Baywatch - Season 7

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • Nevermore
    Episode 22
    One morning when C.J. arrives at her tower, she finds a bouquet of flowers and a poem. She takes for granted that the flowers are from Cody, but it turns out she has a secret admirer. Later when a boy gets into trouble under the pier, a man in a mask rescues him. When he scares the children, he runs away again. One of the boys tells his brother Billy about it. Billy and his friend Brett become obsessed with trying to get this so-called monster on videotape. Therefore they rig a camera under the pier and hope to catch a glimpse of him and then earn money on him. Later in the locker room, Sam and C.J. discuss plans for the upcoming weekend. C.J. feels abandoned by Cody who is going out with the guys, while Sam tells her about the romantic weekend she has planned for her and Mitch in Carmel. When C.J.'s shift ends, she takes a walk under the pier, where she finds pieces of a bandage. Then one of the pilings breaks loose without C.J. noticing it and she is knocked unconscious but rescued by the phantom lifeguard. The Phantom takes here to an abandoned power plant where he lives. When C.J. wakes up, she sees the phantom lifeguard and she get scared at first. But when she finds out that he is harmless, she feels sorry for him. He tells her his name is Aidan Masters. Then he tells her about the horrible life story of his. One day when he came home from work, his house was on fire. His wife at the time, had left a burning candle near a curtain. When the curtain caught fire, the house burned down, and Aidan's wife was killed. Aidan tried to rescue her and therefore got injured himself. He also reveals to her that he was the one sending her flowers and poems. Back at headquarters, Cody gets worried about C.J. and alerts Sam and Mitch about it. When Billy and Brett see that Aidan takes C.J. away, Billy and his two friends decide to go after him and rescue C.J. But Brett has second thoughts and go to Baywatch headquarters instead and tells Cody about everything. Cody immediately notifies Sam and Mitch and the three of them go to the abandoned power plant as well. At the plant, Billy and his two friends start chasing Aidan. When he falls into a pool full of water, Mitch jumps in and rescue him. Aidan ends up teaching at a school in L.A. After almost losing C.J., Cody realizes how much he loves her and asks her to marry him.moreless
  • Golden Girls
    Golden Girls
    Episode 21
    Neely and Mitch try to help a manic-depressive Jamie Duncan, the top female bodysurfer in the world. Newmie's potential romance with a beautiful woman hits a snag because she doesn't English.
  • Baywatch at Sea World
    The gang travels to Sea World in San Diego for the opening of the Baywatch stunt show.
  • Trial by Fire
    Trial by Fire
    Episode 19
    Caroline is sued by the mother of a victim of a failed rescue. C.J.'s desire for motherhood hits a snag when she realizes Cody's not ready for that type of commitment.
  • Hot Water
    Hot Water
    Episode 18
    Sam, Neely and Caroline witness a military jet crash into the ocean, then learn it contained a deadly virus. They must use a new deep-water scuba system to retrieve it. Cody, C.J. and Newmie try to shut down an illegal nude beach, which causes danger for its spectators.
  • Rendezvous
    Episode 17
    Cody encounters a mermaid during a rescue. Meanwhile, two teens form a suicide pact to be together when their disapproving parents try to keep them apart.
  • Matters of the Heart
    Manny tries to help a young boy from his old neighborhood escape gang life. Mitch and Samantha's are forced to reveal their secret romance to the rest of Baywatch, thanks to Neely's big mouth.
  • Life Guardian
    Life Guardian
    Episode 15
    While rescuing three inner city youths, Caroline receives help from a mysterious boy who mysteriously vanishes. Sparks fly when Neely is reunited with her ex-husband when she shows up unexpectedly at Baywatch.
  • Talk Show
    Talk Show
    Episode 14
    Mitch rescues the life of a talk show host, who then invites him to appear on her show. C.J. is convinced that a stray dog found by her and Caroline posseses the reincarted soul of the late Stephanie.
  • Chance of a Lifetime
    Stephanie and Tom decide to spend their honeymoon on a two masted sailing schooner named "Chance of a Lifetime" with Mitch, Neely and a bunch of teenagers. They think the trip will help the teenagers face their fears and problems, while teaching them some important life lessons. The teenagers are Benjamin who is very intelligent, Megan whose parents died when she was five, Trisha who has a sense of humor, Diana who has asthma and Randy and Terry who are stepbrothers. Randy and Terry fight all the time and during one fight, they break the only radio on board. This means they don't get the warning call about a storm heading their way from Baja. When the sail collapses and the ship starts sinking, they are forced to abandon the ship. Caroline, Cody and C.J. are back at headquarters worrying about them. When they head toward the lifeboat, Stephanie notices that Trisha is missing. She goes back in and finds her on the cabin floor. When Stephanie and Trisha are on the deck, lighting strikes the mast and breaks off a massive 20-foot section, which falls and crushes Stephanie. It's a very shocking scene when Stephanie gets an electrical shock and dies in the arms of the two men she loves the most, Mitch and her new husband Tom. Then the Coast Guards find them and transport them to shore. When the helicopter lands at headquarters, Mitch is forced to tell Caroline the shocking news. Caroline can't believe it and then everybody starts crying. During Stephanie's funeral, Mitch holds a speech. Then everyone reflects on the special way Stephanie was part of their lives.moreless
  • Bachelor of the Month
    Stephanie and Tom are planning a small and simple wedding. However, Caroline is convinced that a big wedding is the best thing to have. Tom tells Stephanie to tell Caroline how they feel, but Stephanie is afraid to hurt Caroline's feelings. She is still vulnerable after breaking off her engagement to Logan. In order to keep the wedding small, Stephanie and Tom decide to get married on the beach the same day. They have a small wedding on the beach and afterwards Stephanie throws her wedding bouquet, with Caroline catching it. Logan still loves Caroline, but they decide just to be friends. Meanwhile, a young editor from the Flash Magazine named Molly McCoy, approaches Mitch and tells him that he has been nominated to be the Flash Bachelor of the Month. It turns out that C.J. has nominated him. Meanwhile, a great Portuguese-Man-of-War is terrorizing the beach. When Molly doesn't get the video she wants for the Internet, she fakes a drowning. But then the Portuguese-Man-of-War comes and Mitch and Newmie who has just arrived in the call car, have to make a rescue. They rescue Molly and then they capture the Portuguese-Man-of-War. Afterwards, Molly finds out that the rescue wasn't recorded. The camera stopped working without a reason. Molly gets real upset and chases her cameraman down the beach. Because Molly doesn't have a video, Mitch doesn't get the $5,000 he was promised.moreless
  • Heal the Bay
    Heal the Bay
    Episode 11
    Mitch unknowingly swims in polluted waters after Baywatch is contaminated by toxic waste. After he falls ill, Neely, C.J. and Cody must come to his rescue and discover the source of the illegal dumping and the nature of the poison.
  • Search & Rescue
    Search & Rescue
    Episode 10
    There's a huge fire on a pier. The fire place fishermen and tourists are in a deadly situation. But the lifeguards and the firemen who work together as a team can rescue them all. Everyone like how well they cooperate. Then Sam and Captain Huntington from the Fire Department put together an elite Search & Rescue. The Search & Rescue Unit will include three lifeguards and three firemen. Everybody have a chance to qualify for the unit. A rivalry develops during the training session and Newmie ends up injuring his knee. In the end, Neely, Cody and a lifeguard from Catalina named Rick Jenner, qualifies for the unit. From the firemen, Terry, Clay and Jess get to go. The unit will have to show their newly gained skills during a building fire. The building is about to collapse on trapped victims. They save two victims in the garage. In the end, Neely, Cody and Jenner have to decide if they want to be lifguards or firemen because they can't be both. Meanwhile, Mitch is having problems with a man that thinks he is a vampire. He goes around biting everyone on the neck, including Mitch. Also, Cody wants C.J. to paint his portrait.moreless
  • Buried
    Episode 9
    En route to a survival training weekend, Mitch and the junior lifeguards are trapped in a tunnel cave-in caused by an earthquake. Donna's Playboy past puts her future at Baywatch in jeopardy.
  • Let the Games Begin
    The International Ironman Competition is held at Baywatch and Neely sets off a battle of the sexes when she decides to enter the competition.
  • Guess Who's Coming to Dinner
    C.J. gets a visit from her eccentric mother (played by guest star Connie Stevens), who's being pursued by criminals.
  • Beachblast
    Episode 6
    Mitch and the Baywatch gang compete against Jenny McCarthy and MTV VJ's in a charity games to raise money for the Special Olympics.
  • Scorcher
    Episode 5
    A heatwave precedes a visit to the beach by the President of the United States, as Mitch encounters a bumbling Secret Service Agent. Cody faces an audit by the IRS. Caroline thinks no one has remembered her birthday.
  • Windswept
    Episode 4
    Mitch is the prize in a bachelor auction, but things go awry when he and his date end up stranded on a deserted island. Cody competes with his roller hockey team to win a championship.
  • Liquid Assets
    Liquid Assets
    Episode 3
    C.J. befriends a homeless man, who then dies and leaves her a fortune in his will. Hobie helps aspiring lifeguard Manny make the Junior Lifeguard.
  • The Contest
    The Contest
    Episode 2
    Mitch judges a beachside beauty contest, but is tempted by two of the contestants, who both vie for his vote. Caroline's acting teacher puts her relationship with Logan in jeopardy. Logan designs a new rescue vehicle. Donna is blackmailed by a secret from her past.
  • Shark Fever
    Shark Fever
    Episode 1
    Logan wants to become a director, and he has written a script named Shark Fever. He makes a movie about it and Caroline stars in it. In the movie, Caroline is supposed to be attacked by a shark and the shark is driven by Newmie. But the shark won't work. Logan gets disappointed and asks a Captain on a boat if he can sedate a shark. The Captain agrees to sedate a tiny tiger shark and then hold it with a line. As a dangerous scene begins shooting, the tiger shark breaks loose and everybody have to jump out of the water. Then Caroline quits. When Cody is out in the water on a surfboard, a great white shark attacks him. Mitch is then forced to close the beach for everyone's safety. Despite the warnings, a couple of guys go out to surf. The rookie Donna has to make a daring rescue and rescue a little boy. Everyone blames Logan for the shark activity and Logan no longer has permission to make his movie anymore. When the shark attacks Mitch and Caroline in their boat, Logan films everything. But he also have time to bring Mitch and Caroline to safety. When the shark attacks the boat, the film goes overboard and Logan jumps in after it. In order to create a diversion, Caroline comes to think of "Jaws: The Revenge" and blows the shark into little pieces. Unfortunately for Logan, the film is never recovered. Later at headquarters, Mitch tells Logan that he has to decide if he wants to be a director or a lifeguard, because he can't be both and Logan decides to be a director. Meanwhile, Donna Marco, Mitch's friend who used to own a night club called Nights that he frequented, is a new lifeguard. On her first day, she gets to work with Anthony, a good-looking lifeguard who is dating Neely. Neely gets upset and Mitch places her with Donna instead. Neely isn't very friendly around Donna. Later, Donna tells Neely that she isn't interested in Anthony. She has no plans whatsoever to date someone she is working with. Then, Neely is happy and decides to become Donna's friend.moreless