Beach Girls

Season 1 Episode 1

Episode One

Aired Sunday 8:00 PM Jul 31, 2005 on Lifetime

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  • Jack and Nell go to Hubbard's Point for the summer, where Nell's recently deceased-mother spent her summers with 2 friends (they were the Beach Girls). Nell gets to know more about her mom through her old friends and we are introduced to the locals. Well-

    Jack (Rob Lowe) and Nell (Chelsea Hobbs) playing father and daughter spend the summer at Hubbard's Point, where her mother spent her summers as a child with her two best friends Stevie (Julia Ormond) and Aunt Maddie (Katherine Ashby). Collectively the three were the "Beach Girls".

    Although Stevie has been long out of touch she has valuable things to tell Nell about her mom, and the two enjoy time spent together.

    We meet other locals such as Skye (Kristen Hager), a young lady who is determined to remain celibate, Cooper (Chris Carmack) who is determined to help her not be celibate, Clare (Kristin Adams) one of the modern-day Beach Girls who works at her mom's restaurant, Jeremy (Christian Gallinger), who is sweet on Nell and Billy (Wes Brown) who is a Lifeguard, and recruits Nell to join the Lifeguard training program.

    In this episode it is revealed (at the very end of the episode) that Aunt Maddie has problems with alcohol and was driving the car when Nell's mom is killed. For that reason she is "dead" as far as Jack is concerned.

    This creates friction between Jack and Nell, because she is trying to get to know more about her mom from Aunt Maddie and Stevie, and feels that the things she can find out about her mom are being "taken away" from her. Her father replies "I lost her too."

    Adding flames to the friction between Jack and Nell is his new girlfriend Francesca (Janaya Stephens) who he works with. She is always chirpy and always rubs Nell the wrong way.

    Late in the episode, Jack discovers his deceased wife had a secret bank account with $20,000 in it and a secret post office box. Francesca retorts "How well did you know your wife, Jack?"

    All these things and more to be developed in Episode 2.