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1/30/06 - Relive the summer again with the DVD release of "Beach Girls" on May 16th. (Read More:
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  • Beach Girls explores the depths of the bond of friendship. The girls were good friends as teenagers until they grow apart over time, until the death of one of them brings her widower and daughter back to the town to reconnect with the women who knew her.moreless

    This was a great mini-series that I watched. Even though I did not get the book it was based on much, I love watch the mini-series based on it and hope to see it soon time soon if possible. I loved watching this series when it was on television and I think it was better then the book it is based on. Anyway, for anyone who have not seen this mini-series then you should try to find and watch the Beach Girls. I was sad to see this series stop coming on television but glad to be able to see it when I could.moreless
  • read my review. read my review.

    I never saw the entire series of Beach Girls. I had to miss the last episode or two( much to my dismay). From what i saw, this was incredinly well written and acted. i love the plot and all the characters seemed to mesh well together. It is very good and I wish Lifetime would show it again so I could see the rest of it. I also wish there was some way they could add more to it. Definately watch this if you happen to pass by it while you are channel surfing!moreless
  • I love this show.

    This show is terrific it airs on Lifetime so of course it is. All the guys on this show are hotties so already that makes me want to give it an A ++++++++++. The show centers around teenager Nell and her father Jack. Her mother has recently died in a car accident and has left many secrets to be unveiled. Jack has feelings for Stevie his late wife's friend but does not act on them to the end of the show. For a short time Jack has a girl friend Francesca who Nell does not like, but they break up because of jack's interest in Stevie. In the beginning Jack is mad at his alcoholic sister because he things he killed his wife by driving drunk. Nell makes two friends Clare and Skye. Clare is a red head who has a hot brother Billy who Nell she has an interest in. Clare has a sexual relationship with an most older cop named Marty which results in Marty almost going to jail. Clare and Marty break up and he moves away. Skye is a pretty blond who has a boyfriend named Cooper who tapes them having sex together and Skye finds out and is very upset. Cooper shows in the end that he really is a good guy. Skye's father almost ends up going to jail for bribing a town council member but is given three years probation. I highly encourage you try to see the show ( Even though it is now over) ASAP.moreless
  • A girl loses her mother and moves with her dad to a beach for a summer. She finds love and secrets about her mother that her father doesn't even know about! Her too will find friends that will stay to the end with her.moreless

    This show is great! i love it. (as do i love all the shows that i do reviews for) umm... i think that this show, shows greatness.. Nell will learn about betraul and love. her friends and her will go through so much together. and its only one summer! finally her dad goes through a lot.
  • Another one of Luanne Rice's well-known novels, "Beach Girls," is being turned into a Lifetime Limited-Series. After seeing the previews, I think the mini-series will show justice to the book.

    Another one of Luanne Rice's well-known novels, "Beach Girls," is being turned into a Lifetime Limited-Series. After seeing the previews, I think the mini-series will show justice to the book.

    Casting for the show couldn't have been more perfect; Rob Lowe & Julia Ormond are perfect for their roles. Chelsea Hobbs, however, doesn’t really fit her character as well as she should have been. She doesn’t look like she feels real comfortable with the camera. Cloris Leachman, yes the one and only, has did a superb job of portraying Aunt Aida, and might even when an award for her appearance in the show.

    You will definitely want to tune into every episode. It will be on every Sunday starting at 8/7c.moreless
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  • Am I the only one?
    Two summers ago Beach Girls was shown on Lifetime. I know now that the TV series was based on a novel. I did not know this last su...
  • DVD Coming May 16th
    I'm sorry that I hadn't posted this in the forum section previously.  "Beach Girls" will be released on DVD May 16th.  Make sure...
  • A Day At The Beach
    On Saturday, May 27th, Lifetime re-ran all episodes of "Beach Girls" in a marathon.  The marathon lasted from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m....
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