Season 2 Episode 22

The Summer of '85

Aired Unknown May 18, 1992 on

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  • First love.

    This episode, for some reason, was very calming for me, even though it contained action scenes. It just started so mildly and time went through with everything being so slow, accompanied by flashbacks.

    Eddie's first love was a decent story, and thankfully it didn't cause a breakup between him and Shauni. Of course, the plot was predictable to a point, especially when Eddie had to remember who the guy was. It was very obvious it was Lorna's friend.

    It was also quite weird not having Mitch in the episode; this must be a first. Plus, seeing as how this is the end of the second season, I guess this was the last we've seen of Harvey. Well, I certainly won't miss him all that much.