Be the Creature

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Be the Creature

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Knowing that the best way to understand a creature is to Be the Creature, the Kratt Brothers throw themselves into the wild lifestyles of animals. This series enables the viewer to find out what it's like to live with animals around the globe.

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AIRED ON 6/17/2005

Season 2 : Episode 13

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  • Be the Creature is so awesome because they seemlessly entertain as well as educate. It's smarter than the Crocodile Hunter and just as entertaining if not more so. With contagious enthusiasm and wonderful locations, Be The Creature is THE best.moreless

    For anyone who likes animal/wildlife shows on TV, this one is a true exception. Be The Creature is a truly wonderful show that appeals to both kids and adults. The Kratt Brothers are fun to watch and their enthusiasm is highly contagious. At the same time they don't turn this show into a circus act like some other shows (see Animal Planet), they do an excellent job of both entertaining and educating while at beautiful locations. It comes on many times on National Geographic Channel, both Friday and Saturday. Of all animal shows, the Kratt Brothers stand alone. Highly recommended!moreless
  • The Kratt brothers have always been great on kids shows, and they've found a great way to educate adults now.

    Do you remember Kratt's Creatures and Zoboombafoo? The Kratt brothers made excellent kids shows, and now they have a show that's great for grown-ups, too! Be the Creature is about Chris and Martin Kratt's expeditions. What way to educate viewers would be better than LIVING an animal's life? I highly recommend this.
  • Fun and adventurous show

    Being a fan of Wildlife documentaries this is a great show for me. I love National Geographic Documentaries I have tons on VHS some of them are hard to come by. This show is great because you get put into to countless number of various wildlife creatures living habitats. The first season was great and I imediately went out and bought the DVD set. The Lion episode is great and also a little disturbing. The Manatee episode just great how close and interactive the brothers Kratt get to these easy going creatures. The Spotted mongouse is and adventure as is the Wild Dogs of Africa. I just enjoy watching wildlife animals and savior what footage we do get on these creatures because with the population only going up for people and the imense developmentation of land it's only a matter of time before these wildlife creatures have no where left to live and we destroy them all to protect ourselves it's a shame.moreless

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