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Episode Guide

    • American Royal
      American Royal
      Season 2 - Episode 12
      Bobby travels to Kansas City, the home of the biggest barbecue cook-off in the world. He meets the Wood Chicks and watches them compete in the contest.

      • Wood Chicks' BBQ Smoked Beef Brisket
    • New Mexico
      New Mexico
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Bobby Flay salutes the barbecue of the Southwest in New Mexico. He visits the Green Chile Harvest, where learns about the best smoked meats north of the border, tours the Indian Weekend Market, and samples a green chile cheeseburger.

      • Apache Fry Bread
      • Green Chile Stew
      • Green Chile Cheeseburger
      • Grilled Green Chile-Stuffed Pepper Steaks Wrapped in Bacon
      • Seasonal Fruit and Melon Kabobs with Fiery Chile Sauce
      • Rainbow Trout Roasted on a Cedar Plank
      • Red Chile Pork Cutlets, Cervantes Chuletas de Serdo en Chile Rojo, Estillo Cervantes
      • Southwestern Quesadillamoreless
    • 'Cues by the Coast
      'Cues by the Coast
      Season 3 - Episode 11
      Bobby Flay hosts a BBQ-themed engagement party on the beach in Santa Barbara, California, that includes a menu of turkey ABC burgers, sesame teriyaki/honey-glazed pork ribs, tequila-lime shrimp skewers, cedar-plank grilled salmon with cilantro pesto, and Brazilian slow-roasted injected tri-tip.
    • Barbecue Feuds
      Barbecue Feuds
      Season 1 - Episode 12
      One of the greatest debates over barbecue is where America's BBQ capital is located: Memphis, Kansas City or Texas. The Neely brothers have become the Hatfields and the McCoys over Wet versus Dry Ribs in Memphis, the South takes on Texas with Pork Versus Beef as backyard grillers argue over the merits of Charcoal versus Gas.

      • Cabernet Steak and Mushrooms
      • Dry Rub Fo Yo Chicken
      • Neelys' Wet BBQ Ribs
      • Neelys' Dry BBQ Ribs
      • Barbecued Cedar Plank Salmon
      • Cola Ribsmoreless
    • Carolina Q's
      Carolina Q's
      Season 2 - Episode 10
      Carolina is famous for barbecue and Bobby tastes all of it. First, Bobby gets a divine experience at a Church BBQ. He then hits up the BBQ Smokehouse and Creamery where he tastes some down home catfish barbecue. He ends his trip with a traditional tailgating BBQ.

      • Brushy Mountain Caviar
      • Pulled Pork BBQ
      • Barbecued Catfish
      • Marshall's Pork Shoulder and Barbecue Sauce
      • Pantherfanz BBQ Pork Shoulder
      • Pantherfanz Pork Ribsmoreless
    • Memphis
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Bobby visits Corky's Ribs in Memphis to learn the secret behind its amazing ribs. He also tries Elvis Presley's favorite pizza and enjoys listening to the blues. Menu: • Memphis Style Dry Ribs: Corky's Ribs • Barbecue Pizza: Elvis Pizza (Coletta's Italian Restaurant) • Blues City Cafe's World Famous Ribs
    • Kansas City
      Kansas City
      Season 1 - Episode 5
      Bobby looks for the best barbecue in Kansas City, and visits Arthur Bryant's, L.C.'s, and Jack Stack BBQ. The dogs benefit from the Kansas City BBQ enthusiasm with their own recipe for barbecued biscuits. Menu: • Arthur Bryant's Burnt Ends • Bark B Que Rrrrribs (Canine Treat)
    • Austin, TX
      Austin, TX
      Season 1 - Episode 3
      Bobby travels to Austin to dine at the President's favorite BBQ restaurant. Bobby also visits Cowboy Chili and Freedom BBQ, and listens to honky tonk music at Cooper's BBQ. Menu: • Rib-eye Steak • Roasted Corn and Green Relish • Texas Hash • Grilled Bartlett Pears a la Mode • Broken Spoke BBQ Brisket • Cooper's Pork Ribsmoreless
    • High on the Hog
      High on the Hog
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      Motorcycle-riding lovers are making hogs of themselves over pork grilled over the world's largest barbecue pit in Texas. Baseball fans are digging into barbecue in the bleachers as a whole hog is grilled in less than a day in a Cuban immigrant's magic box. Menu: • Grilled Pork Tenderloin a la Rodriguez with Guava Glaze and Orange-Habanero Mojo • Avocado Salad with Tomatoes, Lime, and Toasted Cumin Vinaigrette • Mojo Criollo Roasted Pig • Cha Cha Bowl • Honey Q Cuz Chopsmoreless
    • What's The Rub?
      What's The Rub?
      Season 1 - Episode 11
      A great rub is the key to great barbecue, but what's in a rub is a closely guarded secret. Bobby tries to get to the bottom of this mystery and visits Santa Maria, California, for tip secrets, Memphis for ribs, and the oldest restaurant in San Francisco for seafood secrets. Plus he visits Kansas City's Old World Spice Factory. Menu: • Rib Dry Rub • Chipotle Chile Rub • "Santa Maria Style BBQ" Oakwood Grilled Tri-tip • Chilean Sea Bass • Italian Halibut • Petrale • Swordfishmoreless
    • Smokin' Seafood
      Smokin' Seafood
      Season 2 - Episode 2
      Bobby investigates seafood at a salmon BBQ. Next, he checks out BBQ at a local marina. In Laguna, Bobby gets a taste of a lobster BBQ and fresh abalone.

      • Abalone hors d'oeuvres
      • Grilled Abalone Steak and Fruit Skewers
      • World's Largest Salmon BBQ
      • Barbecued California Spiny Lobster
      • Rob's Point Loma Ponzu Tuna
      • Shogun Cucumber Saladmoreless
    • Getting Sauced
      Getting Sauced
      Season 1 - Episode 8
      Bobby reveals the science behind creating barbecue sauces, including a white sauce and a barbecued spaghetti sauce. This episode features sauce secrets from the man who created KC Masterpiece Barbecue Sauce, Dr. Rich Davis. Menu: • Big Bob Gibson's Alabama White BBQ Sauce • The Working Man's Filet • BBQ Spaghetti • Kansas City Classic Saucemoreless
    • BBQ University
      BBQ University
      Season 2 - Episode 11
      Bobby Flay introduces some of the members of the freshman class at Steven Raichlen's BBQ University. The class consists of people who are trying to improve their current grilling techniques as well as those who want to learn new things about barbecue, and try new things that they can take home with them.

      • Barbecued Okra
      • Beer Can Chicken with Cola Barbecue Sauce
      • Cedar Plank Salmon
      • Cinnamon-Grilled Peaches
      • Millionaire Brisket with Coffee and Beer Mop Sauce
      • Sesame Grilled Asparagus
      • Shrimp on Sugar Cane with Rum Glazemoreless
    • Getting Sauced
      Getting Sauced
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Bobby takes the viewers around the country to get a taste for some of the best drinks and BBQ pairings there are. He begins at the Ravenswood Winery in California, then goes for a taste of Beer-B-Q. It's a lesson at the BBQ University and finally Bobby ends up getting a taste of tequila and barbecue.

      • Beer Can Chicken with Cola Barbecue Sauce
      • Ravenswood Rub
      • Pork Tenderloin with Prickly Pear Tequila BBQ Sauce
      • Zinfandel Mop
      • Beer-B-Q Bull Hornsmoreless
    • BBQ Holiday
      BBQ Holiday
      Season 2 - Episode 13
      Bobby Flay celebrates the holidays BBQ style. First, he enjoy a Christmas BBQ at a bed & breakfast with a southwest BBQ. He then shows how Hanukkah can be celebrated with a barbecue.

      • Baked Cranberry Sauce
      • Blue Corn Muffins
      • Chimayo Cocktails by the Pitcher
      • Chimichurri
      • Corn and Green Chile Chowder
      • Corn Casserole
      • Hot Times Jalapeno Turkey Breast
      • Mixed Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette
      • Chilean Salsa for BBQ: Pebre
      • Sage Dressing
      • Smoked Turkey Legs
      • Chilean Suckling Pig BBQ
      • Sweet Potato Pudding
      • Hearts of Palm, Avocado, and Watercress Salad with Thousand Island Dressing
      • Jeff's BBQ Brisket
      • Potato Pancakes (Latkes)
      • Toasted Gingerbread with Grilled Pears and Caramel
      • Eggs Benedict Grillmoreless
    • Fiery Foods (Spicy)
      Fiery Foods (Spicy)
      Season 1 - Episode 13
      Bobby visits Texas cowboys who brave spicy chuck wagon chili. He also visits Kansas City for the hottest buffalo wings around and Pasadena, California, for secrets about salsa.

      • Cowboy Chili
      • Campfire Beans
      • Dutch Oven Cobbler
      ʉۢ Sourdough Biscuits
      • Mincemeat Stuffed Chiles: Otros Chiles en Frio
      • Stuffed Whitefish: Pescado Blanco Relleno
      • Cream Tacos: Tacos de Crema
      • Spicy Chicken Wings
      • Hot and Spicy Fajitasmoreless
    • Beach BBQ
      Beach BBQ
      Season 2 - Episode 1
      Bobby goes to the beach for some unusual barbecues in the sun. First, there's a Korean BBQ with surfer, Flip Cuddy. Then he visits some lifeguards. Finally, Bobby gets a taste of the sea at an oyster BBQ, then at a clam BBQ.

      • BBQ Vegetable Medley
      • Spice Rubbed Tri-tip
      • 6-Hour Tri-tip Marinade
      • Korean-BBQ Short Ribs
      • Guacamole Especial
      • Kathy Faulding's Famous Brownies
      • Hog Island BBQ Oysters
      • Fish Grilled on Cedar Plank
      • Barbecued Buffalo Clamsmoreless
    • BBQ Trails
      BBQ Trails
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Bobby checks out Buck'n BBQ and Prime Time BBQ in California. Next, he visits an Indian Festival in Santa Fe. Finally, he attends a barbecue in Hollywood.

      • New York Strip Steaks with a Smokey Bacon Port Sauce
      ʉۢ California Rodeo BBQ Ribs
      • Far Western Salsa
      • Filet Mignon with Cabernet Peppercorn Demi-glace
      • Lamb Chops with Cherry Mint Sauce
      • Original Santa Maria BBQ
      • Fresh Peach Crostata
      • Suzie Q's Pinquito Beansmoreless
    • Sizzlin' Seafood
      Sizzlin' Seafood
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      Bobby Flay travels to the South to find the biggest shrimp in Texas. Further south Bobby discovers alligator ribs. Menu: • Guero's Shrimp Alambres • The Tomales Bay Po Boy Sandwich • BBQ Snapper Fillet: Filete de Huachinango Sarandeado • Alligator Ribs
    • Cuban-Caribbean Connection
      Cuban-Caribbean Connection
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Bobby Flay goes to Miami's Bubble Q in Florida for a barbecue on the beach. He grills salmon tacos and then enjoys a cigar with his Cuban BBQ. Menu: • Max Holtzman's Grilled Mango Salsa Recipe • Stuffed Peppers: Aji • Potato Stew: Ajiaco • Grilled Red Snapper with Tropical Fruit Salsa • Sour Orange BBQ'd Salmon Taco with Red Cabbage Slaw and Smoked Chile Sauce • Mojo Sauce • Red Cabbage Slawmoreless
    • Crazy Q's
      Crazy Q's
      Season 1 - Episode 4
      Bobby shows crazy things that can be done on the barbecue grill from BBQ bologna sandwiches to a BBQ fraternity. Bobby also visits Ben's Longbranch BBQ, Barbecue Bride, and other barbecue restaurants in and around Austin, Texas.

      Menu: • Award Winning Ribs (Sticky Ribs) • BBQ Bologna Sandwich • Ruby's Barbecue Sauce • Ranch Hands' Grilled Tri-Tip • Jack Daniel's Shrimp Shooters • Ranch Hands' BBQ Chickenmoreless
    • Extreme BBQ
      Extreme BBQ
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      Bobby enjoys some of the country's most extreme barbecues. First, there is Sky Diving BBQ in California and BBQ after a white water rafting trip. Then Bobby mixes it up with some biking and BBQ, and finally kayaking and BBQ.

      • Tam Valley Bike Club Chain Gear Rub
      • Grilled Grape Leaf Wrapped Salmon
      • Green Chile and Cheddar Cornbread
      • Grilled Vegetables and Chiles
      • Hoisin Marinated Grilled Chicken
      • Lemon Cake
      • Pickled Grapes
      • Pico de Gallo
      • Teriyaki Glazed Pork Chops and BBQ Chicken
      • Point Reyes Bleu and Nectarine Bruschetta
      • Salmon Kefta Kebabsmoreless
    • Big BBQ
      Big BBQ
      Season 2 - Episode 8
      Bobby searches for some of the biggest BBQs around. First, it's Operation BBQ for the military! Then it's a Humvee BBQ. Bobby also checks out a BBQ at the Hearst Ranch that adjoins the Hearst Castle. Finishing up is a big Texas taste in Los Angeles with the Big BBQ Burger.

      • Smoked Boston Pork Butt
      • Dry Rubbed BBQ Beef Brisket or Chicken
      • BBQ Beer Chicken
      • Oak Wood Tri-Tip
      • King Burger
      • Texas Brisket
      • Roast Beef on a Spit
      • Smoked BBQ Chicken
      • Dutch Oven Potatoes
      • Open-faced BBQ Beef Sandwichmoreless
    • Smokin' Sides
      Smokin' Sides
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      When it comes to barbecue, side dishes are almost as popular as the main attraction. Bobby visits Kansas City for smoky "killer beans" and a local favorite, barbecued nachos. Bobby visits Miami for Latin-grilled provoleta cheese and samples gourmet sausages at Venice Beach's boardwalk. Menu: • Grilled Provoleta • The Original BBQ Nachos • Jack Stack Barbecue Beans • Hot Italian Sausage • Tequila Sausagemoreless
    • On The Road
      On The Road
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Bobby Flay discovers great barbecues on the road. He rides the Fiesta BBQ Train in New Mexico, then finds a BBQ Car Hop in North Carolina. On to a hot rod BBQ in California and finally an old-fashioned RV BBQ.

      • Pulled Pork Shoulder with Lexington Dip Sauce
      • Pork Roast Rub
      • Lexington-Barbecue Slaw
      • "Husband and Wife" BBQ Brisket
      • Black Bean Salad with Fresh Corn
      • Ancho-Lime Marinated BBQ Chickenmoreless
    • Smoldering Sweets
      Smoldering Sweets
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Bobby demonstrates how to make sweets on the grill along with a BBQ breakfast of French toast and juicy plum kabobs hot off the grill. In Miami, he shows how plantains are caramelized on the grill and served over cinnamon ice cream. Grilled pineapple upside-down cake and grilled toast marshmallows s'mores are presented. Menu: • Grilled Plantains with Cinnamon Ice Cream • Molasses Brined Pork Chops • Croissant French Toast Stuffed With Grilled Peaches • Apricot Banana Frappes • Southmoreland Plum Kabobs with Cardamom Sugar Rub • Traditional S'mores • S'moritos • Prize Winning Pineapple Upside-Down Cake on the BBQmoreless
    • Crazy Q's
      Crazy Q's
      Season 2 - Episode 7
      Bobby checks out some of the craziest BBQs around. From an Alien BBQ in New Mexico, to a Gas Station BBQ in Oklahoma, to a Vegan BBQ in California, then to a Solar BBQ.

      • Oklahoma Joe's Smoked Brisket Flat
      • Oklahoma Joe's Pulled Pork
      • Grilled Eggplant Teriyaki
      • Veggie Kabobs with Herb and Garlic Marinade
      • SolaReflex Southwestern BBQ Ribs
      • SolaReflex Southwestern Chardonnay BBQ Chickenmoreless
    • Blast From The Past
      Blast From The Past
      Season 3 - Episode 20
      Bobby explores historical barbecues from the battlefields of the Civil War to the grillers who are keeping Route 66 alive. Then he helps celebrate the Texas roots of barbecue cooking and visits Cannery Row in Monterey. Menu: • Tri-Tip • Dutch Oven Confederate Pot Roast • Breakfast Casserole • Prairie Gasada • The Best BBQ Sauce on 66 • Cornell BBQ Chicken • Chipotle Dijon Sauce • Fennel Remoulade • Grilled Monterey Sardinesmoreless
    • Cultural 'Cues
      Cultural 'Cues
      Season 3 - Episode 19
      Bobby hosts a luau in Hawaii, then visits Chinatown in San Francisco. Menu: • Imu Pig • Tea Smoked Duck • Greek Chicken • Lamb Shish Kabobs
    • Beer Can Chicken
      Beer Can Chicken
      Season 3 - Episode 29
    • Wacky 'Cues
      Wacky 'Cues
      Season 3 - Episode 18
      Bobby visits Google in Mountain View, California, to grill artichokes in the artichoke capital of America. He then presents BBQ cooked specially for dogs. Menu: • Grilled Sea Bass with Thai Chili Sauce • Curried Tofu Vegetable Skewers • Artichoke BBQ Recipe • Barky Burgers (FOR K-9s) • Frogmore Stew • Shark Tacosmoreless
    • Extreme Sports BBQ
      Extreme Sports BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 17
      Bobby hosts a barbecue in California that includes wakeboarding, cycling, paintballing, and skating with the Derby Dolls. Menu: • Lemon Marinated Carne Asada • Pineapple Teriyaki Marinated Chicken • Hawaiian BBQ Chicken • Tri Tip • Mungo-lian Barbequed Tri-Tip Sandwiches • No-Meat Dairy-Free Garlickee Tacos
    • Hot Hawaiian BBQ
      Hot Hawaiian BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 21
      Bobby visits the Big Island of Hawaii where he hosts an ATV Adventure Cue and rides the waves to a barbecue at the beach. He discovers the freshest grilled lobster in Kona and takes a helicopter tour of the island and views a volcano. Menu: • Island Raised Steaks • Grilled Fresh Opihi Limpet • Grilled Onaga • Jake's Keawe-smoked Chicken Halves served with Jake's Smoked Pineapple-Mango Salsa • Sugar Cane Skewered Shrimp • "Ono-lishious": Grilled Sesame Chicken Satay Papaya Salad with Hoisin Balsamic Vinaigrette • Teriyaki Kabobs • Lobster with Macadamia Nut Buttermoreless
    • Beautiful BBQs
      Beautiful BBQs
      Season 3 - Episode 22
      Bobby helps to make a couple's dreams come true when they are married on the Big Island of Hawaii. He then smokes salmon in Big Sur, California, and enjoys a tropical sunset barbecue on the beach. Menu: • Grilled Leg of Lamb with Mango and Mint sauce • Kiawe-Grilled Flank Steak and Spicy Green Papaya Salad • Big Sur Smoked Smoked Salmon • Yucatan Chicken • Grilled Steak • Grilled Potato • Oysters • Lemon Grass Skewered Shrimpmoreless
    • Brie and Pumpkin Appetizer
      Brie and Pumpkin Appetizer
      Season 3 - Episode 28
    • Frozen Margaritas
      Frozen Margaritas
      Season 3 - Episode 27
    • BBQ by the Bay
      BBQ by the Bay
      Season 3 - Episode 26
      Bobby hosts BBQ events all over the U.S., from from Oyster Bay, to Monterey Bay, to San Francisco Bay. Menu: • Skinless Bass Menu for Houseboat Grilling • London Broil • Seafood Grilled in Foil • Grilled Green Apples • Wild Alaskan Salmon Fillet • Mussels • Chile Lime Shrimp Marinademoreless
    • Hooked on Cues
      Hooked on Cues
      Season 3 - Episode 24
      Bobby makes time for barbecue along the Kona coast in Hawaii. He then hosts a tailgating party in San Francisco at a football game and visits Chicago for another big BBQ event. Menu: • BBQ Salmon • Gourmet Cole Slaw • Lamb Lollipops • Rosemary Roasted Potatoes • Caramelized Pears • Cajun Shrimp • Asian Beef Short Ribs • Asian Lamb Chops • Whole Hogmoreless
    • Creative Cues
      Creative Cues
      Season 3 - Episode 23
      Bobby cooks with coffee in Kona, Hawaii. Then he adds cheese to the grill followed by a visit a chocolate factory where the treats are grilled. Menu: • Keawe Grilled Baby Back Ribs with Kona Coffee BBQ Grilling and Dipping Sauce • Cacao Nibs Rub on Tri-Tip or Skirt Steak • Pumpkin Chutneymoreless
    • BBQ Rewards
      BBQ Rewards
      Season 3 - Episode 16
      Bobby Flay honors members of the U.S. Coast Guard with a barbecue to award them for their hard work. Menu: • Grilled Peaches with Raspberry Sauce and Lemon Cream • Miso Glazed Salmon • Grilled Portobello Mushrooms • Grilled Tomatoes • Grilled Onions • Tequila Lemon Chicken Breast • Dip in the Sea • Jamaican Jerked BBQ Sauce • Captain Tom's Pineapple Cole Slaw • Shrimp on the Barbie • BBQ'S Soft Shell Crabs • Grilled Bacara Ranch Romaine Leaves with Prosciutto, Pine Nuts and Basil • Grilled Summer Squash Salad with Arugula, Ranch Tomatoes and Tarragon Vinaigrette • Grilled Bacara Ranch Spring Onion • Grilled Santa Barbara Prawns with Blood Orange Glazemoreless
    • BBQ Bashes
      BBQ Bashes
      Season 3 - Episode 15
      California's Creole Queen celebrates her birthday with a barbecue bash. Then Bobby attends a BBQ bash at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. Menu: Broiled Salmon B.B.Q. Garlic Crab Broiled Prawns
    • Beefed Up BBQ
      Beefed Up BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 14
      Bobby goes from a ranch in California cattle country to the heart of Texas in search of the best beef to be barbecued. Then he travels to Louisiana to sample brisket prepared by the commander at Louisiana's naval station. The grilling gadget of the week is the pig tail. Menu: • Huey's Beef Brisket Rub • Cowboy Beans • Twice-Smoked Potatoesmoreless
    • Thrills and Grills
      Thrills and Grills
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Bobby visits barbecuing paragliders, bull riders, white-water rafters, and race car drivers to find the most thrilling grills around. Menu: • Rib-Eye Steak • Grilled Pork Chops • Grilled Scallops • Quinoa Tabbouleh • Irish Potato Salad with Apples • Ginger Coleslaw • Grilled Prawns
    • Great Northwest BBQ
      Great Northwest BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 4
      Bobby visits Seattle for the best of BBQ in the Northwest, which includes salmon roasted on cedar planks. Menu: • Stuffed Pork • Ahi Tuna • Stuffed Halibut Cheeks • Black Eye Prawns • Fisherman's Grilled Trout • Grilled Zucchini over Baby Spinach • Angler's Creekside Grilled Bruschetta • Seasoning • Secret Sauce Recipemoreless
    • Totally Texas BBQ
      Totally Texas BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 3
      Bobby travels to Texas and visits the all-women trick riding team. Bobby also checks out a BBQ sauce spa treatment and he learns how barbecue changed Dallas, the TV show, and a Texas Red, White and Blue BBQ. He investigates collapsible grilling tools. Menu: • BBQ Chicken with Trish Lynn's Grandma's Famous BBQ Sauce • Brisket with Bob Tallman's Rib Rub • Boiled Potato Salad • Chili Rubbed Rotisserie Prime Rib • Grilled Texas Quail • Racks of Wild Boar • Parker County Peach Barbecue Sauce • Jalapeno Pickled Shrimp • Guajillo Chile Lime Sauce • Fresh Herb and Goat Cheese Stuffed Grilled Portobellos • Grilled Pork Lion with Garlic Rosemary Marinade • Mango Chutneymoreless
    • Memphis Madness
      Memphis Madness
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      Bobby attends Memphis in May also called the Super Bowl of Swine. The three-day competition has smoke, ribs, shoulders and whole hogs. The Big Green Egg gadget is shown in this episode.
    • Rocky Mountain BBQ
      Rocky Mountain BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      Bobby takes a jeep ride to a Colorado mountain barbecue and gets a back-country meal prepared by the toughest forest rangers in the mountains. He also visits a spooky ghost town and examines a bug-chasing barbecue light.

      • Blazing BBQ Sauce or Marinade
      • Blazingly Simple but True Trout
      • Blamburgers
      • Grilled Asparagus
      • Chipotle Tri-Tip
      • Parmesan Polenta
      • Fruit Cobbler
      • Chicken Pinwheels with Telluride's Own Rub and SW Seasoning
      • Kobe Beef Chateaubriand Fillet with Grilled Red Onions
      • Grilled Bananas with Walnut Caramel Cloud Nine Browniesmoreless
    • Extreme BBQ
      Extreme BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 6
      Bobby Flay visits Chicago for a pig roast at a rugby match, then he travels to Aspen for a BBQ at the top of a mountain. Bobby also visits the California coast for grilling with dune buggy riders. Menu: • 5-Spice Cajun Shrimp • Portobello Mushrooms • Summer Squash • Garden Pasta Salad • Foie Gras • Hungarian Crepes: Palacsinta • Buffalo Burgers Aspen Style • Santa Maria Style Beans • Rugby BBQ Pigmoreless
    • Windy City BBQ
      Windy City BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 7
      Bobby celebrates the Cubs with Chicago-style hot dogs and smoked brisket, and then visits the Weber Grill kitchen. Menu: • Tailgater's Baby Back Ribs • Tailgater's Pulled Pork Sandwich • Tailgater's Baked Beans • Smoke Daddy's Brisket • The Smoke Daddy Beans • Grilled Pork Tenderloin • Rainbow Rice • Margherita Pizzamoreless
    • Big Apple BBQ
      Big Apple BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 13
      Bobby visits the biggest BBQ in New York City, which is on the flight deck of the USS Intrepid. Then it's baseball and barbecue Coney Island style. There's a backyard BBQ showdown in the heart of Queens and visit the BBQ University. This grilling gadget in this episode is a propane level indicator. Menu: • Whole Grilled Bluefish • United Nations Beer Can Chicken • "Drunken Shrimp Style" Quick Marinade • Hellraisin' Wild Boar-Wrapped Wild Boarmoreless
    • Big Easy BBQ
      Big Easy BBQ
      Season 3 - Episode 12
      Bobby Flay takes BBQ grilling to New Orleans, then hosts a Cajun-spiced Mardi Gras party. Menu: • Baked Tasso Butter Oysters • Mother of the Pearl River Grilled Oysters Bruschetta • Honey Island Swamp Frog Leg Skewers • Baked Spinach Butter Oysters • Grilled Grouper Fillets with Creole Salsa • Grilled Shrimp and Andouille Salad with Sugarcane Vinaigrette • Spicy Crab Boil BBQ Chicken with Cajun Barbeque Saucemoreless
    • Sizzlin' Seafood
      Sizzlin' Seafood
      Season 3 - Episode 10
      Bobby travels around the country for the best seafood: salmon in Seattle, New Orleans-style seafood, and albacore in California. Menu: • Salmon Medallions • BBQ Soft-Shell Crabs with Grilled Vidalia Onions • Bronzed Shrimp • Redfish on the Half-Shell with Lemon-Butter Lump Crabmeat Sauce • Smoked Albacore Loin • Barbecued Mahi Mahi with Yellow Pepper-Cilantro Pesto • Whole Sea Bass with Charred Serrano-Basil Vinaigrettemoreless
    • Crazy 'Cues
      Crazy 'Cues
      Season 3 - Episode 9
      Bobby checks out some of the craziest barbecues around, to grilling on rocks, to a service station that serves gas and tri-tip, to barbecued tofu. Menu: • Snoqualmie River "Hot Rocks" Pacific Coast Seafood and Marinades • Gas Station Cue • Barbecued Tofu
    • Spice Girls
      Spice Girls
      Season 3 - Episode 8
      Bobby takes a look at the different spices behind the grill and visits the women behind the grill at one of Chicago's top hot dog eateries. Menu: • Portobello Tacos with Pico de Gallo • Elk Carpaccio with Grilled Corn Tortillas and Arugula with Lemon Vinaigrette • Queso Fundido Con Poblano • Spice Rub • Rajas Salsa • Sour Mash Blackberry Cobbler • Pale Ale Sabayon • Virginia's Cuban Garlic Chickenmoreless
    • Crazy BBQs
      Crazy BBQs
      Season 3 - Episode 25
      Bobby plays high stakes poker in Las Vegas while waiting for a chance to hit the grills. Menu: • Pork Tenderloin • Pete's Chunky Apple Pecan Dressing for Turkey or Pork • Grandma Irene's Corn Souffle • Pete's "Cut-up" Beer Brined Apple Smoked Turkey • Smoked Pork Loin Center Cut Chops in Belgian Ale Marinade • Rib-Eye Steak • Mike Mill's Beef Ribsmoreless
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