Season 2 Episode 10

The Trophy (2)

Aired Unknown Nov 18, 1991 on

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  • Resolve.

    As I thought, the entire episode was dragging a bit, but it tied up the stories nice. The story with the guy in the wheelchair was very predictable, but for some reason I really liked the ending where Mitch tried to talk some sense into the guy. Otherwise, it wasn't really anything special.

    The other story, the so-called "rape," was also nothing special. It's the usual story I've seen many times. Plus, when the girl was standing on the pier it was way too obvious she would jump. Overall, it all ended nicely as it should, but the episode was really not all that worth watching. This is not what two-part episodes are for.
  • BLUGH!

    I didnt enjoy this episode. I thought it was boring and pointless! The only part I liked was the part with Hobie! He made the episode worth wathing and he is the reason that the rating I gave it was a 6.0! Without him it would have been a 0.2 or maybe even less! I just didnt like the episode at all! I thought it was stupid! Thats just my opinion though! Im sure some people may enjoy it and some people may have it as one of there favorite episodes! But I am just not one of those people at all!