Season 2 Episode 9

The Trophy (1)

Aired Unknown Nov 11, 1991 on

Episode Recap

Eric Turner has returned to Baywatch. Turner used to be a lifeguard, but during the 1989 lifeguard competition, there was an accident and he wound up paralyzed from the waist down when a dory hit him in the back. Unable to deal with his newfound condition, Turner shuts everyone out, including his girlfriend Megan. Now, Turner returns to L.A. to maybe accept an offer to work as a swim coach in San Diego.

Turner still wants to prove that he has guts and goes boogie boarding with Hobie near some dangerous rocks. Mitch drags him out of the water and makes him furious. He wants to stand on his own two feet and feels he doesn´t need anyone´s help.

Meanwhile, Eddie works at Gidget Gulch. All the teenage girls there admire him but Eddie acts professionally and ignores them as he is in love with Shauni. When a new girl named Caroline arrives to the beach for the first time, she tries to befriend the most popular girls, Joanie, Kris and Jenna. They just ignore her. By seducing Eddie, she thinks the girls will pay attention to her. She fakes a drowning and Eddie and Shauni rescue her.

Later, during the day, she asks Eddie if she can use his tower while she change clothes. She tells him that there´s a scary guy over at the locker rooms. While in the tower, Caroline tries to seduce Eddie, but fails. In response, she leaves her bathing suit in his tower, and goes back to pick it up the next day. Mitch finds the bathing suit when he comes to pick up the rescue cards. He confronts Eddie and he tell Mitch the whole story. However, Caroline tells the girls another story. She tells them that after they got drunk, they had sex in his tower.

Jenna feels left out and when she sees Frank Larkin, Caroline´s father on the parking lot, she tells him about Caroline and Eddie. Frank gets furious and presses charges against Eddie. Garner arrests him for statutory rape just before Eddie and Shauni is leaving for a dinner with her parents.