Season 2 Episode 10

The Trophy (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1991 on

Episode Recap

Mitch is forced to suspend Eddie until the matter is resolved. Eddie feels abandoned and when Frank and Caroline arrive at headquarters, Eddie hits Frank in the stomach after a confrontation between the two of them. Shauni wants Eddie back and is determined to clear his name. She confronts Caroline on the pier. Caroline tells Shauni how miserable her life is and that she doesn´t want to live anymore.

Caroline jumps from the pier and Shauni is forced to jump in after her and rescue her. Eddie sees this from the beach and help them ashore. At the beach, Eddie starts performing CPR. When Frank arrives, he fears the worst and throws Eddie off of her. Shauni screams that Eddie is trying to save her life. When Caroline comes to, she confesses the whole truth and asks for Eddie´s forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Turner tries to reconcile with Megan, when her marine biologist boyfriend Rob arrives. Turner leaves angry and heads towards the hang-gliding cliffs. It is a windy day and no hang-glider should be up in the air right now. However, Turner convinces two guys to hook him up to a hang-glider. While he has been cruising above the water for a while, a wind catches him and he crash-lands in the water. Mitch has to rescue him by using another hang-glider.

When Turner has been rescued, he and Megan professes their love for one another. In addition, Mitch convinces him to take the job as a swim coach in San Diego.