Season 11 Episode 12

The Ex-Files

Aired Unknown Jan 29, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Jenna is marching around the Training Center with a photographer getting publicity shots of her. Meanwhile, Zack is showing around Peggy, one of the trainees. The lifeguards get a frantic call: a scuba tour group has lost some of its members near a reef. Seeing an opportunity for some photos in action, Jenna grabs the photographer and directs Sean to bring him with them so he can get the shots. Zack will ride with Jenna. As they near the area the call came from, Sean notices that the channel marker is missing. He warns Jenna and Zack, but Jenna orders Zack to keep going. The jet ski hits a reef and flips, tossing Jenna and Zack into the water. Zack breaks his ear drum, but suffers through the pain in order to get Jenna, who is trapped under the water.

Later, it is determined that the call was phony and just another in a series of pranks that have been played on the lifeguards. McKenna attempts to use what happened to Zack and Jenna as yet another reason to close down the Training Center. Sean is determined to find out what really happened. Jenna sides with Sean, but and aide to McKenna warns her that she attempted a rescue while her certification was expired and unless she wants trouble, she had better play along with him.

Fortunately, the photographer has developed the pictures of Jenna. In the background of one, there is a truck with the channel marker hidden behind some bushes. They cannot quite make out the license plate of the truck, but Sean is certain that he is being set up.

Although Zack puts a good face on it, he is devastated by his loss of hearing and the fact that his dreams of being a lifeguard might once again be shattered. Jenna sees his hurt and starts plotting.

Later, another rescue is called in. This time, Sean and company are ready and they catch the pranksters. One of them turns out to be Craig McKenna, the councilman's son. After some pressure is put on him, he confesses that his dad had wanted to make the Training Center look bad so he could have an excuse to shut it down. Jenna immediately jumps into action and suggests that Sean sue. However, Sean is not interested in law suits. He is interested in keeping the Training Center open and operational. Realizing that this tactic isn't going to work, Jenna attempts to persuade Zack. He agrees to help her with the law suit but after Sean speaks to him, Zack realizes he can't live with himself if he makes his money by suing. However, she is named interim city councilwoman. Zack recovers from his hearing loss and continue to be a lifeguard.

J.D. has decided to make one final attempt at getting along with Mr. Tanaka by going on a fishing trip with him. Mr. Tanaka is surprisingly willing because he hopes to use their time alone to convince J.D. that he is not the right man for Kekoa. The trip begins in a highly unpleasant fashion with Mr. Tanaka and J.D. barking bitter words at each other. Mr. Tanaka does not want to see Kekoa marry a man who cannot provide her with security. Suddenly, the fishing line for Tanaka's rod goes taut. Mr. Tanaka tries to maintain control of the fish, but winds up being pulled overboard. J.D. dives in and rescues him.

Mr. Tanaka comes to understand that lifeguarding is important, and gets a new respect for JD to the point where he even brings him a gift as thanks. However, he still believes that Kekoa should not marry him.