Baywatch - Season 8

(ended 2001)




Episode Guide

  • White Thunder at Glacier Bay (2)
    Narrowly escaping Gavin for the moment, a clueless Hobie and Leslie take off on paragliders over the Alaskan mountaintops. Gavin is soon right behind them, brandishing a gun. With a confused Hobie following, Leslie lands her glider and takes off running. Gavin is in hot pursuit, eventually forcing them into an ice cavern from which they cannot escape. When Gavin finds them, he tells Leslie to throw the emeralds to him. But when he tries to catch them, he too falls down into the ice cavern. Mitch, putting together the clues, realizes that Hobie is in a deadly situation, and gets Cody to help him come to the rescue. They track the three of them down to the ice cavern on the glacier and a violent fight ensue. Mitch and Cody manage to finally capture Gavin and Leslie who are then arrested and sent to jail. Back on the ship, Neely tells Mitch that she couldn´t go through with reuniting with her ex-husband when she is actually in love with someone else. Mitch asks who she is in love with, and she replies with a tender kiss. The long-standing affection they´ve held for one another is finally revealed. A now self-assured Mitch offers his life-long love to Neely by presenting her with an engagement ring. Overwhelmed with joy, she happily accepts his proposal and they are married in an elegant ceremony onboard the ship, followed by an incredible honeymoon in the Alaskan wilderness.moreless
  • White Thunder at Glacier Bay (1)
    After boarding without Neely, Lani, or Donna seeing them, Mitch and Cody surprise their colleagues by appearing at dinner. Hobie and Leslie make it obvious that they know when they´re not wanted. Hobie also knows that his father still disapproves of his impulse to invite a total stranger with them on the cruise. When the ship docks in Ketchikan, Mitch and Cody prepare for a day of salmon fishing while Hobie and Leslie plan an outing in town. As Hobie and Leslie are departing the ship, Leslie sees Gavin at the gangplank anxiously scanning the crowd as they leave the ship. She quickly offers to baby-sit Neely´s infant, finding a convenient way to stay onboard while Gavin searches for her off the ship. Fortunately for Leslie, Gavin has met Donna, who he mistakes for Leslie because of her long blond hair. Donna, on the other hand, mistakenly believes she has found her millionaire dream man. Mitch and Cody are enjoying their day of salmon fishing, when a ferocious grizzly bear attacks Neely and forces them to make a daring rescue in the ice cold lake. Back on the ship, Neely recovers from her brush with death and thanks Mitch for saving her life. The moment grows in intensity and Mitch and Neely find themselves locked in a kiss. Confused by what just happened, Mitch excuses himself and Neely is left to ponder her actions and her planned reunion with her ex-husband the next day. With few options aboard the ship, Leslie plots to escape from Gavin by renting a paraglider at the next port and gliding over the mountaintops to safety. Hobie joins Leslie on the paragliding excursion, unaware that she is not planning to return to the ship. Gavin manages to follow them to the take-off point.moreless
  • Bon Voyage
    Bon Voyage
    Episode 20
    Neely, Donna and Lani are going on a cruise to Alaska. Lani is going to pose for Inside Sports on the cruise ship named the Dawn Princess. Cody doesn´t want her to go there without him because he is afraid he is going to lose her like he lost C.J. Meanwhile, Neely tells Mitch that she is bringing Ashley to Alaska. It turns out that she has located her ex-husband Peter there. She will take Ashley to him because Ashley needs a family. Mitch doesn´t want her to do that, because he doesn´t want to lose them. But Neely decides to go anyway. Hobie has entered a competition where he has written an essay. If Hobie wins the competition, he will receive four tickets to the same cruise ship as the girls, sponsored by Princess Cruises. Hobie wins the competition and receives four tickets. He gives Mitch and Cody two tickets, but he hasn´t decide who the third one is yet. Meanwhile, two jewel thieves is bringing up their emeralds from the bottom of the ocean. One of them, Leslie Stryker wants to double-cross the dangerous boss of the whole jewel smuggling operation. But her partner Robby Quinn is too afraid to do it. He is afraid of Gavin, the man they are supposed to deliver the emeralds to. But Leslie has already decided to keep the diamonds to herself and she hits Robby with a dive tank and before he comes to again, she tries to tie his foot to the line of the anchor. Robby goes down with the anchor and is left to die by Leslie. But Robby manages to free his feet and unconscious, he floats back up to the surface. When Newmie and April are water-skiing, they find Robby, and April and Sheryl rescue him. Leslie notices this from her boat, but is determined that no one will recognize her now with her new hair color. She also changes her name to Clair Hodges. When Leslie stages her own drowning in the marina, she is rescued by Hobie and he develops a crush on her. When J.D. comes and kisses up to Hobie because he wants the fourth ticket, Leslie gets a brilliant idea. She seduces Hobie and he agrees to give her the fourth ticket. When April and Newmie arrives to headquarters, Leslie finds out that Robby is still alive and has been taken to Pacifica Trauma Center. She goes there and tells him about her planned journey to Alaska. Later Gavin pays Robby a visit at the hospital and finds out that Leslie is going to Alaska. Leslie didn´t know that Robby understood what she said, when she told him about her trip. When Leslie goes onboard the cruise ship, Gavin doesn´t recognize her with her red hair.moreless
  • Diabolique
    Episode 19
    Newmie has created a kite-flying contest for the benefit of the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. His nephew Todd is diabetic. While Newmie, April, Todd and some teenagers are on the pier, a man falls into the water and Newmie and April have to rescue him. Todd is a very depressed young boy, and he wants to live a normal life like all of his friends. April befriends him and Todd tells her that her uncle Mike has told him a lot about the Baywatch gang. Manny and April participates in the kite-flying contest and finish dead last with their dolphin kite. Meanwhile, Mitch has to rescue a woman named Sara on a burning boat. She attempted to commit suicide. Mitch´s mother Irene has been taken care of Ashley while Neely has been in San Diego, and Irene wants to hire Sara as Ashley´s nanny. She has good references and Mitch and Irene don´t know that she is insane. In the middle of the night, Sara goes to Mitch´s bed and tells him he called her name, although he didn´t. The next day outside headquarters, Mitch tells her she is fired. Then Sara becomes upset and it looks like Mitch is beating her. Two guys attack Mitch and Sara runs away. Sara goes home to the Buchannon household and kidnaps Ashley. Later Ashley is returned to the house along with some photos of her and Sara. But Sara returns one more time and ties up Irene in the bedroom. Then she colors her hair so when Mitch returns home, he thinks that Neely has returned. He is shocked to discover the truth. Sara starts hitting on Mitch but he manages to knock her down. In the end, he throws the pictures of Sara and Ashley on the fire. It turns out that Sara´s real name is Carly. Her husband divorced her to marry their nanny Sara Chapman.moreless
  • Quarantine
    Episode 18
    A couple of lifeguards play a game called Over-The-Line. It´s similar to baseball. J.D. claims that he used to be very good at it. But when he starts playing, it´s hard to imagine that he has ever played before because he is really bad. Later Ed Symes from Symes Medical Supplies Inc arrives to Baywatch to meet with Mitch. He bothers everyone with his attitude and instant flirting with the female lifeguards. Mitch and Jordan are forced to rescue a struggling swimmer named Omar. They perform CPR and this brings him back to life. But it turns out that his condition is more serious than they thought, and he undergoes a series of spasms and other symptoms. They send him to the hospital where he will be tested. When J.D. arrives, he is excited about an upcoming photo shoot that will happen at his tower in the afternoon. Then he finds out that headquarters has been quarantined and no one can enter or leave headquarters from now on. It turns out that Omar may have carried a deadly disease. This upsets everyone. J.D. will miss the photo-shoot, Donna will miss a Rolling Stones concert and April will miss a meeting with someone who was going to take a look at her shoe collection. And of course, Ed is bothering everyone all the time. April tries to sneak out but fails. Meanwhile, Newmie takes J.D.´s place in the tower and when the models get into trouble, Newmie saves them. He also goes to have dinner with them. Neely and Cody gets Donna´s concert tickets. The test results are delayed and the gang has to spend the night at headquarters. After a rough night, Newmie enters headquarters to wake them up. He tells them that the quarantine had been off for hours, but Newmie didn´t want to wake them up because they looked so peaceful. This upsets them and everyone start throwing April´s shoes at him. In the end, Mitch decides to buy some of Ed´s medical supplies just so that he can get rid of him.moreless
  • Full Throttle
    Full Throttle
    Episode 17
    Neely asks Mitch if he knows a cheap hotel she and Ashley can stay in while her apartment is being renovated. He tells her that they can move in with him and Hobie. Because Neely works as a waitress in a bar during the evenings, Mitch gets to baby-sit Ashley a lot and he get more and more attached to her as time goes by. When Neely is fired from her job by her boss Tommy, and learns that her land-lord ripped her off, Mitch tells Neely that she and Ashley can move in with him permanently and Neely accepts the offer. Ashley plays poker with Mitch, Newmie and Cody and she wins. Newmie and Cody compete against April and Jordan in a friendly scarab race. But when the women lose, they want a rematch. They compete in a water skills competition including wave-runners, windsurfing and paddle-boarding. But despite a good effort from the girls, Cody and Newmie end up winning the competition. Also, two rich local hotshots named Spenser and Cooper, wants to challenge Cody to a big charity race to benefit Camp Baywatch. But Newmie talks him out of it. Spenser and Cooper´s state-of-the-art boat is too fast for them. But when they run into them again this time driving Mitch´s private scarab, Cody can´t resist the challenge. Later Cody and Newmie challenge the girls for a rescue. But Cody gets tangled in the tether of his rescue can and injures his knee. When Cody tells Mitch about the challenge, Mitch gets angry and goes to Spenser and Cooper to call the whole thing off. But instead, he and Newmie enter the competition against Spenser and Cooper. What they don´t know is that Spenser and Cooper have hot-wired their boat for extra speed. However during the race, their jury-rigged electrical wiring blows, fusing the controls. Spenser and Cooper jump into the water, but the boat keeps on racing at high speed towards an oil platform. But Mitch and Newmie come to the rescue and Mitch is able to jump onto the boat and he stuffs rags into the intake valve. The boat stops just in front of the platform. A major disaster has now been avoided.moreless
  • Night of the Dolphin
    The episode starts with a lot of people gathered around a dead dolphin. Mitch and April arrive in a lifeguard truck and Mitch lets April transport the dead dolphin to the Marine Lab. Later some drug dealers make a deal on the beach. Behind some bushes, Garner Ellerbee is sitting on a horse named Earl, watching them. When the deal has been made, Garner starts riding towards the drug dealers. Two of them drive off on ATVs, and the third one disappears on a wave-runner. During the chase, Garner passes the tower where Mitch and April are talking. They join him for the chase in a lifeguard truck. Garner and Mitch capture the drug dealers and Mitch and Garner catch up on their lives together. It turns out that Garner now works for the Federal Police Unit. They are drug traffickers on the beach, trying to find suppliers. Garner tells Mitch about the drug smuggling ring that is operating off the coastline. In order to mark drug drop sites in the ocean, the drug dealers use a phosphorescent chemical. They later find out from the Marine Lab that the dolphin died from the same chemical. Now Garner needs Mitch´s help to bust the drug dealers. When Neely is on duty, a handsome man named Mike Donovan approaches her. He wants her to join him for a party at his yacht. She accepts his offer and brings Mitch and Garner to the party as well. During the party, Garner recognizes Donovan as the head drug dealer. And Garner suddenly realizes that Donovan´s yacht must be the base for the drug operation. When they tell Neely how dangerous Donovan is, she just tells them that she can take care of herself. At night, Mitch and Garner go to the yacht to snoop around. They find the phosphorescent chemical that killed the dolphin. Mitch gets a sample of it just before Lukas, Donovan´s bodyguard, spots them. Mitch submerges and Garner speeds away in the zodiac. But before Garner has time to leave, Lukas recognizes him. When Garner tells Mitch that he has told Neely to plant a transmitter on the yacht, Mitch gets angry because he is worried about Neely. When Neely is left alone on the yacht, she plants the transmitter. When Lucas has told Donovan about Neely´s two friends, Donovan decides to keep Neely prisoner. Lucas goes through her purse and when he doesn´t find anything, he goes through the yacht and eventually finds the transmitter. When the transmitter has been turned off, Mitch and Garner know that Neely is in danger. Neely is forced into an inflatable raft and is left for the sharks. Lucas punctures a large hole in the side of the raft. When Mitch, Garner and the Coast Guard arrive, Donovan´s partners are captured. Then Donovan double-crosses Lucas and drives off in a small boat. He is chased by Mitch, Garner and the Coast Guard. Mitch sees Neely and dives off the boat to rescue her. Donovan is surrendered and is forced to stop. In order to rescue Mitch and Neely from the shark, Garner has to use a lasso and throw it to them. Then he is able to pull them back to safety. Meanwhile, Lani has gone to see a doctor. The doctor is going to test her hearing to find the range of sound. But Lani doesn´t hear anything and is devastated. Later outside headquarters, a truck almost runs over Lani because she can´t hear it. Barnett rescues her just in time. When she is watching a movie at headquarters, she can´t hear anything and turns up the volume more and more until Cody runs over there to turn off the TV. Later Lani hers voices that aren´t there. Then suddenly when she is walking on the beach, she hears a little child crying. She knows that she has gotten her hearing back and is very happy about it.moreless
  • To the Max
    To the Max
    Episode 15
    April, Lani and J.D. are on patrol in the scarab, when they notice a boat and suddenly see that two men are knocked into the water by a boom. They go there to rescue them, and the third one is knocked into the water as well. The owner of the boat is named Captain Bob. He is very grateful and tells them that he owes them one. They discover that Captain Bob and his sons are diving for sea urchins, and they earn a lot of money by selling the sea urchins. When Lani and April are talking about the sea urchins in the locker room, J.D. tells them that Captain Bob have agreed to take them with him when he goes diving for sea urchins. They get to keep half of what they catch. When Cody finds out about this, he wants to go too. His car doesn´t work anymore and he needs money. Lani decides to tag along even though she has a terrible cold. She can´t dive because her ears won´t be able to equalize the pressure properly. While they are out looking for sea urchins, they hear a call for help from a nearby boat. Apparently, one of the divers from that boat never came back up. He went down to explore a rock formation. Cody and J.D. can´t dive down to rescue him because they will then risk getting the bends. Captain Bob is not a certified diver so that leaves Lani as the only one who can go. But J.D. and Cody won´t let her go. It´s too dangerous because she has a cold. Unfortunately no one else can do it and the diver will die if Lani doesn´t go down and saves him. A few minutes after Lani has gone down, Mitch and April arrive and go down after them. When Lani finds the man in the rock formation, he is totally panicked and out of air. She tries to calm him down and they share her air. As they begin to ascend, Lani suddenly grabs her head and panics in convulsions. Mitch rescues Lani while April helps the other diver. But it´s already too late. Lani´s eardrums have been ruptured and she might have lost her hearing forever. She is devastated and Cody blames himself for the incident. Meanwhile, Mitch is in love with a beautiful woman named Jenny Wade. He has been watching her riding her horse on the beach every morning. He lets Cody fake a citation in order to get her home address. Mitch asks Cody to go down to Jenny and give her a citation. Cody does that and she is surprised at getting cited. She says that her horse is recuperating from an operation and that she is a horse trainer. Then suddenly, Mitch comes up conveniently after Cody has received the information Mitch needs. He tells Cody that they don´t have to cite her after all, just let her off with a warning. Later, Mitch signs Hobie up for classes at Jenny´s riding school. At the end of the riding class, Mitch arrives and asks Jenny out for a picnic. Jenny who is worried about her horse Max, accepts Mitch´s offer. Max was once a champion and now he is recuperating from hock surgery. During their picnic, they see a car go off a cliff. Mitch saves the woman and she does not only turn out to be pregnant, but in labor. Mitch and Jenny are forced to deliver the baby on the beach, before the call car arrives. Later Jenny gets the news from her doctor that Max will never be able race again. She can´t stand the thought of him being cooped up in the stall for the rest of his days, Max needs to move around. Mitch tells Jenny about Carmen Masters and her beautiful horse ranch in Malibu (6.13 Desperate Encounter). Mitch also tells her that they once helped Carmen to save the horses from going to the slaughterhouse. As a favor, Carmen is willing to let Max live on her ranch. Jenny is afraid that it will cost her a fortune, but when Mitch says that it won´t cost her anything, she accepts his offer.moreless
  • Surf City
    Surf City
    Episode 14
    Craig tells Mitch that his ex-wife Gina is currently dating a college student. When he has told Mitch about this, Mitch tells him that April and Manny have called it quits. Later, Craig drives to April´s tower in a lifeguard truck. She also tells him that she and Manny broke up. She tells him that Manny never takes her feelings into consideration, and she thinks it´s obvious that he is not ready for a serious relationship yet. Manny was supposed to take April to a benefit dinner for the Children´s Cancer Foundation. They are honoring her brother Charlie who died a while back (8.5 Charlie). Suddenly Manny backed out and April was left without an escort to the benefit dinner. Then some jet skiers arrive and they are driving to close to the beach. Craig warns them and tells them that they are too close to the beach. But the don´t pay any attention to him. Craig and April swim out and meanwhile, a surfer caught in a wave, stands up and is hit by one of the jet skiers. The jet skiers take of and Craig and April rescue the surfer. The surfer has been hurt badly and might end up facing permanent paralysis. The call car takes him to the hospital. Mitch tells Craig that personal watercraft might be helpful in these kinds of situations. The Sea-Doo is very useful. But Craig has never used a Sea-Doo and doesn´t know if he will be able to learn something new. But April decides to teach him and she´s somewhat attracted to him. Manny notices the chemistry and immediately becomes jealous. Things get worse when she asks Craig to be her escort to the benefit dinner. At the time of the dinner, April is surprised to find Craig outside headquarters without his tuxedo. He tells her he found someone else to go instead of him. Suddenly Manny arrives dressed in a tuxedo and a bouquet of flowers. It turns out that he just didn´t want to go to the benefit dinner because he didn´t have a tuxedo. When Craig found out about this, he let him borrow his. Later, Cody and Lani see the jet skiers and alerts Craig. He arrives on a Sea-Doo and after a struggle that includes water-skiing barefoot, Craig manages to capture the jet skier. Meanwhile, Cody sees tandem surfers Bobby and Anna showing their skills in the water. He is very impressed and when they come ashore, he goes to talk to them and finds out that they are working toward the U.S. Championships and are hoping for back-to-back titles. He tells Lani that they never do anything together anymore and she agrees to try tandem surfing with him. Bobby and Anna try to teach them all they know about tandem surfing. But according to Lani, they have no future in the sport. In the end, it turns out that Lani was absolutely right all the time.moreless
  • Countdown
    Episode 13
    When Mitch is in his tower, he sees a little girl named Bridget activating a hand grenade. He runs to her and throws the grenade into the water just before it explodes. Then he finds another hand grenade next to two little boys. Cody comes over and he helps Mitch locate the broken box on shore and account for all the grenades that were stored there. Later Mitch speaks to an old Navy SEAL friend of his. His friend tells him that a boat with a lot of explosives have been stolen. He and Cody locate the boat at the bottom of the ocean, and they dive down to it. As Mitch and Cody are searching the room, they notice how unstable the boat is and decide to come back later. Then the two villains, Ray and Vance, return to the boat. They surprise Mitch and Cody who are caught and tied up inside the boat. Before Ray and Vance leave, they set a bomb to explode. Mitch manages to get free and fights with them. He wins and heads for the scarab where he alerts the Coast Guard. Then he returns down and brings Cody to safety. Also, Neely is looking for an apartment of her own after an incident in the kitchen. She moved everything around and Mitch certainly didn´t like that. When she finally gets an apartment, Mitch tells her he wants her to stay. She accepts his offer and decides to stay. In a stupid contest, Mitch and Cody tries to find out who will hold his breath the longest. They both end up giving up at the same time.moreless
  • No Way Out
    No Way Out
    Episode 12
    Manny´s old homeboys come to the beach and confronts him about lifeguarding and his white girlfriend April, and Manny starts feeling ashamed of April. When Manny´s mother Teresa unexpectedly turns up on the beach to tell Manny how proud she is of his accomplishments, she meets April. But she doesn´t know that she is Manny´s boyfriend. When April realizes this, she gets sad. When Taylor shows Teresa a picture of Manny and April taken at a barbecue, she realizes that April is Manny´s girlfriend. When Teresa meets Manny, she tells him not to confuse his life as a lifeguard with his old life in the barrio. This helps Manny a lot and he decides to give his relationship with April a chance. April is upset because Manny didn´t tell his mother about them and she decides to go scuba diving with Craig. Once underwater Craig and April see a shark. They find refuge inside a pipe tunnel. Suddenly they are forcibly sucked through a power plant intake pipe at tremendous speed. They end up in a metal room, half filled with water. When the power plant turbines start rotating, Craig and April get sucked towards them. Just in time, when Craig´s fin is being chopped by the blade, the turbines suddenly stop rotating. Craig and April see a ladder and climbs onto it just as the turbines starts rotating again. The ladder breaks off and Craig and April end up in the water again. April gets trapped underwater and Craig furiously works his way to her in the rushing water. He tries to free her from the grate pinning her torso. He finally manages to put her head above water, but her leg is still trapped under the ladder. But April has lost a lot of blood, and April has trouble keeping her head above water. Just when Craig has been able to get April loose, the turbines start rotating once again. Meanwhile back on the beach, Manny gets worried when April doesn´t show up for dinner. He tells Mitch about it and Mitch notices that Craig´s date is waiting impatiently in the parking lot as well. They figure out that something must have happened to them. When Mitch puts a call through to the boat, no one answers. J.D. and Newmie locate the boat and dive down to look for them. They find Craig´s fin by the open intake pipe. When the turbines start rotating once again, J.D. is sucked into the pipe. Newmie manages to swim back to the boat and alerts Mitch. The rotating turbines have also brought a shark into the metal room, and the shark is heading for April. Craig manages to distract it and the shark is sucked into the turbines. This happens just before J.D. is sucked into the room and towards the turbines. April grabs him while Craig holds onto her. Meanwhile, Mitch calls the power plant and forces them to shut down the turbines. Just when Craig, April and J.D. tumble towards the turbines, they are shut down. The three of them use J.D.´s spare regulator to swim back to safety. In the end, April joins Manny and his mother for a picnic at the beach.moreless
  • Hijacked
    Episode 11
    Caroline comes back to Baywatch to keep up her certification as an L.A. County Lifeguard. She fills in on a couple of shifts during an acting hiatus on Shannon´s Hope. Caroline gets to work in a tower while J.D. ends up in the switch board. Taylor does this just to separate them from each other. She also decides to give Caroline some more challenging beaches than on Mother´s Beach (8.6 Lifeguard Confidential). Later a thief named Trey robs a kiosk. When he sees some cops, he grabs whatever cash he can and skates away. He sees Caroline´s lifeguard truck and skates after her. He jumps into the car and pulls his gun at her. He forces Caroline to speed away and she drives onto the beach. Mitch sees the truck racing along the beach and takes off in pursuit. When Caroline suddenly steps hard on the brake, her seatbelt keeps her safe while Trey is knocked against the windshield. Caroline runs to Mitch and in the meantime, Trey walks up and disappears into the bushes. After the incident, Caroline starts having nightmares. Later, Caroline is convinced that she sees Trey everywhere, but it´s not him. She also finds a guy in the parking lot trying to steal a car. He looks like Trey and Mitch and J.D. catch him after a wild chase. But it turns out to be someone else. It turns out that Trey got caught at the Mexican border in a stolen car. Meanwhile, Neely works at the Sand & Sea Club. Donna and Mitch notice a barge anchored in the ocean in front of the club. Mitch goes to talk to her an finds out that she isn´t motivated to be a lifeguard anymore. Suddenly one of the fireworks on the barge goes off. It knocks out the technician and Neely swims out to rescue him. Donna calls it in and goes out to help Neely. But the technician is too heavy for Neely and she begins to sink with him. She struggles free and Donna saves her while Mitch saves the technician. Later Donna tells Mitch that Neely's hooked on painkillers. When Neely comes to headquarters to pick up her disability check, Mitch confronts her, and she tells him that she eats the pills because she gave birth to a little girl named Ashley, while she was on vacation. Ashley´s father is her ex-husband Peter, but Peter doesn´t know anything yet. In the end, Neely throws away her pills.moreless
  • Missing
    Episode 10
    Mitch receives a call that Caroline needs all available assistance during a rescue. Apparently a young girl named Rosanna is missing. Her mother Lucinda is real worried, but she doesn´t speak any English, just Spanish. When Many finally arrives to the beach, he translates everything Lucinda says. When Manny asks Rosanna´s younger sister Nikki what happened, she tells Manny that Rosanna was very sad and that she waited for the lifeguard on duty, Cody, to leave his tower. When Cody left to meet Lani at the movies, Rosanna went into the water, and Nikki never saw Rosanna coming out of the water. Mitch organizes a search unit. All available lifeguards are sent to the beach. J.D. and Sheryl have been out on surfboards but couldn´t find anything. Later Manny finds out that Cody left his tower 4:57 p.m., not 5 p.m. This upsets Mitch who doesn´t like when a lifeguard leaves the tower early. Meanwhile, Cody meets with Lani and she tells him that she just got a call from headquarters. All lifeguards are called back in for an emergency. Cody and Lani returns to headquarters and Jordan tells Cody the shocking news. Cody blames himself for the incident. It doesn´t take long before the press arrive. Because Caroline is a soap opera star, Mitch lets her make a statement to the press. Cody tells Mitch that he left a bit early so that he could make it to his meeting with Lani in time. Lucinda becomes frantic when she sees Cody and Caroline has to calm her down. Mitch is then forced to talk to Cheif Johnson over the radio. She isn´t too happy about seeing Mitch and the others on TV. Suddenly Cody is convinced he sees Rosanna in the water, but it´s just in his imagination. The rescue operation is later replaced with a recovery operation. Mitch is forced to tell Manny that he must tell Lucinda that there is no chance of finding Rosanna alive now. Later at the office, Mitch is very angry when he speaks to Chief Johnson over the phone. He is being pulled in too many directions. The Chief wants Cody´s resignation on Mitch´s desk and out of anger, Mitch quits. He doesn´t want to be a Captain anymore. A while later, the phone rings again and this time Newmie picks up the phone. It turns out that Rosanna just went for a swim and then went out of the water from behind some rocks. She just went home by bus. When Cody finds out about this, he is revealed. Cody gets suspended for two weeks. With a vacant spot in the roster, Mitch gets to work in a tower again.moreless
  • Homecoming
    Episode 9
    Neely returns to Baywatch after a long absence, recuperating from a terrible skiing accident. When she is getting her pills at a pharmacy, a robber comes in. An old man named Mr. O´Hara is standing next to Neely and he has a heart attack and Neely is forced to perform CPR. The robber freaks out and grabs the money and runs away. Mitch and Donna watch Neely on TV. It turns out that Neely has become hooked on painkillers. Donna figures it out but Neely denies everything. Meanwhile, Lani sees a group of Native American Indians constructing something on the beach. When she walks over to them, she finds out that they are building a Chumash Death Bed. The Chumash Death Bed is built for an old indian named Eyes That See At Night. When Mitch arrives, Craig Pomeroy makes a surprise visit as the old indian´s lawyer. Craig and Mitch catch up on their lives and Craig tells Mitch that he and Gina have separated. Mitch wants him to come back to Baywatch again but Craig isn´t sure he wants to do that. But however, after a rescue on the pier, Craig decides to try out and become a lifeguard again. Craig passes the try out and has now returned to Baywatch once again after being absent for 7 years. Later, Eyes That See At Night dies and Mitch and Craig can´t save him. Also, Hobie, Connor and J.B. go to a nightclub with fake ID´s. Hobie wins $ 1 200 in a dance competition against Lani. She calls herself Kyla when she is a professional dancer. But Hobie doesn´t get the prize money, just because of the fake ID. Hobie is upset and goes to Craig for advice. He promises Hobie to look into it but can´t promise him anything. Mitch gets angry when he hears about it.moreless
  • Eel Niño
    Eel Niño
    Episode 8
    When Cody is driving on the beach in a lifeguard truck, he suddenly sees a huge hole in the sand. He alerts Mitch over the radio. When Mitch arrives, he tells everyone of the Santa Ana syndrome. It´s a warm wind that comes in from the desert and it bring all weirdoes down to the beach. Mitch calls the county and lets someone fill up the hole with new sand. Max from the county arrives in his tractor. He tells Cody that the lifeguards get all the credit for everything that happens on the beach. Nobody cares about the guy watching the sand. Later, two jet skiers get into trouble when they collide into a sand bar. Lani goes out to rescue them and has to walk over the sand bar. Cody and Sheryl arrive in the call car and Cody walks over the sand bar too. They have now found the missing sand. Later, Mitch is surprised to find out that the lifeguard trucks are gone. Someone has stolen them from the garage at headquarters. On the beach, a man with a metal detector finds that something large is hidden under the sand. The man starts to dig and Cody sees him. It turns out that the man has found one of the lifeguard trucks. Mitch arrives and the man tells him that he wants to keep the truck. He found it and it belongs to him. When Mitch tells him that it belongs to the county, he still doesn´t care. Max returns once again to help them out. Cody then remembers what Max said earlier that he never gets any attention. Mitch and Cody confronts him and it turns out that he is behind the whole thing. Meanwhile, April and Manny decide to go out in a dory. Under the moonlight, the two of them spend a romantic evening together. But their kiss is interrupted by some movement in the water. Manny checks it out and it turns out to be a dead sea lion. April also sees something else in the water. It´s an electric eel and Manny just misses to become another victim. Later, Hobie and Sheryl jog on the beach and Hobie tells Sheryl that he is planning on asking April out on a date. He tells him that she is in love with Manny. But Hobie tells her that he isn´t afraid of little competition. They run into a dead sea lion on the beach. Mitch lets Dr. Meyers in an aquarium examine the sea lions. She finds out that at least one of them was electrocuted. Later an old man named Jonah is attacked by the eel. Sheryl notices that Jonah is in trouble and Mitch and Cody swim out to rescue him. Later, Jonah recovers in the hospital. Hobie finds out that April wants to visit the Cave of Sirens, so he takes her there without Manny knowing it. Later Manny finds out from Lani, that April and Hobie has gone to the Cave of Sirens. When Hobie and April swim into the cave, the eel is peering at them from behind some rocks, waiting to attack. Meanwhile, Dr. Meyers brings over a sketch of the jaw marks that matched on all victims. Mitch tells her that there were no electric eels in the area. During a quake, a tank cracked, and some lab specimens were lost including an electric eel. Mitch wonders why they have never told anyone about this. Dr. Meyers says that since they were out of their natural habitat, they didn´t think they would survive. Manny and Lani arrive to the Cave of Sirens as well. Manny is so jealous that he has to see what April and Hobie are up to. Inside the cave, Hobie finds out that April is in love with Manny and decides to let her go. When they are about to swim out of the cave, the eel attacks them. When Hobie and April are safe on some rocks, the eel attacks Lani and Manny instead who are about to swim into the cave. They try to make it back to their boat but the eel catches Manny´s leg and drags him through the water. Lani comes to the rescue and attacks the eel. Mitch and Cody arrive and revive Manny with the help of the defibrillator. Then Mitch goes inside the cave to rescue Hobie and April. Mitch struggles with the eel and his spear gun is knocked out of his hand. Then he tells Hobie to have the defibrillator ready. When the defibrillator is shocking, Mitch holds them in place and finishes the eel.moreless
  • Out of the Blue
    Out of the Blue
    Episode 7
    Manny and April are being trained to be better lifeguards by doing a victim hoisting training exercise. Lt. Taylor Walsh keeps on eye on them and make sure that everything goes according to plans. The helicopter lowers the hoisting bed and the victim, this time a dummy, is secured. Now they need to reattach the hoisting device and give a thumb up sign to the helicopter. Everything seems to be working well but that´s just until unsure grips causes the bed to tip over. This causes the victim to fall into the water. April tells Taylor that it was her fault. Taylor says that it´s OK, because it was just an exercise. But still it could have been a real situation. As a small punishment for their failure, neither one of them are assigned any towers. Since they have some time off, Manny helps April with her designs for her fashion class. He tells her that her designs remind people too much about Wisconsin. He agrees to help her make them look like the clothes people are wearing in California. Meanwhile, Mitch tells Jordan that a private investigator was hired to find her by someone claiming to be her mother. This upsets Jordan who doesn´t want to meet her mother. She has managed to live her life without her mother for 25 years. Later, Mitch invites Jordan on a fishing trip with him. He has also invited Jordan´s mother to join them. When Jordan meets her mother, René, she is surprised and confused when she discovers that her mother is white. She tells her that her father was black and that he got killed in Vietnam. René couldn´t return home to Oklahoma with a black baby and decided to give away the baby. But now she must see Jordan because she has been diagnosed with Huntington´s Disease. That´s a disorder of the central nervous system. The disease is hereditary. It´s a 50 % chance that Jordan may carry the disease. Suddenly a huge wave caused by seismic activity, flips the boat over and René is trapped below deck. With Mitch´s help, Jordan is able to rescue her mother. The other lifeguards arrive and Manny and April have to do exactly the same thing as they did during their practice. Fortunately for them and the victim, the bed doesn´t tip over. Meanwhile, Caroline and J.D.´s relationship become more serious. The two of them are out sailing when the seismic wave flips their boat over. The sailboat's mast is just about to hit Caroline when J.D. pulls her to safety. Later Caroline cries because her sister Stephanie died when she got hit by a mast. When J.D. is checking the answers on the answering machine, he finds out that Caroline got the part she wanted in the soap opera Shannon´s Hope. J.D. doesn´t want her to leave but this is her dream and she must take it. Mitch has ordered a limo for Caroline´s departure.moreless
  • Lifeguard Confidential
    The episode starts with a man named "Riptide" Roger Peltyn flying over the beach with his helicopter. He keeps bothering the lifeguards. He tells everyone about the fantasies he has about Donna, he calls J.D. the "Daytona pier killer" and he bothers Newmie during his workout. Lt. Taylor Walsh watches everything on TV and gets upset. She storms out of headquarters and tries to force him to leave by waving her arms. Mitch sees this from the TV in the weight room and runs out to stop her. He knows that this is exactly what "Riptide" wants. Taylor tells Mitch that "Riptide" must have a spy at Baywatch. Otherwise he can´t possibly know so much about the lifeguards. J.D. has no place to stay at and Cody tells him that he can stay with her and Caroline for a while. He plans on sleeping in Stephanie´s old bedroom but Cody tells him that no one is allowed to sleep there. So he ends up in Caroline´s bed since she is away to New York. She is auditioning for a part in the TV-series "Shannon´s Hope". In the middle of the night, Caroline returns home from New York. She is very surprised when she finds J.D. in her bed. He ends up sleeping on the couch. The next day, Caroline tells Cody that she didn´t get the part she wanted in "Shannon´s Hope". Caroline returns to work at Baywatch after being away for six months. Taylor places her at Mother´s Beach, a beach full of children and parents. Caroline tries to convince Mitch to give her a better beach, but Mitch tells her that Taylor is in charge of all tower assignments. When Mitch has spoken to Taylor, Taylor agrees to place her in a tower right next to Newmie. Later when Cody, Newmie and his new girlfriend Chantal is visiting a night club, they are surprised to find Lani as one of the dancers there. The next day she tells Cody that she is ashamed of what she is doing and that she doesn´t want anyone to know anything about it, especially not "Riptide". But he finds out about it, and the next day, he is flying over her tower. At the same time, Caroline sees a shark in the water. She quickly tells everyone to get out of the water. Then the cameraman sees the shark and they close in to get a better view. When the helicopter tips a bit, the cameraman falls in. When Caroline and Newmie see this from the beach, they head out to rescue him. The cameraman tries to grab hold of the helicopter´s landing base when "Riptide" lowers the helicopter in order to save his partner from becoming shark food. But the cameraman soon slips back into the water and "Riptide" crash-lands with his helicopter in the water. The buckle of his safety belt remains stuck preventing him from freeing himself. The helicopter is sinking pretty fast. When Taylor tries to rescue "Riptide", the tether of her rescue can get caught on the helicopter. Her strained movements propel her into the helicopter, hitting her head. Just when the shark is about to attack Taylor, Caroline comes to the rescue. She holds Taylor with one arm and with the other one, she grabs the rescue can and uses it as a weapon against the shark. The shark gives up and leaves. Mitch and Newmie rescue "Riptide". When they are back on the beach again, Chantal comes running towards them, looking worried. Newmie thinks that she´s worried about him, but Chantal is worried about her real boyfriend "Riptide". This makes Newmie the spy at Baywatch. When Taylor finds out that Caroline rescued her, she starts respecting Caroline more.moreless
  • Charlie
    Episode 5
    April´s brother Charlie and her mother Paige are living with her in her small apartment. It´s very hard for April to see Charlie so sick and that everyone is being nice to him out of pity. Everyone has been told that Charlie has a rare form of cancer and that he is getting treatment for it at UCLA. Later April tells Mitch that Charlie isn´t being treated there, they just use him for research. A scientist is trying to find a way to detect this type of cancer. That means that Charlie doesn´t have so much time left to live. She also tells Mitch that having Charlie around must be such a downer for everyone. But Mitch assures her that Charlie is really inspiring. All the lifeguards take care of Charlie and he has the time of his life with them. Mitch takes him out on a wind jet and he gets the opportunity to drive it. He also writes a song together with Hobie. Meanwhile, it´s time for the annual Taplin dory race. Mitch and Newmie have won the event seven years in a row now, but this year, Mitch has decided to give Hobie a chance at winning and therefore, he will not compete himself. Newmie is convinced he can win the race on his own and has hired April to join him in the dory, only because the rules says that there must be two people in the dory. Hobie doesn´t like that Mitch isn´t entering and convinces him to race anyway. He can´t be the best if he doesn´t beat the best. Hobie and his friend Ingo Dobbins end up right beside Mitch and Newmie for the final run on the beach. Hobie ends up winning the race and Mitch has been beaten for the first time in seven years. At least his own son beat him. Meanwhile, Charlie is struggling to stay awake during the race. After the race, Mitch and Hobie hurry out to Charlie only to discover that he is dead. A funeral for Charlie is later held on the beach.moreless
  • Memorial Day
    Memorial Day
    Episode 4
    The episode starts with two men throwing a body into the ocean. The next morning, Mitch goes out on a dive search with the two rookies, April and Skylar. A fishing boat had reported that they had seen two men dumping something into the water last night. It doesn´t take long for Mitch, April and Skylar to locate the corpse. April drops her can of air while trying to scream, and Mitch helps her up to the surface. Later, April tells Skylar that when she saw the dead man, she remembered when she was a little child and she saw a dead man under the ice while she was ice-skating. April and Skylar are surprised to find out from the coroner´s office that the man was probably already dead when he was dropped into the ocean. Later April has a nightmare about the incident and is convinced that he is calling out to her. In the dream, she sees his silver necklace in the water. She recalls that she saw it during the rescue as well. Therefore, she and Skylar dives down with a metal detector and manage to find the silver necklace. April and Sky show the tags to Mitch and discovers that he was named Wallace Tuttle. He was a U.S. Navy veteran from World War II. They trace the tags to a retirement home where Wally´s two friends, Ed and Jigger, lives. They have known each other for 50 years. But Jigger and Ed tell them that they don´t know Wally. April and Skylar don´t believe them but decide to leave them alone anyway. When Wally suddenly disappears from the morgue, the lifeguards go out searching for them. Ed and Jigger then decide to dump Wally in the ocean once again. Suddenly, their propeller is caught in kelp. Jigger tires to fix it but Ed who is holding onto him, loses his grip and Jigger falls down into the water. After losing his grip, Ed fall back to hit his head and is knocked unconscious. Soon the scarab arrive and Ed and Jigger are both brought back to safety. And Wally´s body is taken back to the morgue. It turns out that the three men had an agreement. They would all get a funeral at sea. Wally´s body is later buried in a veteran´s cemetery. Meanwhile, Lani is excited about an upcoming audition for a music video. But during a rescue, disaster strikes. She injures her ankle pretty badly and can´t dance during the audition because the pain in her ankle. This really upsets Lani who decides to quit being a lifeguard. But Cody who has fallen in love with her, isn´t ready to lose her and convinces her to stay. He also tells her that C.J. went on a vacation to Mexico, where she met a rock-star and got married. The Memorial weekend is the first weekend for the rookies. Hobie is having some problems with some of his old friends. They drink beer on the beach, despite the fact that Hobie tells them not to all the time. He ends up in a fight with them. He made a big mistake when he approached them without calling for backup first, and Mitch lets him know that. In the end, Mitch and Hobie go to visit Mitch´s father Als´s grave, at the veteran´s cemetery.moreless
  • The Choice
    The Choice
    Episode 3
    J.D. from Daytona Beach was a rookie at Baywatch years ago. Now he camps on the beach, and Donna tell him to leave the beach. Later she finds out who he is. J.D. has come back to Baywatch to apply for the vacant lieutenant position. It´s between him and Taylor Walsh, a smart, confident and ambitious young woman. The Chief has recommended Taylor. Skylar is doing an exercise under the pier when something goes wrong and J.D. has to rescue her. But J.D. becomes paralyzed under the pier and Newmie is forced to rescue Skylar. When Mitch asks what happened, J.D. just tells him that he didn´t see Skylar. Later Skylar asks J.D. why he lied to Mitch, and he tells her the truth. It turns out that a man died in his arms two years earlier at Daytona Beach. Later on during a rescue, instead of rescuing himself, J.D. places himself between the victim and the boat. J.D. is knocked out and Mitch has to rescue him while Taylor rescues the man in the boat. Mitch finally has a tough decision to make about the lieutenant position. Although J.D. has the experience and qualifications, he has a lot of things to work out personally. Therefore the job goes to Taylor because he knows he can count on her. After her promotion, Taylor hires J.D. as a Baywatch lifeguard.moreless
  • Next Generation
    Next Generation
    Episode 2
    Mitch who wants Manny back in rookie school, tries to convince the Chief that the regulations against contact lenses are out of date and unfair. The Chief decides to let Manny join rookie school again if Mitch decides to take the job as the new Captain. When Lani, April and Skylar are out swimming in the water, a crazy jet skier starts driving around them. The tether of April´s rescue can tangles on the jet ski intake and April is dragged through the water struggling for breath. When the jet skier suddenly stops, April knocks her head on the jet ski. The jet skier drives away and Lani and Skylar help April to shore. April doesn´t want anyone to find out about this, because that would make her look like a bad lifeguard, and Lani and Skylar promise to keep it a secret. The next day, April feels dizzy and falls into the water while she is climbing the cargo net. Her foot is trapped in the net while her head is under water. Hobie has to rescue her. Later they see the jet skier again. Cody and Newmie captures him and it turns out to be Richie, the guy that didn´t make it through rookie school. Meanwhile, Manny returns to Mitch´s office to apologize. He has decided to accept Mitch´s offer about a work at the beach club. He will earn money for a laser surgery. Mitch then tells Manny the good news that he is officially back in rookie school again. When Mitch sees the rookies, he remembers his own rookie year 25 years ago. He used to meet a fellow rookie named Betsy on the pier every night. When Betsy left for college, he never saw her again. Now Mitch is surprised to meet her again 25 years later. She has a family now and just wanted to say goodbye to Mitch one last time. Hobie ends up winning the rookie competition and finishes ahead of Manny. Hobie wins Rookie of the Year honors and chooses Zuma as his beach. He wants to get out from under the shadow of his famous father.moreless
  • Rookie Summer
    Rookie Summer
    Episode 1
    It´s the beginning of the summer and rookie school has just started. Cody meets his old diving instructor from Hawaii there. Her name is Lani McKenzie, and she has problems with her ex-boyfriend Darren. He can´t accept that she has left him. When Darren approaches Lani and Sheryl while they are jogging on the beach, he and Cody end up in a fight. Later Lani is kidnapped by Darren and held hostage on a boat. However, Cody manages to locate the right boat and is able to bring Lani out of there, with a little help from her as well. Meanwhile, Manny wins the rookie competition and is really excited. When Mitch tells him that he can´t become a lifeguard, due to the fact that he can´t see well enough without his contact lenses, Manny freaks out and break one of the windows in Mitch´s office. He also refuses to accept the offer to take a job at the local beach club. The Chief wants to promote Mitch to Captain after Samantha´s departure. The Chief blames Mitch for Samantha´s departure. She left Baywatch when she realized that she still loved her ex-husband Adam. Hobie doesn´t do his best in the rookie competition but makes it anyway. Later when Mitch confronts him about it, he tells him that it isn´t always easy to have a living legend as a father. One of the rookies named April doesn´t make the cut, but is offered a spot when another rookie is injured. This upsets Richie Edmond, another rookie who is the one who was supposed to get the open spot. He had the wrong personality to become a lifeguard.moreless