mr. Samuels he finds out that Kyla Weaver actually is Kyla Jennings a con-artist he helped during the Christmas holidays the year before. It turns out that she and her husband died in a car-crash and left Joey without a home. Now Mitch has to decide whether he wants a new family member or not. Joey wants to prove she is worthy to be a Buchannon. Therefore she steals Mitch's tower key and acts as a lifeguard. But as she tries to rescue two boys, she gets into trouble. Meanwhile, Mitch finds out from Brad that Joey said to him that she wants to prove herself as a Buchannon. Mitch arrives just in time to rescue Joey and the two boys with Brad's assistance. In the end, he decides to adopt her and the Baywatch gang throw her a surprise party at headquarters.moreless
  • To Everything There Is a Season
    Mitch's mother Irene comes to Los Angeles for her annual visit. However, this year Mitch and Hobie realize that everything isn't what it used to be. Irene not only forgets her carry-on bag on the plane, she goes onto the wrong plane as well. Because of this Mitch thinks that something is seriously wrong with her. Later Irene shows up at headquarters, telling Mitch she can't remember where Hobie's school is or the name of it. Mitch convinces Irene to see a doctor. It turns out that Irene has Alzheimer's disease. She wants to tell Hobie herself. She does that while they are walking in Venice and when Hobie goes to get some hot dogs, a mom and her child comes up to her asking for direction. When Irene doesn't remember the answer to their question, she gets confused and runs away. Hobie runs to headquarters and tells Mitch about it and he organizes a search. Meanwhile, Irene gets robbed by two guys and her purse is later found by Hobie, J.B. and Connor. Mitch is finally able to find Irene crying in a corner. After the incident, she decides to start taking her medicine. Meanwhile, Cody trains for the Olympics with Stephanie, but she notices that Cody isn't trying very hard. Cody admits to her that after his parents' death, he isn't sure if he wants to compete in the Olympics anymore. He has lost all of his motivation. Stephanie decides to cut down on the training until Cody makes up his mind on what he wants. When Logan finds out about this, he calls Cody a quitter. This makes Cody furious and this gives him his motivation back. Now Cody is determined more than ever to reach the Olympics, even if it's just to prove Logan wrong. The day before, Stephanie and Cody was forced to rescue a jet skier who has fallen just because of some drunk people in speedboats. When Cody is about to swim to Catalina, the drunk people return. This time they almost runs over Cody before they smash into each other and needs to be rescued by both the lifeguards and the Coast Guard.moreless
  • Surf's Up
    Surf's Up
    Episode 4
    Diablo Cove is one of the most popular surfing areas in Los Angeles. But unfortunately because of a storm drain, the water has been polluted and by that endangered the health of those surfing there. Cody and Neely take water samples there and discover dangerous levels of E Coli bacteria. But two teenagers named Stick and Daryl surf there anyway. When one of them gets sick and must be rescued by Cody and Neely, they discover that his back is completely covered with nasty rashes. After that, the lifeguards close the beach. After the close down, Mitch contacts Dave at the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit organization created to clean up shoreline pollution. Dave has wanted the storm drain diverted for years, but the county always refuse. At the beach where the Surfrider Foundation is having a meeting, Stephanie meets her ex-husband Billy again. He has retired from his job in New York and moved back to L.A. He did so when he suffered from a minor heart attack. Now he wants to rekindle their romance. Stephanie seems interested at first, but when Caroline confronts Stephanie about it, Billy decides to leave for good. Mitch decides that the best way to raise money for the diversion of the storm drain is to arrange for a benefit concert. Then it turns out that Mitch knows The Beach Boys. He sang with them when he was eight. His brother Buzz was a friend of theirs. The Beach Boys decide to hold a concert on the beach. Also, Neely teaches Cody how to surf and at the concert she kisses him. It's also revealed that C.J. is in France with Matt.moreless
  • Hot Stuff
    Hot Stuff
    Episode 3
    Kaye Morgan is volunteering at the Malibu School for the Blind, and Hobie is helping her with the kids. The kids are supposed to boogie-board, but one of the kids Charlie doesn't want that. Instead Mitch gives him a metal detector to play with. Hobie also follows the kids Charlie, Peter, Melissa and Bonnie on a hike in the woods. But disaster is about to strike. A shattered bottle thrown from a passing car has ignited a dry brush, and by that created a huge wall of fire that blows through the canyon threatening hundreds of homes and also the kids on their hike. Especially Charlie who lost his sight in a fire. When they are about to return to the school, Charlie disappears and Hobie is forced to find him before it's too late. By doing so, he is forced to leave the other kids behind, but they are later taken care of by Kaye. When Mitch finds out about the situation, he heads out to rescue Hobie and Charlie. He arrive just in time to do so. Meanwhile, Logan thinks that Caroline and Cody has something going on, but they don't. But this is not a good beginning to Cody and Logan's friendship. Stephanie places Neely in the switchboard. Neely gets real upset about this, but Stephanie just tells Neely that she has a lot to prove before she can become a good lifeguard. But Neely's good work during the fire, gives Stephanie second thoughts and she is willing to give Neely a chance.moreless
  • Trapped Beneath the Sea (2)
    Logan alerts headquarters about the accident at the oil platform. After that, he dives down to rescue Stephanie and Tom and bring them to safety. Inside the platform, Cody is forced to rescue Neely who is stuck under a ladder. Then they locate Fern and Larry and finds out that Larry is trapped and can't feel his legs. When the lifeguards and the Coast Guard arrive, they plan to lift the platform because the only way to get in is from underneath. The Coast Guard boat has a bowing tender with a cargo boom that can take 15 tons, and with the help of that, they plan to lift the platform. Newmie and Barnett check on the lifting while Mitch, Stephanie and Logan enters the platform from underneath. While they are inside the platform, the chains break loose and they have to make another lift. Before they leave the platform, the lifeguards have to put Larry on the ladder and use it as a backboard. When everyone is safe except for Mitch, the chains almost break loose again, but Newmie is able to pull Mitch to safety just in time. Later Beth finds out that Logan isn't really interested in her and Gator ends up getting the contract for himself. Cody and Neely become close friends even though everyone warns him about her. But to Cody, Neely is the one who saved his life. In the end when Stephanie is walking towards the parking lot, she is surprised to see Mitch in a red Ferrari. The car turns out to belong to the detective agency, he and Garner along with a woman named Ryan, recently opened.moreless
  • Trapped Beneath the Sea (1)
    Mitch is becoming more interested in the private investigation business. Although he loves life guarding, he feels that he wants to try something else. And being a private investigator has always been one of Mitch's dreams. Therefore, he ends up starting a detective agency with Garner. Logan has together with his Aussie friend Gator, designed a line of Aussie beachwear. In order to get the clothes sold, Logan acts as if he is interested in Beth Campfield, the daughter of a man that can be a possible buyer. But Gator doesn't like Logan's way of making the deal happen. He feels like Logan is getting all the credit for their work. When a girl gets bitten by a rattlesnake, Caroline and Logan have to make a quick rescue and call an ambulance. Meanwhile, Neely Capshaw returns to Baywatch. Stephanie was forced to rehire her when she dropped her lawsuit against the County, Baywatch and Matt. When C.J. finds out about Neely's return, she gets real upset, and the two girls immediately get into a fight. C.J. blames Neely for Matt's departure to France. Later Neely confronts Logan about his and Caroline's relationship. It turns out that Gator has told Neely everything about Logan's little affair with Beth. While Stephanie is training some girls in the swimming pool, she sees a very athletic man swimming at the other end of the pool. She goes and talks to his coach Craig and finds out that his name is Cody Madison. Cody is a gifted swimmer but has zero will to win. He lost his motivation when his parents died in the Midwest floods. But before his parents' death, he wanted to make the 1996 Olympic swim team. When Stephanie finds out about this, she wants to be his coach. And because they don't have enough lifeguards, she hires Cody to work on the beach. Later Stephanie, Cody and her friend Tom go out to a condemned offshore oil platform. The platform's base may be converted into an artificial reef. When they arrive to the platform, they notice a boat. Stephanie alerts Logan and Neely over the radio and they set out to investigate. And while Stephanie and Tom go for a dive to take samples from the platform, Cody starts looking for the owners of the boat on the platform. Meanwhile an old mine has floated up to the surface, and is now drifting towards the oil platform. When Logan and Neely arrive to the platform, Neely starts looking for Cody and the others on the platform. Logan spots the mine just before it hits the platform, but it's too late. The oil platform explodes and begins to sink to the bottom of the ocean along with Neely, Cody and the four boat passengers.moreless